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  1. J Zee

    RnR New Orleans Runcation!

    That's a heluva PR! Congrats! You're a talented photographer. Natural eye.
  2. J Zee

    Well, that didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

    Knees are stupid. So are PTs.
  3. J Zee

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 16.5 - The One Where I Ran!!!

    Wooooo hoooooo!!!
  4. J Zee

    never turn your back on a champagne cork

    Doesn't a coyote weigh like 30 lbs? Guess that's more than a champagne cork, though.
  5. J Zee

    Feet in Grass!

    Feel for you with what's coming! Glad you got a little time with your feet in the grass.
  6. J Zee

    GO St. Louis Half Marathon RR

    Congratulations! Nice race.
  7. J Zee

    'I Aint Scared'- The 3 x 1 Mile

    You're such a great writer. I mean, seriously, making me wish I could be out there with you guys, running mile repeats? That's powerful.
  8. J Zee

    Minneapolis miles..

    Love that streetscape! Now I'm going to go listen to some Tom Waits.
  9. J Zee

    Snowbuster RR

    Nice pics! Happy birthday!
  10. J Zee

    Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

    Will be tracking that BQ and AGPR this AM. GL! (Good luck, and, I guess, go long!)
  11. J Zee

    Snowbuster by the Bay

    Great RR! But to assure the win you should have put that picture on your back. I'm a Hansons guy but have been wondering about Pfitz. Interested in your thoughts.
  12. J Zee

    5K Snowbuster

    Saw a great meme about how this winter is like an angry, annoying guy who keeps leaving the room and then barging back in shouting, "And another thing...!"
  13. J Zee

    It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Damn. If I had read the fine print before the race I would have submitted a 400 repeat. Only way to catch Sara. That is an awesome shrine.
  14. J Zee

    The Tune-Up

    Thanks for sharing your race and coach's thoughts. Great strategy on that hill and the aftermath. Nice race.
  15. J Zee

    Bouncy Ball Trauma

    If I could remember where I left my brass balls I'd be alright. Sounds like you're feeling very runnermoody. I am as well. Fighing a maddening virus - day 9 now of no running, and I'm convinced I'll never run again. You will. Just do all the smart and conservative things. In a few months this will be a blip in the rear view mirror.