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  1. whirlingwirz

    'I Aint Scared'- The 3 x 1 Mile

    It’s exciting to hear that both training and running with Clark are going well!
  2. whirlingwirz

    Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

    Good luck!
  3. whirlingwirz

    The Hunt for the "Joie De Vivre"- And New Runner Progress Report!

    Ditto to Compulsive Runner. Your writing style is tremendous. Glad you’re back in the saddle!
  4. whirlingwirz

    It's the 2018 Snowbuster!!!!!! (and an MCL injury)

    Boo, for the knee issue. Yay for Snowbuster.
  5. whirlingwirz

    Closing out 2017. Mostly just a Rehoboth photo dump.

    Way to go on a great 2017!
  6. whirlingwirz

    Summer Lovin, white stuff falling & a world record

    Absolutely stunning pictures! Next time my boss says he's going home to Adleaide, I'll be rightly jealous! Stay cool
  7. whirlingwirz

    December 2017 in Review: I ran the best of times, I ran the worst of times

    Over 3000 miles in a year. Very impressive, Sara! Good luck with 2018!
  8. whirlingwirz

    This is the End

    "This is the End" is one of the more ominous bloop titles I've seen... Congratulations on running 3 marathons and over 1300 miles! Again, thank you on starting Loop 2.0! Happy New Year!
  9. whirlingwirz

    Back at it

    Beautiful pictures; glad you are up and running again!
  10. whirlingwirz

    A day late, and a dollar short...Rehoboth Beach Half RR

    Congratulations on the big PR!
  11. whirlingwirz

    JAX Marathon: Be Brave!

    Nothing says "thanks for the free marathon" like showing it who's boss! Congratulations!!!
  12. whirlingwirz

    RR Millinocket

    Way to go on the race!
  13. whirlingwirz

    To Sub3 Or Not To Sub3

    Well done again! For the record, I did not eat all 3 of those pizzas!
  14. whirlingwirz

    California International Marathon: "God, please make us brave and strong"

    Congratulations on the PR, and good luck getting those 134 seconds!
  15. whirlingwirz

    Turkey Trot and other thoughts

    I love the idea of a free marathon and half to drum up business for Millinocket! Good luck with the half next weekend, and good job getting your turkey.