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  1. NCAthlete

    Mt. Evans Ascent Race Report

    Thank you for that Caitlin! I was hoping to find a good talking video and a recommended one is even better! Fingers crossed!
  2. NCAthlete

    Marathon Goals by Billy Joel

    YES!! Your wife has it right! Shut up and BQ!! Can't wait to read about it!
  3. NCAthlete

    San Diego RnR Half RR

    I have to ditto the other comments about finding a cooler race. Heat always factors into your finish time and it doesn't help that RnR races are SUPER crowded. I can't imagine trying to PR in one of those. My 13.1 PR is at Shamrock VA Beach! I totally recommend that one. There is always Rehoboth, December and sea level... cough cough (I'm not trying to recruit...no, not me.).
  4. NCAthlete

    The Bridge Challenge

    Awesome sauce!!
  5. NCAthlete

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    Girl, you killed that race and looked so strong! I'm so glad I was there to see you slaying it! That is how I felt for the Rehoboth 13.1 in December. I waited for the bonk that never came - it's a great feeling! See you at Rehoboth! Woohoo!
  6. NCAthlete

    Mt. Evans Ascent Race Report

    Wow those pictures are huge! Sorry!
  7. NCAthlete

    Mt. Evans Ascent Race Report

    Mt. Evans Ascent – 14.5 miles – June 9, 2018 I signed up for the Mt. Evans Ascent mostly to get in some altitude training. I haven’t really ran at altitudes that high, and I knew it’d likely be a run/walk situation. Nonetheless, good training no matter what. Weather warning from the race director: “The weather at the start line has little to do with the weather you may experience once you pass Summit Lake at 9 miles. We have had a beautiful and calm start, but the wind above treeline was blowing at a steady 50 miles per hour. We have seen snow, hail, and lightning at the finish line more often that we see sunshine. We have also had runners stopped for 30 minutes at over 13,000 feet when a Flight for Life helicopter landed on the road to meet a rescue crew with an injured climber. Anything can happen, so we ask that everyone come prepared for the worst.” This is exactly what I wore, minus my UD Vest Having climbed multiple 14ers, I knew they weren’t kidding. We were required to bring a long-sleeved shirt, which I️ ended up wearing anyway. Having a cool race in June is pretty awesome, as it has already gotten really hot here on the front range in CO. I wore my Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta, and carried: my UD Ultra jacket, Buff, gloves, a water bottle, my phone, and one pack of Cliff Shot Bloks. I wanted to ensure I was prepared for anything, and I really didn’t even notice the pack on my back. That vest is comfy! I drove up Mt. Evans road and was stopped about 1.2 miles from the start line. I had to park there but was able to hop on one of the shuttle vans to the start. I was able to find a “secret” bathroom located in the campground by the start so that worked out really well! I’d attempted to just squat in the woods but folks kept coming by and I didn’t want to flash them. The start line sat at about 10,600′ at Echo Lake. From the lake, they had the road to the top closed to the public and any spectators. In previous years, the shuttle vans had major problems getting to the top and back down. Plus, there are no guard rails along the sides so it can be quite dangerous to runners. See?! 14 of the 14.5 miles to the top are uphill. The only real downhill part wasn’t until mile 8-9. There is a cutoff time at mile 9 of 2 hours and 30 minutes. You had to finish the whole race before 11am (that’s 4.5 hours to finish the whole thing). You get a special rock with a placard on it if you finish under 3 hours (for ladies) or under 2:40 (for guys). William earned a rock for his one and only time doing the race (ya freak!). It’s literally a piece of rock with stickers on it. Haha Once we started, I was actually able to run a mile or so before I started taking quick walk breaks. Starting on a hill is always hard for me and I tend to need a few miles to warm up. For something like this, there was no way I was going to do any warm-up miles beforehand. Pffffffft! I passed quite a few people and finally ended up in the group of folks I would play leap frog with the rest of the race. Honestly, the race was quite uneventful. Run, walk, run, walk, run, walk. I ran when I wanted to and walked when I wanted to. Everyone else around me walked pretty often too. If I fell behind someone I’d been running with, I’d make a goal to catch back up to them. I feel like there is always that token runner that drives me bat-shit crazy. The one for this race literally talked strategy the ENTIRE time. I felt bad for the guy he was running with because he would not shut the hell up. He even used the word strategy many times. “I think I saw this curve on Google maps.” “Around this bend, it flattens out just a little bit.” Let’s run until that pole up there.” “I don’t see a pole or another landmark to use as a start point! What should we use this time?!” “We are using good strategy for this thing.” Shut. The. Hell. Up. Around mile 8, I