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  1. Vertical Mile Challenge – June 15, 2019 Rocky Face Park | Hiddenite, NC Race 6/12 for 2019 goal! Halfway there! It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything, and that’s because my world has changed quite a bit in the last month. I’m now living back in my home state of North Carolina, and have a lot of time on my hands while I find a job. I haven’t been using all that time to run though. I’ve let the stress of everything (that I’ll write about some time) get to me and haven’t used running as an outlet for it, for some reason. Nonetheless, I was signed up to run the VMC and I wasn’t about to puss out of it – trained or not. An abbreviated version of the history of the race goes like this: In 2011, some dudes wanted to create a race in where you complete 5,280′ of vertical in the shortest distance possible. They happened upon a park that is 15 minutes from where I grew up, and voila! 2.2 mile loops, eight times, for 16 miles and 5,280′ of vert. All aboard the pain train! Jenster is the one that told me about this race. It was only $25 to register and is SO close to where I’m living and grew up. It was such a no brainer! I hadn’t ran in three weeks leading up to the race and finally got in a few runs the week of the race. My niece and nephew are great running motivators and ask me every day if we can go running! Jenster and I The race started at 8am, so I got up at 5:45 so that I could leave by 6:30, get a great parking spot, and pick up my packet. It was a cool morning, and in the upper 50’s when I got there. There were just over 200 people running, which is the biggest group they’ve had thus far. Word is getting out, apparently. There were plenty of PoPs and a bathroom so I even got to use a real toilet! The smaller size of this race was perfect. This shows the bit of pavement we had to run on and the part of the rock that people climb. Not knowing a bit of the course or exactly what to expect, I started in the middle of the pack. We ran for less than a quarter of a mile on pavement and then hit the trail. Right away you could see there were going to be lots of roots – they had spray painted most of them bright orange. It was crowded up until we reached the rock face about half a mile in. I was not warmed up enough before we started the hike uphill. My first start up the hill While it was still cool, you could tell that rock was going to heat up quick – there wasn’t a breeze yet either. The straight uphill portion was at least a half a mile long and felt like it’d never end. I was using the footwork I’d learned while mountaineering in the snow – taking sideways steps so that I didn’t burn up my calves. Others were also using the switchback strategy so as not to go straight up the rock, which I did some as well. There wasn’t a trail so you just made your own way up the rock face. At the top, they had a water only station that was stocked with ice cold water. It tasted like the best water I’d ever had in my life. When you get to the top, you run through the woods briefly and get to another small rock portion, then hit the woods again and start going downhill. There were lots of switchbacks, rocks, and roots. This was a great way to start my NC racing again! I actually missed those roots! Towards the end of the loop, you come to another rocky portion and this is the portion you can see from the parking lot. This is also the portion that people rock climb on. There was a really steep part that was killer on the feet and toes! Just before you get to the start/finish line, there are some rock stairs and then you’re back on the pavement. At the start/finish, there is a bigger aid station with food and other drinks. I didn’t get anything after the first loop and just kept going. I should also note that when I crossed the line, my watch was reading just under 2 miles. Focus! Just after I started the second loop, I tripped and fell. I wasn’t picking my feet up enough, caught my toe on a root and BOOM! It was enough to scrape the skin off the top of my left knee (the knee that ALWAYS takes the hits!) and a little off my other knee too. My left wrist was what I caught myself with so it was a little scraped up as well. I didn’t run nearly enough trails in CO so I’m going to love getting use to it again! NC trails are far better than CO trails, in my opinion. Anywho, I had a few people ask me if I was ok and I gave them a thumbs up. It hurt for maybe a 10th of a mile and then it was fine! Just a flesh wound! I told one of them that I was due for some trail rash. Scraped the skin right off! It wasn’t long before I started seeing people getting treated by medical folks. I was also hearing that they had received a 911 call from someone and were looking for them. Shit was getting real and we were all starting to see and feel the effects of the terrain and heat. I didn’t consume anything besides water until after the third loop, which was a Huma gel and half a banana. When I hit the halfway mark, it was just over two hours and I ate a lot more. I grabbed some Gatorade, a pickle chunk, half a banana, and took a packet of 3 salt