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  1. 2019 Goal: 12 races in 12 months It’s April and I thought I’d check in on my running goal for the year. I’ve run 3/12 races so far – one each month – and my next one is this weekend! This has turned into my only big goal for 2019 – the only other one that remains is PRing at the Rehoboth half marathon. I’m excited about this calendar! It’s not a complete calendar yet but I’m getting close! Here’s what it looks like: January: Resolve 10K (CO) – DONE! Fun run with Kelli and Amy! February: Ralston Creek 13.1 (CO) – DONE! 1st in the 35-39 Age Group! March: Dig Deep 5K Dirt Coffee (CO) – DONE! I was supposed to run the Behind the Rocks 30K but I [smartly] backed out. Since this is the second time I’ve signed up for and not ran this race, I won’t be registering again – I believe in signs from the universe! The DD5K was a great little race! April: New Jersey Half Marathon (NJ) – Registered! So excited for this one! To JFR and to hang out with some running friends in the NJ/NYC area! I might try to keep up with Abby…we’ll see. Race report will be posted next week. May: Colorado Women’s Classic 10 miler (CO) – Planning to register on Monday! I love 10 milers and I haven’t done one in a while. I also have never ran a women’s race either, and I think it’s time! Another thing that really reels me in is this description: “SO MUCH FOOD in the expo. No, seriously, SOOO MUCH FOOD…vegan, paleo, gluten free, sweet & sugary, carbs, proteins, electrolytes, dairy, fruit…..SO.VERY.MUCH.FOOD. I am hoping to meet up with some Oiselle Team Volee birds at this race since I’ll be going by myself. Oh yeah, I joined Team Volee! I should probably write about that sometime… June: Vertical Mile Challenge (NC) – Registered! This race is 15 minutes from where my family lives AND one of my best good running pals (Jenster) will be there, so I feel like this is a no-brainer. HOWEVER, I will be running eight 2.2 mile loops, totaling 16 miles, AND a vertical mile of elevation gain! It’s gonna hurt, but BRING ON THE PAIN! Oh, and it was $25! July: OPEN August: OPEN September: Hinson Lake 24 Hour (NC) – Waitlisted. This race is certainly a perfect atmosphere for JFRing, and I’ll have a lot of friends to cheer on! October: Runner’s World Festival (PA) – Registered! I’ll be doing the Grand Slam which is a 3.8 trail race on Friday, a 5K AND 10K on Saturday, and a 13.1 on Sunday! Who doesn’t want to run 26.2 within three days?! Since I won’t be running it in a single day, it won’t mess up my plans to JFR. I miiiiight know some other cool kids doing this one too November: OPEN December: Rehoboth Beach 13.1 (DE) – Registered (duh)! The open months will likely have to be a local race unless I happen to be traveling somewhere where I can also run a race. I won’t be able to travel quite as much as I had wanted since I’ve picked up a car payment again. Three open months out of the 12 isn’t bad though! If you have any races to suggest for the open months, let’s hear it!!
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    Boston 2019

    I love this post! I love that you still enjoyed your race and are proud of it, even if you didn't hit your goals. I must say, you are BRAVE for risking a shart out there, but I know that had to have felt great! HAHA! Eating THREE Clif bars AND the other stuff was definitely risky. Thanks for the report and sharing your race! Well done Bangle!
  3. I feel like 'faster than last year' is always good! It stinks you didn't hit your goal, but you did good! Congrats again on another finish! I'm glad you're happy with it!
