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  1. The stuff they treat wooden bridges with to keep them from rotting. That's a disgusting chemical smell. I'll take carcasses or manure over that any day.
  2. Congrats on a good race! It's so nice when you end up doing better than you expected.
  3. RunSplendidly


    Wonderful! Today is the day then. I'll be thinking of you this afternoon.
  4. Wow, that list of exercises would require a ton of modifications to not aggravate the hamstring issue. How did you feel the next day?
  5. RunSplendidly

    Weekly Wrap-up

    Yay for outdoor running! Are you sure the computer didn't get unplugged?
  6. Thanks for sharing! That's a long funk you are getting out of. You already know that the first step out of it is always the hardest. Good luck for your next races.
  7. RunSplendidly

    Autumnal Images!

    I know all about those slow moving mortgage companies. In our case it was a credit union. We had 3 different people dealing with our case and they all (randomly it seemed) requested the same information from us independently and never shared. Then, we got our go ahead for the closing a week before the closing was scheduled and on the date of the closing (literally while we were sitting there facing the seller) they told us they needed additional information. That was a day that probably cost me a few years of my life. I really hope that they will surprise you and it still all happens as planned.
  8. I lived in Germany for most of my life but really wasn't interested in running back then. I may have to plan runs in Munich and Cologne when I go back for work.
  9. Well, you did it, which is all that counts. If the only time ever I had to run was in the mornings before work, I would probably not be a runner. At least that's how I feel today.
  10. I'm convinced the chafing is going to get better as you get into better shape. At least that's the case for me. Glad to hear that you found a couple of groups to run with especially the trail running group. That makes all the difference for my motivation.
  11. RunSplendidly

    In and out

    Yeah, dork!
  12. I agree with you. That first session was supposed to have 8x 400m intervals. I’ll have to fix that.
  13. Yes, I do that in my other runs. I like to switch up locations.
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