tabs. It hadn’t even dawned on me that I should have brought more salt tabs. I was lucky I even had the one pack. This was definitely early on in the race… haha! I had been playing leap frog with several people and kept seeing the same faces. The winner had finished before I even hit the halfway mark. I was also getting lapped by some folks as well. At this point, it was hard to tell who was on what lap and you didn’t really know unless you asked. A lady came up from behind me on the first or second lap and was asking me what model of Altras I was wearing. She said she’d never heard of the Timps and would be looking into getting some. We’d run into each other during all but the last two laps and she’d started calling us the Altra gals. She would pass me on the uphill and I would pass her on the downhill. I even started to “ribbet” when I went by her – haha! That 57 year young lady ended up beating me by 20 minutes! By the way, that’s the farthest I’ve ever run in the Altras and they were great! I’m on the far left I started off fueling well but didn’t continue to. I wasn’t taking in nearly enough when I needed to. I was only drinking a cup of Gatorade and eating half a banana. One of the laps I dipped a potato in salt and ate that – all that salt tastes so gross! The sixth lap was the worst and I was feeling pretty bad by the end of the seventh lap. I had been feeling like I was going to cramp up since the halfway mark, and I was just hoping and praying that it’d hold off – that could be a serious game changer. I even thought about this race possibly being my very first DNF. My back was also getting super tight and I kept having to bend over to stretch it out. However, my brother, sister-in-law, and three kiddos had come out to see me finish! They were there in time to see me start the last lap. I got some food and talked to them for a minute. My nephew and nieces didn’t know what to think about how I looked and that I was scarfing down watermelon, pickles, and banana and drinking Gatorade – all of which I could barely carry over to the bench, haha! By that time, I was averaging 40-45 minute loops so I told them I’d be back in about that amount of time. As soon as I took off for the last loop, I felt re-energized and great! Seeing them was what I needed to finish strong! There was a much smaller field at that point, and I felt like I was way in the back of finishers. I was letting the aid station volunteers know that it’d luckily be the last time I saw them! When I crossed the finish line in 4:46, my family was there to record me finishing. My nephew thought my bloody knee was the coolest and he was getting down really close to look at it. He hugged me and told me he was proud of me, dawwww! It’s over! Race Stats: Starters: 203 | Finishers: 184 | Gender Place: 25/48 | Overall Place: 128/184 Garmin Distance: 16 miles (supposed to be 17.4) | Garmin Vertical: 4,091′ (not 5,280′) I noticed a comment on Strava that the course has been off every year and that everyone always gets the vertical amount that I got. That is WAY off, by more than 1,000′! I wasn’t getting the 2.2 miles per loop either. I thought that I wasn’t getting a good GPS signal. Maybe that’s still true? Surely it wouldn’t be off that much and they still claim it as a vertical mile race…. who knows. Post Race It’s been three days since the race and I have been SORE AF! Getting on and off the toilet is THE WORST. This is certainly in the top of times that I have been the most sore. This time last year I ran the Leadville Heavy Half and I think I was this sore after that as well. I plan to run this race again next year so this will just be the weekend of pain from here on out! I’d love to make this a yearly occurrence! I also plan to get out there and run and hike the course as often as possible. It’s so close! Hopefully I’ll actually be ready for it next year. I haven’t signed up for a July race yet but it will likely be a 5K with my 8 YEAR OLD NEPHEW!! Yaaaaassssss!
  2. NCAthlete

    It has been a while

    Great adventures! I'm looking forward to more hiking/running adventures on the East coast myself. Best of luck in your Ironman training!
  3. Colorado Women’s Classic – 10 miler | Westminster, CO | May 12, 2019 Race 5/12 for 2019 When one chooses to sign up for a race, the results of that race will directly reflect the training you put into getting ready for it – barring any unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances. My result of this race directly reflected my lack of running, as of late. Nonetheless, I have completed my May race and my 5th of the year! I’m still on track to complete one race each month for the year, so I am happy with another successful race finish! Not every race this year will be amazing, and some will be used as reference points and motivation to stay on track. One of my best good buds, Erin (the one you constantly read about in my FBF and TBT posts!), came to visit me over the weekend! It was a short trip, and we only had all day Saturday to spend together, but it’s always amazing to see her for any amount of time. I wanted to make sure she had a great Colorado experience