  4. I was never into golf growing up. I always thought it was the most boring sport on earth. I've actually never liked watching sports that I wasn't good at playing myself - golf (love now), tennis (love now), and basketball (that one I still can't watch) mainly. However, the last few years, I've started paying attention to golf and tennis. I actually really like watching golf on Sundays and I can even name quite a few players! I know little history about any of the players, but I'm learning. I learned a LOT about Tiger Woods this weekend, and all that he has gone through over the last decade+. Wow. Bless that man for all that he has accomplished, all that he has dealt with and overcome, and for what he did on Sunday. He isn't perfect, just like the rest of us, but he is an amazing athlete! And unlike Lance Armstrong, I can over look some of the unpleasantries. While I have/will never compete with the elites, win any titles, or anything huge in running, I feel that I can somewhat relate to Tiger - it certainly brought up some feelings. I have those feelings of never again being as fast as I want to be, being able to run marathons/ultras again, or that I'll never be that pumped up, super motivated, happy runner again. Age. Fear. Doubt. Other People. Uncertainty. Lots of beasts out there trying to keep me off track. At least I know there is always hope out there. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can do anything you want. I have always known that. It takes hard work and determination though, that which I currently lack the will for. But that will not always be the case. I will find myself again. Congratulations Tiger!
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    Running Is Hard

    It has always taken me a while to warm up, and that's why 5Ks have always been the hardest. If I'm having a hard run, and I'm actually thinking about it being hard, it makes it way worse. Mostly when I run, my head is clear and I don't think about much. I don't like to think about things when I run because I do enough of that when I'm not running. I also don't run with music so I'm just constantly listening to my breath, my steps, and the surrounding noises. It's very zen for me.
  6. Welcome back and I look forward to reading your stuff! Those 5Ks sound fun!
  7. Any time! You just let me know! Best wishes through your radiation ❤️
  8. For March, I barely ran just over marathon distance the whole month and only ran six times. But you know what? They were all happy runs! I had definitely thought I’d run more than six times but that’s how it worked out and I’m good with it! I really feel that March was a chill out and reflect month because I certainly did a lot of both. I’ve been taking the barbell and spin classes regularly, and had many dog-walking miles that add up. JFRing + enjoyable classes + dogs = HAPPY PLACE I also chose not to run the 30K that I was signed up for and highly untrained for. Sometimes you really DON’T need to suck it up and tough it out. Since I didn’t run the 30K, I still needed a March race so I signed up for a local 5K that was held on Saturday. Dirt Coffee is a local non-profit coffee shop whose proceeds go towards employee people with autism and providing scholarships to families in need and their caregivers. So grateful that my registration fee went towards that as well!! Friday night, we got about 3″ of snow at our house. When I headed out for the 5K, it was quit chilly but really clear and crisp. The ground and trees were covered in snow, but the roads and greenways were clear – that’s my kind of snow! This was going to be a small race (64 people actually) so I didn’t feel the need to get there too early and even picked up my bib that morning. I parked on the street, right beside a McDonalds, and was able to use their bathroom – SCORE! I had on a thin base-layer top, tights, and my owl earmuffs and felt pretty comfortable. Owl earmuffs! They are unbelievably warm! My goal was to go fast and just try to maintain it. Even though I hadn’t been running much, and certainly not doing any speed work, I knew I could still run a decent race. The trails were completely clear except for under and over bridges; I think the wind had blown while it was snowing because it blew some underneath the bridges – I did have to slow down a tad for those. As usual during races, I was chasing ponytails. I can tell when I can possibly pick someone off so I just focused on that – everything was feeling great! There was one tiny “hill” where I actually passed three ladies. The next one was up ahead and had a GIANT orange puffy jacket on. If you are good enough to run that fast, don’t you know better than to wear a puffy jacket to run in? Even if it were colder, you wouldn’t choose a puffy jacket, right? I passed her just after the turn-around and I could tell she didn’t like that. She passed me back, but only for like 100 yards. I stepped on the gas and never saw her again. The next one I really wanted to pass was running with TWO dogs, but I just couldn’t catch her. I was losing steam and just held on to what I had left. This course was GREAT because, while it was an out and back, you ran beside the Platte river on one side, crossed a bridge, and ran back on the other side; the only part we re-ran was the last quarter mile. I could hear the finish line cheers before I even knew it. 5Ks are tough but MAN they go by fast! Oddly, there was no water at the finish or anywhere on the course – there was coffee though! I didn’t hang around long because I was there by myself and just didn’t want to stick around. The coffee shop was offering a free beer in exchange for your race bib but I like keeping those! Results: My pace was actually 8:07 based on the 3.16 my Garmin recorded. Yessssss! I loved this race because of all the things I’ve already listed but it was also just very simple. No race shirt (thank you!) unless you paid extra for it, and no finisher medal. I do like my medals but I don’t need one for every single race. Race 3/12 for the year, complete! The next day, I ran 6.5 miles at the monthly bRUNch run and had chicken and waffles and a screwdriver afterwards! If you’ll notice, there was at least one ! in every paragraph The NCAthlete in RW Loop writing days use to use a lot of those.... This shit is getttin’ good, folks! JFR friends!
