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  1. Maybe get a larger size for the right and put two socks on it? Really glad you didn't describe the scene when you took off your shoes. Sorry your grandfather was a prick.
  2. J Zee

    Distance first, then speed.

    Slow progress bringing you back from injury. Boring, yes. And great.
  3. 3:59 will come, no doubt. Very tough temps. You could always come to Harriburg next year. Late enough for much better chance at cool temps and great hosts to welcome you!
  4. Smart decision! Man, I need to find someone to take my family for a weekend so I can get down to Rehoboth one of these years.
  5. J Zee

    It's a Race Report!

    Seems like a lot of us are having similar running years. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted, but have a frickin' blast at NYC. One of my slowest marathons (intentionally) and far and away my favorite. Enjoy the run!
  6. J Zee

    In the Darkness

    It's possible that all of this is because August has been going on for about 47 years and counting.
  7. J Zee

    In the Darkness

    Beautifully written as usual and really spoke to me. I'm going through a lot of the same stuff: not enjoying the work, a lot of days of subpar results, feeling beaten down rather than built up, having trouble as I slog through the muggy morning miles - always without enough sleep - in coming up with a compelling reason why I'm doing this. Sure, I believe in the value of getting out of your comfort zone and testing yourself, driving yourself to be the best you can be. But after years and years of that on the pavement and trails, in pusuit of slight decreases in a set of arbitrary numbers, at a very significant opportunity cost (and monetary cost)... Well... There are other ways. Maybe my attitude will change with the weather. The next few days look great, just in time to see about pushing the tempo for a long run, and soon come the sweetest running weeks of the year. And maybe my attitude will change with a new pair of kicks from my new favorite shoe company. Or maybe not. Either way, after MCM there will be a few weeks of rest and reflection. Probably haul the camera out and try something different for a while. And that could very well launch me with renewed vigor into a new running cycle with a new goal. Or maybe not. It does not feel inevitable, or even close, as it once did. At least I'll have great shoes. Go find your happy place, Gonzo. May it reveal itself soon.
  8. J Zee

    Of course I ran.

    Crap. Now I'm convinced the same thing is awaiting me with my weekend yard work. THANKS A LOT, DAVE.
  9. That's a heluva PR! Congrats! You're a talented photographer. Natural eye.
  10. Knees are stupid. So are PTs.
  11. Doesn't a coyote weigh like 30 lbs? Guess that's more than a champagne cork, though.
  12. J Zee

    Feet in Grass!

    Feel for you with what's coming! Glad you got a little time with your feet in the grass.
  13. Congratulations! Nice race.
  14. You're such a great writer. I mean, seriously, making me wish I could be out there with you guys, running mile repeats? That's powerful.
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