and to make the most of the day we had. I took her up Chimney Gulch to Lookout Mountain in Golden to have a nice overlook of some of the Rockies, Boulder, and Denver. Re-u-nited and it feeeeels so good! It was a decent hike that I could feel on my legs the next morning. After that, we went to a local brewery for some beer and got a cheeseburger and fries from a food truck. Later that day, we both got plates of BBQ and sides to take to another local brewery for more beer and games. I tell you this because these food choices definitely effected how I felt on race day. Erin and I got up at 5:25 on Sunday morning and was off to the airport by 5:45 – she was leaving already! I headed to the race right after dropping her off, and wasn’t feeling so hot. I didn’t have any solid plans to meet anyone at the race, so I got there early, got my stuff, and just sat in my truck. After the announcer needing to announce where the PoPs were, I quickly used one. What’s with the weird PoP situations at races lately?! Ha! See the PoPs way back there behind the cars? This was up a hill from the race start. Weird spot. I did call my mom to wish her Happy Mother’s Day! The temp was in the low 50’s and after starting, I regretted wearing capris and not shorts – at least I had on a tank. It wasn’t a big race so I started towards the front, just so I wouldn’t have to weed through too many people. I planned to start out a little fast, and then settle into something comfortable. I forgot my watch so I was using the Strava app on my phone to track my run. It was tucked away in my FlipBelt and I never looked at it once. I knew I was probably running mid to low 8’s and miles 1 – 2 were 8:23 and 8:25. Right after the start: I am between the pink shirt and red tank girls. I was just about to cut over behind the gal in the pink pants so I could pass. I’m loving my new Goodrs! They are some of the mirrored ones This course was one of the more boring ones I’ve ever run. It was very exposed, no shade, and there was construction throughout – a lot of the dirt shoulders were uneven due to construction. The sun was right in our faces the whole first half and it was quickly draining me of energy. I didn’t bring anything with me so I took cups of Nuun at every aid station starting at 3. I knew I was going too fast, but I’ve been able to hold the faster paces lately without bombing. Miles 3 – 5 were 8:38, 8:46, 8:43. I was starting to feel everything at the 5 mile turnaround and I was getting REALLY hot. My feet were hurting which tells me I need to stop running in my Nike Pegasus 34’s – but I like them better than the 35’s! Boohoo. Right after the 5 mile turnaround, we cut right and were on a packed gravel trail. Yes! A break from the pavement! It was welcomed but I was fading. The sun just felt sooooo hot – I think it was only in the lower 60s but that’s getting hot to us CO folks! The gravel only lasted for a mile and I started taking my first walk breaks around mile 6. This was way too early to start walking. Miles 6 – 7 were 9:45 and 9:43. When we got back out to the pavement, I felt done. Why didn’t I do the 10K?! But thank heavens it’s not a half marathon! I probably walked a couple of times during each of the last three miles. I was over it and just wanted to finish. I got a, “Hang in there!” from one lady that passed me. Ugh. Miles 8 – 10 were 10:24, 10:17, 10:13. You can see some of the construction crap strewn about. With maybe .05 to go, I could hear someone speeding up behind me and knew she was definitely planning to sprint by me at the finish. Now, I hate it when people suddenly pick up the pace to sprint at the end of a race (when you were running slow before that), because if you have that much energy left, why not use it during the race?? HOWEVER, I wasn’t getting passed right at the end. I felt like shit but I wasn’t letting her by me. So I sprinted to the finish and didn’t let her pass me. I never looked back to see who it was, haha! I DID look at the results and saw that it was a 54 year young lady! You go girl! Finish time: 1:33:18 | 9:18 pace | 34/148 ladies | 7th in 30-39 AG They boasted about how much food there would be at the finish, but it was a total letdown. I did get a tiny cupcake that I killed in one bite, and half a banana, but the other few things I saw were packaged bars. I grabbed a bar and then left. I didn’t want to hang around. I didn’t feel very well the rest of the day but did manage to kill some sushi (a combo of four salmon nigiri pieces and then two other salmon rolls!) at lunch. Even though this race sucked ballz, I am glad to have successfully finished another race. I was due for a blowup and am surprised it hadn’t come sooner. Heat and tummy issues didn’t help, but I ran what I trained for! They can’t all go perfectly but we learn something from all of them. Next up in June, The Vertical Mile Challenge! EEEK!
  4. I miss being fast. Colorado sucked that out of me. Let's see if I can get it back
  5. Funny you should ask actually! When I reposted the original blog, I had written that I had been 5th OA female but Athlinks shows I was 3rd... I never heard from them about it.