  9. Girl, you are just simply amazing. That is all.
  10. My brother, Kevin, has three amazing kids: Kolby (8), Kortney (6), and Kacey (2). I am extremely close with them and treat them like they are my own kids. From what I can tell, they absolutely adore me as well and it is such a great feeling. Not only do I always want to be their “cool” aunt but I also want to be their favorite aunt (I have four others to compete with and I’m also the oldest!). Even though I’m older than their other aunts and I’m older than their dad, they think I’m a teenager. It’s the cutest! When it isn’t cute is when they want me to constantly run around the yard with them, jump on the trampoline, and play hide-and-go-seek. Like I can handle all that anymore! Haha! At least they want me to do all those things with them. Among our favorite things to do together (with the two oldest, for now) is run hill repeats on the road right outside my brother’s house. The next best thing is playing at the creek when it’s warm enough. I have a history with that little stretch of road. When I was a kid, it was gravel. We would go to the top of the hill and FLY down on our bikes. Then, when we got to the bottom, we’d use those sweet breaks that bikes use to have using the pedals to slide along the gravel. Are there still bikes with those breaks? However, sometimes we would wreck and that is where most* of the scars on my legs/knees came from. I’d come in the house crying with blood running down my legs and bits of gravel protruding from the wounds. I had a love/hate relationship with hydrogen peroxide. I thought it was cool how it’d turn white and bubble up when you poured it in a wound. BUT, we all know what it feels like. OUCH. *The biggest scar I have on one of my legs came from when I played on a softball team when I was stationed in England. Some of the infields of certain fields would be completely grass. I was stoopid enough to try to slide for a base on one of those grassy fields and it took the skin COMPLETELY off my leg in about a 6″x 3″ patch! It took forever to heal and I had to sleep with my leg outside the covers for months. It looked SO GROSS before it healed. Fortunately for you all, I’m not sure where that picture is anymore. You can barely see the scar anymore because it’s faded quite a bit. At some point they put some kind of tar on the road but it wasn’t completely a hard-top. Then they eventually paved it – it looks like a normal road nowadays. That view use to look much different, including the garden and fruit trees that use to be in the yard! Even though I played some sports in school, my brother never did. He has always been very athletic, but my mom couldn’t afford for us to do sports. I think now that he has kids, my brother wants to ensure they have every opportunity to be as involved in sports as they want to be. I don’t know how he does it sometimes. Kolby is in baseball, football, and wrestling; Kortney plays t-ball and cheers. I have a feeling that Kortney will get into cheering and just do that eventually. Kolby is a rock star. He is good and usually the best on his team – in EVERY sport! He just started wrestling this year and was undefeated! I’m bummed I didn’t get to see any matches and I never get to watch his games – I do make it to practices, occasionally. Kolby and Kevin That’s Kortney with her glove up. She’s gonna be tall like me! Kolby LOVES to run with me and always begs me to let him run with me when I’m back home. I was there all of last week and he ran hill repeats with me. I had it in my head that I would do eight repeats and didn’t care what mileage that was. Kolby started out with me and was right beside me most of the time. At times, he would take a quick break at the top of the hill but would catch up to me on the downhill. On the start of one of the inclines, Kolby shouts, “Aunt Lulu*! I think I broke my rib! It hurts really bad – but I can press in on it and it stops hurting!” *My grandfather use to call me Lulu which led to everyone else in my mom’s family calling me Lulu. I’m not sure where he got it from. I love it when the kids call me it because before they are able to correctly pronounce it, it comes out Wuwu. My uncle and cousin call me Ruru so it has many pronunciations, haha! My mom’s family is big on nicknames and I love it. My mom is Chock (and