hit the only downhill section and tried to make up as much time as I could. This was also the only section where my knee hurt – uphill doesn’t bother it at all. Go figure. If I was going to get the sub-3 hour rock, I’d have to average a 12:something pace. That wasn’t happening, and that was 100% fine with me. I hit the 9 mile cutoff at two hours (30 minutes ahead) so I knew I was good to go for the rest of the race. They had aid stations at miles 3, 6, 9, and 11.5. The only thing I was getting at the aid stations was Gatorade, and it was STRONG! They didn’t have it watered down nearly enough so I tried no to drink too much – from previous experience, I’d get a tummy ache if I did. However, the only thing I ate the entire race was one block of my Cliff Shot Block packet. This may have played a role in how I felt later. This was the bottom of the downhill section and just past the Mile 9 cutoff aid station Around mile 10, the wind started to pick up and I started getting a little chilly when I wasn’t facing the sun. The wind was whipping through my thin long-sleeved t-shirt and buff. My arms and ears got quite chilly. I still managed to feel pretty good and was able to run/walk until I hit mile 12 at 13,500′. It was getting pretty steep and I wasn’t able to run very much, but any time I did try to run I’d feel really light-headed. I don’t think I ran any during the last two miles. I was just proud that I knew I was going to finish and I just didn’t care about my time. I crossed the finish line at 3:29 and was handed my medal and a water bottle. We had to then wait for a shuttle van to pick us up (because they’d all headed back down to take earlier finishers). I hadn’t packed a summit bag because I thought my UD jacket would be enough to keep me warm. I was wrong. Some folks were making the 134′ trek to the actual summit of the mountain, but I didn’t give a fuck about that. I’m glad I didn’t because they had a few 15 passenger vans and several 6-8 person Suburbans, but I still had to wait in line about 30 minutes before I got on one. I was FREEZING and shaking by the time I got into the warm van. I was also feeling quite nauseous and my head was pounding. Luckily, I was able to sit in the front seat of the van, but I still felt quite queasy when were making the switchback turns. I honestly felt like I was drunk and could puke at any moment. I took deep breaths and made sure the keep my eyes straight forward. I felt bad for the driver because I couldn’t carry on a convo with her the whole way. I think she got it after the second question she asked me where I just nodded. Sorry! My watch was a whole quarter mile off by the time I finished… When we finally arrived back at the start-line where the post-race food was located, I still felt really bad. I went over to a picnic table and just sat there. I saw others eating the food, BBQ and baked potatoes, and I thought I was going to puke just smelling it. I finally got up, took a GIANT deuce in a porta-potty, and started the 1.2 mile walk back to my car. I did have a guy stop me to say thank you for the pace that I had kept because he was just trying to keep up with me the whole time. That was nice! I also got behind a couple guys I’d followed the whole race and talked to them about the race while we walked. Once I made it back down to I-70 at Idaho Springs, I think I was at about 7,500′ and I felt 100 times better. I was also HUNGRY. I wanted Chick-fil-A and knew I’d have to wait until I got almost home to get some. It was SO GOOD. Yesterday, I went to a local trail running festival where they actually ended up having the women’s winner as a guest speaker. She ended up talking to me for a bit after someone else there told her that I’d run the race too. She said something about it being hot at the top when she finished and I thought, I guess it may have been warm the hour and a half before I got there.Haha! I was going to run a few shake-out miles but two of my co-workers came and I ran/walked a mile and a half with one of them. The temp was sweltering and too hot to run during that time of day anyway. Today, and the whole time since the race, I’m not sore at all. I’m not kidding. I can’t even tell that I ran uphill for 14 miles! That just goes to show how sore downhill running can make you. I also didn’t have any kind of blisters or hot spots on my feet either. I think running downhill makes all the awful shit that can happen, happen. I did get some adjustments and needling for my back from my PT this morning. I tweaked it a little doing too-heavy deadlifts last week. I knew better. The Leadville Heavy Half is Saturday and I’m excited and nervous! I just hope my stupid knees hold up. I’m already anticipating them hurting because of this elevation profile… That downhill after Mosquito Pass is gonna HURT. Ugh. I’m just going to have to power through and deal with the aftermath later. I plan to use some Rock Tape to see if that helps mitigate anything. Does anyone have any knee tricks I can use? I tried a patellar strap but it did nothing. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another race report! Chris
  8. NCAthlete

    Keep Showing Up. Or Not.

