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  1. Great job, KRG! That kind of a RR can light a fire! 😃
  2. Interested to see what brings you joy in 2019. Good luck!
  3. Top 10 finish, Mom PRing, donuts, LL Bean, and a beaming HPS? What is not to love about this RR? Congratulations!
  4. It’s exciting to hear that both training and running with Clark are going well!
  5. Ditto to Compulsive Runner. Your writing style is tremendous. Glad you’re back in the saddle!
  6. Boo, for the knee issue. Yay for Snowbuster.
  7. Absolutely stunning pictures! Next time my boss says he's going home to Adleaide, I'll be rightly jealous! Stay cool
  8. whirlingwirz

    This is the End

    "This is the End" is one of the more ominous bloop titles I've seen... Congratulations on running 3 marathons and over 1300 miles! Again, thank you on starting Loop 2.0! Happy New Year!
  9. whirlingwirz

    Back at it

    Beautiful pictures; glad you are up and running again!
  10. Nothing says "thanks for the free marathon" like showing it who's boss! Congratulations!!!
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