we like to say Chock-a-locka), brother is Urkel (yes, after Steve Urkel because he use to make the, “Did I do that?” impressions and pull his pants up! You’re welcome, Kev!), and my uncle is Beezle. I have no clue where some of these names came from but I love it. It made me smile just typing that out. Back to Kolby – poor thing had a side stitch! I had to explain to him what that was and that they would come and go AND it wouldn’t’ be the last one he’d ever have. Although I felt really bad for him, it was the cutest thing. Throughout, I kept telling him, “You’ve done a mile!” “There’s two miles!” When we finished the eight repeats, I told him what a great job he had done and that we almost ran three miles! Kolby then says, “Almost three miles? How much more do we need to get to three miles? Can we do that?” I was amazed and so proud that he wanted to keep going, so up the hill we went! He was breathing heavy, his cheeks bright red (I think that runs in the family!), and he was wanting water, but he was so proud of running THREE WHOLE MILES! He ran into the house telling everyone what he’d done and then told some kids at school about it the next day. I’m gonna have to get that kid to run a race with me sometime soon! Muhuhahahahaaaa….. <hamster wheel is turning> These kids are going to be great athletes and it’s going to be a blast to see it happen. I hope there comes a time in the near future that I can be at their games. Hopefully they also think of me as their aunt that loves sports and running, and will come to me for advice. It’s gonna be fun!
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    Look! I'm Running!

    Totally get the dark time. Yay for running! You can always join me in JFRing
  12. "Only in this group of weirdos could you make it sound as though running a 5K at the end of the month and a 13.1 in April sound like a consolation prize." Very good point, haha!! I started doing those Flashback Friday posts and it's allowed me to see how much fun I use to have with running. Lately, I've only been focusing on details, like I'm not running fast or far enough. For a while I've been telling myself to cut back and just have fun, but I haven't been able to. I think I'm finally in that place now. I just want to run when I want, go to run clubs, and do a race each month (whether I run it by myself or not). Depending on how the rest of this year works out (this year has already been pretty hard and I know it's only going to get harder... for certain reasons that I'll eventually talk about), I'm still on the waitlist for Hinson Lake and I do hope to be able to attend and have fun!
  13. Go get it, Bangle!!
  14. When what you love doing becomes not fun anymore, you should take a step back and assess the situation, right? That is what I’ve decided to do with running, except the step back isn’t to not run at all but to just have fun with running again. Circa 2011 – North Carolina The thought of taking a step back or easing off scared the shit out of me. It wasn’t long ago that I started running consistently again. It was the end of 2017 and it feels just like yesterday. It was a dark time for me. Probably a lot less dark than the dark times of others, but was one of the darkest for me. I lost myself. I lost myself to the point of not knowing if I’d find me again. That’s some scary shit, folks. Since then, any major bumps that I’ve had have jolted me a bit. The love of running isn’t a straight or narrow path (Thank You, Jesus! Ok, sometimes it’s a VERY narrow trail ) and I need to remember that when those bumps happen – not get scared by them. At least I have people in my life that can help me get through any really tough business that I may come across this time. I’m officially running the 13.1 in New Jersey (I made the switch just after publishing my last post), and I’m ready to let the JFRing fully begin! Additionally, I had to take some unexpected time off last week because my grandfather passed away. Because of that and some other factors, I am NOT running the 30K in Moab this weekend. This will also be the second time I signed up for and missed this 30K, so I’m taking that as a sign that I shouldn’t do the race ever. Since I still need a March race, I’m going to sign up for a local 5K for March 30 whose proceeds go towards an autism awareness program.