    I think we all have one (or more of those races). Even with the beautiful scenery, I can see how it'd be hard to see nothing but other runners for 18 miles, and not have folks cheering along the way. Great job for sticking through it and YAY for a quick recovery! That looks like a great race that I could see doing someday. GtIS half in August?? I'll be there!
  9. NCAthlete

    Colfax 13.1 Race Report

    Colfax 13.1 – Sunday, May 20, 2018 I was nervous, as you know, about this race and just hoping my knees would hold up long enough to finish with the team. Surprisingly, the most eventful part of the race would happen before it even started… I woke up at 4:30 and stirred around. Luckily, I had gotten everything ready the night before so I just had to get ready. I grabbed a banana and a fig bar, and headed out the door around 5:15 so I could park in the Museum of Nature & Science garage in City Park with the nice pass the team gave us. It was great to be able to park in the garage because most of the parking was already packed when I got there. The marathon started around 6:00 so there were already lots of folks there. They sent out a map so that I would be able to find the MTT tent amongst all the other tents. They said to find the AWD (Athletes with Disabilities) tent. This was repeated over and over in emails and in the directions they gave us – find the AWD tent. For some reason, I could NOT orientate myself with the map, and I am usually pretty good with maps (especially from the Army and adventure racing!). After wandering around for about 15 minutes, I had to go to the information tent to ask where it was. I finally found the AWD tent and they weren’t there. It was about 6:20 at this point and we would start at 6:40, five minutes before the first wave. I was still holding my gear check bad because I thought I’d be able to leave it at the AWD tent. I was getting really worked up, as I do when I’m stressed out, and almost started to panic (and cry). I kept wandering around looking for that damn banner. If they were going to set up another tent, why wouldn’t they put it close to the AWD tent? I had one number that I could call in case I needed help. I called it, it rang once, and then I heard, “This person has a mailbox that hasn’t been set up yet. Please try again later.” Later?! There is no later??! WTF do I do? I was definitely panicking because the next thing I know, it is 6:34 and I hadn’t checked my bad and I wasn’t even close to the start! I had SIX minutes to get there! I threw down my bag, got out my FlipBelt, put my phone in it, slapped on my Garmin, grabbed my water bottle, and then practically threw my gear check bag at the gear check people. Don’t worry. I didn’t. I’m not a douche canoe. Shirts were alright. I’m thinking Abby will like this because it looks Nascar-ish I SPRINTED to the front of the line where everyone was there ready to go. Why I hadn’t thought of just going to the start to wait for them, I have no idea. At least I got a bit of a warm-up, but then realized I hadn’t eaten a single thing. Well, this could be interesting. Two minutes after I arrived, we took off! They had just enough time to explain to me that our team of seven would be switching off pushing our Captain, Savannah, every half a mile. Now that I could relax and just run, we settled into about a 9:30 pace; this would be our target pace for the race. I was one of the slower ones of our group. I had a long sleeved t-shirt and a t-shirt on top, and capris on the bottom. This turned out to be a great outfit choice because it was 47 degrees with a light mist, when we started. It was perfect running weather. We switched off every half mile, without a hitch. Our team worked really well together, although it was hard not to speed up once you were pushing the chair because it propelled you forward – unless we were going uphill, obviously. The mile through the zoo was FUN! There weren’t a lot of animals out yet but I did see some flamingos and monkeys. Some of the zoo staff was out holding up signs for us. Considering the gloomy weather, there were lots of energetic spectators out! It was great! Our team was cheered on a lot, and we heard lots of “Go Savannah!” There was one guys standing on the curb, by himself, fully decked out in a suit. Very random. Another guy had on a sweet Michael Jackson-esk outfit, including a red leather jacket, and had a dance party going! I wanted to hang out with that group for a while. One of our male teammates was rocking a kilt. We passed a girl holding a sign that read, “Smile if you’re not wearing any underwear.” He made her blush as he lifted up the kilt. To her disappointment, he had on underwear. HAHA! He received lots of compliments, rightfully so. Somewhere along the back half of the race, a guy ran by us and yelled, “You guys ROCK!” We all said thank you and then I thought… Wait. I know that headband! “Ben! BEN!!!!” He turned around and sure enough, it was Ben from my run club! He is actually the first person I met of that run club and it was cool to see him. He hasn’t been able to come in a while because of a new job he started, but I’ve been following him on Strava. He said he was trying to catch the 1:50 pace group so I wished him luck. I think he finished in 1:47! Go Ben! I ended up pushing four times, for a total of two miles. It wasn’t bad at all and each half mile went by really fast. My knees started hurting halfway through, but not bad enough for me to slow down or stop. The only fuel I had was a packet of Scratch in my water bottle, and a packet of citrus Cliff shot. That shot was yummy!! They were handing them out along the course – about five different flavors actually. Unfortunately, right after we finished, I had to take off to get to a baby shower that I was helping with. The medals were cool and HEAVY! This is the 26.2 medal but the 13.1 looks the same. The 26.2 slides up and down, and it has a little medallion on the side the unclips (bottom right of photo) Spending four hours at a baby shower, when I just wanted to lie down, was tough. I was so happy to celebrate the arrival of my friend’s baby, but I was WIPED out. The longer I stood/walked around, the more my knee started killing me. Later that night. I was hobbling around my house and could barely get up the stairs. W was calling me “peg leg” It’s still bothering me today so I’m gonna have to figure out how to remedy this or make it tolerable before the Mt. Evans Ascent in 2.5 weeks. Yikes. Thanks for reading, Chris
  10. NCAthlete

