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  1. Merry Christmas, Dave!
  2. Congratulations on the mile PR! good luck on the job hunt and training for a fall marathon!!!
  3. whirlingwirz

    I had a thought

    Glad to hear that you are back outside! I think that about 45 min on the ‘mill is about my limit. Best of luck to Mrs Dave with dress shopping. Nice pic pic of the Vatican Gardens, BTW. Pope Benedict XVI’s crest looks lovely in horticultural form🙂
  4. Yikes, the tooth sounds dreadful, and so does the stress about work. Here’s hoping you’re back to running in glorious pineapple tights soon!
  5. whirlingwirz

    Going to do my part.

    Congratulations on T-Rex’s engagement! Glad to hear that you are running post Covid, even if it is more difficult than before. To put it mildly, that virus has me worried.
  6. Glad to know that I’m not the only looking at a 2 mile 3x/week plan to get back into the swing of things! Lets do this!
  7. “A day is something you can work with,”, indeed! Happy New Year!
  8. Yep, Ditto, Amen, all of the above!
  9. Congratulations on being able to race this year! 😃 Good luck with the job search I’m not sure what t tell you other than that, I know it must be frustrating. BTW, I’m feeling the itch to write again: it has been too long and I want to see this place stick around, too! 🏃‍♂️
  10. That is a prodigious number of books for the month on top of everything else. Also, zero matches to my current reading. 🙂
  11. Great job, KRG! That kind of a RR can light a fire! 😃
  12. Interested to see what brings you joy in 2019. Good luck!
  13. Top 10 finish, Mom PRing, donuts, LL Bean, and a beaming HPS? What is not to love about this RR? Congratulations!
  14. It’s exciting to hear that both training and running with Clark are going well!
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