  15. I’ve been holding out on switching from the full to the half at New Jersey. But why? I think I was trying to give myself one last hoorah before I call it quits on long distance running (for a while). I also let it float into my mind that I shouldn’t be travelling so far to just run a half marathon (even though I’ve been doing it the past three years for Rehoboth!). Obviously, I haven’t fully embraced the JFR status yet. I’m not allowing myself to just go ahead and do it. Deciding to go to New Jersey was more than just about running a marathon. It was to hang out with other cool runners and see that part of the country – and to run, of course. I’ve never been there and have never been to NYC! My dad’s family is actually from Uniondale, NY; they moved to NC when my dad was 12. A couple weeks ago, it appeared that my shin splints were coming back; this caused me to become cautious with how far/much I was running. Now that isn’t JFRing, is it? Being cautious has decreased my running mojo and I haven’t ran since Thursday – haven’t done anything else either. I did go back to NC over the weekend, for my grandmother’s birthday, and expected not to do anything anyway. So, to kick this JFR thing into full gear I need to pull the trigger on dropping down. (Some of you may be getting tired of reading about JFR, well… I’m getting tired of your FACE. J/K!) I know as soon as I do that, I’ll mentally feel much better and a big weight will be lifted. I like the 13.1 t-shirt better anyway! I have enough black t-shirts. That blue though! Oh, I do have a little ol’ trail race coming up that I signed up for because I was to have 20 miles on the training plan to run that weekend. I’m still doing it. I’m running the 30K option. Moab, baby! March 23rd
  16. Well done! I’m sorry about your stoopid ab pain. Go away! and seriously?! Snot rockets inside?? Grrrrrrrrr. Not cool, nasty nasterson.
  17. Rock star... #sherogoals
  18. I go to a local run club on occasion, however, I haven’t been in months. In fact, the last time I went was November 29th! Wowza! I hadn’t realized it’d been that long until I searched for the last one on Strava. I typically run alone unless I go to run club or if I get to runch with my gal pals at work on Fridays. I enjoy getting to share some run time with others and am grateful when it happens. The Denver Milk Market and bRUNch Running have teamed up to host a fun brunch run the last Sunday of each month from the Milk Market. This MM is freakin’ awesome and has a bunch of different trendy restaurants to choose from. These are popping up all over the place here in Denver – I think this is the third or fourth one. Anywho, it’s free to run and you get a free drink coupon – basically you get vodka and get to choose what you have it with (Bloody Mary, screwdriver, mimosa, etc.). I’m assuming you could even get a shot if you wanted. I went to said run yesterday, for the first time, and there was lots of people watching opportunities – lots of characters to take note of: The mid-drift shirt in 30° weather and WAY too much makeup girls The folks that felt the need to bring water bottles to run 5K There’s always the ones that wear giant jackets and end up taking them off two minutes after they start running Guy in the American flag SUPER short, sluttie slutties (shorts). He is actually a run club regular in my other group and wears that same outfit almost every time. A handful of folks from my other run club! The gal that almost ran me over with her double stroller (but, GO MOM!) Nonetheless, all of these characters were out there running and enjoying the beautiful, brisk morning! It was a bit chilly but warmed up within the first half mile. While slow going, it was great to chat with my friends – married couple, Ashley and Tim, and Jess. I had classes with Jess at CU Denver and we’ve been friends since – we actually both work on campus now and she was also in the military. She also just started coming to spin class as the wellness center on Wednesdays! Ashley was my first friend here, who my BFF Erin introduced me to – they grew up together. Ashley and Jess also know each other from school so we’re all familiar! Love these gals! (Jess, Ashley, and myself) Behind us is the Moo Bar I ordered some OJ to go with my vodka, and also got some chicken and waffles. It was outstanding! The MM is just the coolest and I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area. I plan to try to go to this run each month! Of course there’s a picture. I’m not a dick. Or maybe I am – for showing this deliciousness to you but not being able to offer you any…
