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  1. The stuff they treat wooden bridges with to keep them from rotting. That's a disgusting chemical smell. I'll take carcasses or manure over that any day.
  2. Congrats on a good race! It's so nice when you end up doing better than you expected.
  3. RunSplendidly


    Wonderful! Today is the day then. I'll be thinking of you this afternoon.
  4. Wow, that list of exercises would require a ton of modifications to not aggravate the hamstring issue. How did you feel the next day?
  5. RunSplendidly

    Weekly Wrap-up

    Yay for outdoor running! Are you sure the computer didn't get unplugged?
  6. Thanks for sharing! That's a long funk you are getting out of. You already know that the first step out of it is always the hardest. Good luck for your next races.
  7. RunSplendidly

    Autumnal Images!

    I know all about those slow moving mortgage companies. In our case it was a credit union. We had 3 different people dealing with our case and they all (randomly it seemed) requested the same information from us independently and never shared. Then, we got our go ahead for the closing a week before the closing was scheduled and on the date of the closing (literally while we were sitting there facing the seller) they told us they needed additional information. That was a day that probably cost me a few years of my life. I really hope that they will surprise you and it still all happens as planned.
  8. I lived in Germany for most of my life but really wasn't interested in running back then. I may have to plan runs in Munich and Cologne when I go back for work.
  9. Well, you did it, which is all that counts. If the only time ever I had to run was in the mornings before work, I would probably not be a runner. At least that's how I feel today.
  10. I'm convinced the chafing is going to get better as you get into better shape. At least that's the case for me. Glad to hear that you found a couple of groups to run with especially the trail running group. That makes all the difference for my motivation.
  11. RunSplendidly

    In and out

    Yeah, dork!
  12. I agree with you. That first session was supposed to have 8x 400m intervals. I’ll have to fix that.
  13. Yes, I do that in my other runs. I like to switch up locations.
  14. What a beautiful scenery! I would love to run there.
  15. As blooped about a couple of days ago, I've been doing a lot of speedwork this year to reach my sub 25min 5k goal. As opposed to be super specific for this race distance, I designed my sessions based on the fact that I'm more likely to do it if keep it interesting and include a lot of different intervals as well as off track workouts. I have almost completed 2 cycles at this point, consisting of 10 sessions (10 weeks) each. Going into the second cycle of this I cranked up the paces I wanted to hit by 30sec (per mile) each. This has worked really well for me but others may have to adjust that, especially if you have done speedwork for years now and don't gain that quickly anymore. Anyway, for each cycle I've defined 3 different paces: S pace (short distance) = current 5k race pace minus 10 seconds (to be used for 200m, 400m intervals) M pace (medium distance) = S pace plus 30 seconds (to be used for 600m, 800m intervals) L pace (long distance) = M pace plus 15 seconds (to be used for 1000m or longer) Please note that there is an exception to applying the right pace for session #8 due to the high number of intervals. The paces are noted with the sessions though. My warmup/cooldown is always 800m but I know that's kind of short for some so feel free to alter. After every 2 weeks of workouts on the track, I do a workout that's off the track, e.g. tempo run, hill repeats. I have noted the order as session numbers. I've found this plan to be fun and am seeing big improvements. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Speedwork for loopsters.xlsx
  16. Yay on the new runner (baby). Good job on not getting run over.
  17. RunSplendidly


    This is a riveting race report. Thank you so much and congratulations on a great race! It is funny how much this reports sounds like the one posted by PegLeg a few days after the race. You both have the post race blues pretty bad. You will get through and then over it.
  18. That kickboxing challenge sounds like fun. Maybe you should put wineglass on your race calendar for 2018. I think a few Loopsters are planning on being there (me, too).
  19. RunSplendidly

    Go Confidently

    You know, your body really needs this break and this will get you ready for another marathon training cycle that is injury free. It's all good. Boston will be waiting for you
  20. Congratulations! I hope that your knee has shut up since.
  21. I think you are on the right path with getting some rest before the next training cycle. However, I don't have experience with that kind of mileage.
  22. RunSplendidly

    Still running

    I have some fast runners in my running club and I know I'm not ever going to get to their level because I have no natural talent. If hard work can get me to the point where I'll win some age group awards now and then and I can establish myself in the first 3rd of the pack at my races, that'll be enough for me. When I started running 3.5 years ago, I would have never thought that possible but now it seems within reach.
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