    I've missed you all

    Eliz! Here's a link to my blog: dirtandasphalt.wordpress.com
  11. NCAthlete

    I've missed you all

    Hey all! I haven't posted here since December (gasp!) but I've been blogging. I like the changes that seem to have been made on the site! I thought that I could just post on my WordPress blog and be fine, but I miss comments and feedback from you all! I've been up to a lot and in case you don't follow Loopville on FB, here's gist of what's happened since December: My first and second trainings for the Denali team were a success and I made the team! Woohoo! I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge D.C. 50K with Abby! If you haven't read that blog, you HAVE to! I got some great pictures out of it too. I've joined a new gym and have been going consistently now for a couple weeks. Gotta get strong! The next Denali team training is Mt. Baker, in Washington by Mt. Rainier, the week of July 4th! We'd planned to climb Rainier but didn't get approved for a permit in time. Bummer. I'm running the Colfax Half Marathon on Sunday with My Team Triumph - Rocky Mtn Chapter I've been reading a ton of running and adventure books lately! Scott Jurek's book, North, was outstanding! Denali's Howl - horrific but a good read Into Thin Air - also horrific but well written Denali's West Buttress - great tips on the route we plan to take Currently reading Charlie Engle's book, Running Man - I couldn't put it down last night I've ordered: Dean Karnazes's new book, The Road to Sparta The New Alpinism (plus training log) A Woman's Place Is at the Top Do you have any running/adventure book suggestions? That's about it for now. I promise I start posting here again. Have a great weekend and good luck if you're racing! Chris
  12. NCAthlete

    A day late, and a dollar short...Rehoboth Beach Half RR

    It was great to meet you, although I wish I’d had more time to talk to you! Great race!
  13. NCAthlete

    The Happenings

    But a day like that is always followed by at least a 40 degree drop. The rollercoastering is insane. Gonna be negatives in a few days...
  14. NCAthlete

    The Happenings

    Where's Chris? Not at ton has been going on lately. I had planned to jump right back into a training plan right after Rehoboth, but I haven't. I've just been running when I feel like it and I like that! Last Thursday, I finally made it back to my run club. It was a Toys for Tots collection night so I ran over to the toy store just across the street, and grabbed a blingy dinosaur. McGruff and some police officers were there to collect the toys. I am really loving this run club because they do lots of good things for the community, and there are always lots of great new people to meet. As soon as we started running, it started snowing pretty hard. I didn't have a headlamp so I had to stick with someone who did. I ended up running much faster than I intended so it kicked my ass. I was able to hang though! After running two loops of the usual route, we got back to Runner's Roost where they always do a raffle. If you run, you get a ticket. I won a Saucony hat! After that, we always head to Rocko's Cantina for tacos and beer. I'll be going tonight for the ugly sweatshirt run! Isn't it cute?! Monday, I ran five miles after work on the Bear Creek Greenway, just behind my house. As usual, I didn't wear a headlamp and I didn't almost get hit by a bike this time. About a mile and a half into the run, which runs along the Bear Creek and a sewage system, I started smelling these wretched fumes. It smelled like a cross between pain thinner and dead ass. It was really strong and was making me nauseous. I had to smell it for a whole mile, and then turn around and smell it more. The pluses of that run were seeing a small herd of grazing deer, and hearing owl hoots in the woods. Tuesday, we had a high of 69 degrees! I was able to run while it was still light out so I donned shorts and a t-shirt and hit the trails behind the house. I haven't been running on the trails much since it gets dark so early/light so late. I've been saving trail runs for the weekends. I haven't pulled the trigger on joining my old HIIT gym again yet, and now I'm not sure I will. I found out that my coach left which is 70% of the reason I liked that gym. They also changed the name so I'm not sure what's going on there. However, I haven't seen another gym like this and I really love the hour-long HIIT workouts. They are super intense! The first Denali training is a month away, and I'm pretty excited to get the first one out of the way just so that I have more information on what exactly will be happening. That's it for now. Thanks for reading, Chris
  15. NCAthlete

    Rehoboth Beach Marathon #5: Humbled & Happy

    Girl you are the heat. The bees fucking knees. You are such an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re just gonna keep kicking ass. See you there next year! Love ya chica!