  19. This one goes back to the days of Just Fucking Running. I rarely cared about my pace and was still fast. This is what I want to get back to… Race Report: The News & Observer Old Reliable 10K Run Raleigh, NC – November 2011 Run as fast as you can for as long as you can. That was my motto about 5 minutes after I started the race. Since the 50K (North Face Georgia) on October 15th, I’ve ran about five times; junk miles mostly. I wasn’t planning on anything special for this 10K and actually signed up for it at the last minute. I maneuvered myself towards the front of the start. I was also starting with the marathon, marathon relay and half-marathoners at the same time. It was a cluster but it still worked out. As during most of my races, most of the run was a blur. I get in the zone when I race and get tunnel vision. Unless someone is streaking buck naked or falls and eats it, I’m probably not going to notice. However, as I was running up the first hill, I passed an older gentleman that looked like he was wearing a singlet over a sweater. No, that was just his back hair. He was nice though and told me good job and I said the same back to him. Also at one point, there was a priest standing outside a church blessing all of us : ) Mile 1- 7:06 Way faster than I needed to run but I was weaving in and out of folks trying to get ahead and out of the gaggle. Mile 2- 6:48 Whoa Nelly! I looked down at my watch at one point and noticed it said 6:15. What the hell are you doing! You can’t keep that up, you’ll die! Slooooow your roll sister. Mile 3- 7:04 Still faster than I needed to be going. However, I hit the 3 mile mark at 20:57….my 5K PR is 22:39. You do the math. That’s a 5K PR BABY – except it doesn’t count. At least I know I can possibly run a sub 21 5K in the near future! Mile 4- 7:04 I was being very consistent but I started to hit a little wall at this point. The fast pace was finally catching up to me and I was wondering if I’d be able to keep it up a couple more miles. Mile 5- 7:19 A little slower, but I still couldn’t believe I was doing so well! I never expected to do so well during this race after barely running the last few weeks. I just keep surprising myself…..and that doesn’t get old. Mile 6- 7:08 At this point I knew I was going to do well. I hadn’t looked at the total time during the last couple miles so I didn’t know just how well I was doing. I’m terrible at math and never keep track of pace so the finish was a total surprise. The last 0.3 or so was almost all up hill and I was struggling. I didn’t run at a total sprint at the end like I normally do because I had no steam left. Just how I like it. Finish time- 44:20 PREVIOUS 10K PR-45:05 from 2007: Put that in your pipe, 26 yr old Chris, and SMOKE IT! 5/244 female overall 1/45 in my age group 30-34 24/487 overall Hell to the yeah! I received two wooden plaques in the mail – One for 1st in my AG and another for being 5th female overall! I have another 10K this Friday. I am a glutton for punishment I guess. I plan to smoke the bags off of this one as well. I did well last year but want to do even better this time. It’s a trail race too! We’ll see!
  20. That picture is from one of our first 14er hikes when we moved here. It is a good one.
  21. I'm thinking of getting it tattooed somewhere. Forehead maybe?
  22. Gwen, I honestly couldn't care less what others think about my pace. I just keep beating myself up because I'm not as fast as I use to be and I keep getting all these stupid little injuries. It's all me. Head games, indeed.
  23. "...that altitude is a speed stealing jackass that can go straight to hell." YES!!! I look forward to the day that I'm closer to sea-level again. It is cool to see the improvements I've had in the last couple years, at altitude, but I'd much rather be running in NC again. Bring on the humidity!
  24. I’ve been thinking about this training plan and marathon business a lot lately, and it’s brought up some interesting thoughts and questions. I’ve been a runner since my junior year of high school (1997) – twenty two years. I’ve run at different capacities during my life: High school cross-country team where I was flying by the seat of my pants and just doing what my coach told me to do. I don’t remember running much outside of practice and meets, so I was just doing it to be on the team. I did really enjoy it and got a taste of competing, but didn’t know what it really meant to be a runner. I graduated in 1999, started going to community college, and became an occasional runner. I’d run around while playing volleyball and softball, and run a couple miles here and there around campus. I joined the Army in 2001 and got out in 2009. This is when I really learned what running was about. Started running faster and longer – loving competing in races. When I became a competitive runner, I did start looking at training plans with the hopes of following one and that it would make me a better/faster runner. It would typically turn into something like a compass – I would refer to it in terms of where I should be, but it wasn’t something that stressed me out. Why does it stress me out so much now and why do I feel the need to follow it 100%? I think there’s at least a few reasons… Moving to Colorado took away my speed and started a downward spiral of getting out of shape. I tried so many things and I just couldn’t get back to where I wanted to be. I thought that by following a training plan it would bring me back. Nope. SO many of you have so much success following training plans and having coaches – some of which also make it look VERY easy to stick to. That would work for me too, right? Nope. I always want to challenge and push myself which I can do now by either trying to get faster or running longer distances. In my mind, to do those things you need to following a relatively strict training plan. Could I do it that way? Nope. If I love running SO much, why can’t I do this? Hang on… Who says a runner has to follow a plan to improve? This is what is always in the forefront of my mind these days. I’ve had so much success in the past just using plans as a compass. By looking back, I can see that success now. Sure they work wonderfully for some people – it’s a proven fact that they can help you improve. They don’t work for everyone and I can attest to that. All it does is add worry and stress and makes me feel like I’m not good enough when I miss a day or two. I now feel that I can still improve if I can just add more consistency and refer to a plan when I need to know around where I should be, mileage wise. Also, why am I feeling the need to still run marathons and beyond? If it’s so hard for me to train for, then why am I doing it? I don’t have anything to prove to anyone, not even myself. I need to cut myself some damn slack and stop trying to up the bar after everything I accomplish. I don’t know when I reached the point of feeling like everything I do (athletically) has to be something amazing or better than the last thing I did. Maybe it’s getting older and closer to 40. Maybe it’s because I spent so long in the Army doing great things and I miss it. Maybe it’s because I took on the ultimate challenge of climbing Denali and it didn’t happen. I’m sure it’s a lot of things. I have to realize that things do change as you get older, and there will come a point when I won’t be hitting PRs anymore (pfffff, haha!), or I might not be able to run longer distances without getting injured along the way. I’m not going to accept any of that right now, but I am going to start cutting myself some damn slack. I am 37, healthy and active, and am so lucky to be able to do the things that I do. I live in a beautiful place with many beautiful things to see and do. I’m going to soak up all of that while I still can and I’m going to enjoy it without stressing about whether I am doing the best I can or not. Being a runner is a big part of me and I need to be whatever kind of runner I want to be. I need to make it my own and not try to follow what others are doing all of the time. For me, running is a hobby and not a job that I’ll ever get paid to do. It’s OK to compete with myself and others, but it needs to be done in a healthier, more realistic way. It’s also OK to try things that others have success with. If it doesn’t work for me, move on. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Relentless Forward Progress. Lastly, the days of week-to-week training recaps are over – probably to the relief of many (which is also why not many people will be reading this – thank you to those who have stuck with me). Why write weekly recaps when I have a training log AND Strava that basically do that for me? Moving forward, I hope to write more about thoughts and memorable experiences. And race reports, of course! For now, and hopefully forever, I’m going to stick to the advice of some of you and Just Fucking Run – JFR. JFR, friends.
  25. All sorts of yesssss for this post 😁
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