  6. Since I have a 10 miler coming up this weekend (Colorado Women’s Classic – my May race!), I thought I’d share this enthusiastic race report. I’ve been under the weather this week, and have been dealing with some heavy stress (which is probably why I’ve been sick), so I’m not expecting this weekend’s race to be quite as awesome as this one was. Nonetheless, I get to JFR around a bunch of awesome, inspiring women on Mother's Day! Raven Rock Rumble 10 miler – Lillington, NC November 20, 2010 The weather was absolutely perfect for the run on Saturday. It wasn’t too chilly (upper 40’s) and the sun was blaring. My friend Erin and I drove the 1:15 to the race location and walked the 1/4 mile to the sign-in table. It was a nice warm up! I decided to run in shorts and a sleeveless shirt because I knew I’d warm up after the first mile. Everyone else was all bundled up with their gloves and beanies looking at me like I was nuts. I started off kind of fast and knew that I should slow down. I couldn’t get myself to do it because I feel like a gazelle when I’m running on trails! Plus, right from the beginning it was single track and we were running single file. I would dart out and around someone the first chance I got. The trails were magnificent and covered with wet leaves. The wet leaves made it hard to see the roots that were sticking up in the path. Many people ate it, more than once, including Erin! There were some crazy hills and one even included some steps; the ones that take two steps per stair. That hill kept going and going and going! I actually ended up passing a lot of people on the hills. I couldn’t get myself to walk up them knowing I was in a race. I’m too competitive! At the turnaround I saw that I was the 8th female and knew I could catch a few of them. I passed several of them on the hills and just kept going. Throughout, I stumbled about four times, the last one being the almost fall but I never fell. Luckily! I did tell Erin that she was “officially” a trail runner because she fell and had blood Erin’s trail rash! The last hill was kicking my butt and I ended up walking for about 10 seconds. I had to keep going though because I knew if I walked for too long, it would be hard to start back up again. I finished in 1:26:47 – 1/6 in the 25-29 age group, and 3rd woman!!! They jacked up the results and left me out somehow. They recorded my time and are in the process of getting it sorted out I did get a beanie and a cool Montrail T-shirt I had a great race and am so proud of myself!! Yay me!
  7. NICE race! Congrats! AND you finished before your little one even woke up, now THAT'S awesome
  8. I hate to not suggest the race but it’s just a logistical nightmare in many ways. I would maybe at least say to run it once because the area is beautiful.
  9. Congrats to YOU! And so glad we got to meet. Did you get to dip your feet in the ocean? 😃
  10. Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon ~ Oceanport, NJ ~ April 28, 2019 Race 4/12 Jersey Shore! Fourth race of the year, COMPLETE! I have successfully ran a race each month for the year so far! It’s such a fun goal and I’m having so much fun completing it! That’s the point, right?! For this race, I would be meeting some great running pals and visiting/running in a new state! Post Race: Since I’m a pinny-pincher when it comes to travelling, I purchased an $89 round-trip redeye ticket from Denver to Philly. I landed in Philly at 5am on Friday and would then be waiting on Sara to arrive around 8:30. Gwen graciously agreed to pick us up at the airport and drive us to Asbury Park – thank you again, Gwen! Let me tell you something about the Philly airport, in case this might come in handy for you someday. When you leave the secure area and head to baggage claim, you’d better grab some coffee and food beforehand if you plan to hang around for a bit. There is NOTHING when you enter the unsecure area – vending machines, but that’s IT. Since I had checked a bag, I wanted to make sure I grabbed it right away, but didn’t know I was doing so without the chance of coffee. Sitting around for almost four hours was brutal, it being that early and having not slept at all. I totally signed up to be there that long which I am FINE with, but that liquid magic would have made it easier. Sara was AWESOME enough to grab me a coffee after she landed – thank you again, Sara! Sunset Park, close to the hotel Once we got to Asbury Park, the three of us had lunch at the Robinson Ale House (go there!) and then Sara and I checked into The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel. Later, we met John and Greg to pick up our packets and then had dinner. Sara and I had talked about going up to NYC on Saturday, but I just didn’t feel like there was enough time to really make that trip worthwhile. I’d rather be able to spend several days there when I finally get to go – someday. We had brunch and walked around Asbury Park a bit, took naps, greeted Abby at the hotel and went back to the expo with her, then met everyone for beer and dinner. The Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten was awesome and we had fun there! I definitely recommend it. Sara, John, and Greg at dinner Friday night. This was my first time meeting Greg and he was OSOM! So, it is not unusual for me to have tummy issues post-race, but it isn’t the norm to have tummy issues the days before the race. I’ve been dealing with some very stressful things lately (that I will write about eventually) so I think that was the culprit. I didn’t feel well Friday and most of Saturday and was very worried that I was going to have a terrible race on Sunday. I also hadn’t been sleeping well the last couple weeks and also didn’t sleep well Friday or Saturday. Flat Chris, minus the long sleeve Race Day: We woke up at 4:45, got dressed (long shorts and compression socks, tank and really thin long-sleeved shirt) and headed out the door for coffee. I was feeling ok but wasn’t able to go to the bathroom before the race started. After sitting in traffic FOREVER (even though we were early), we got to the parking lot. We were funneled into a security checkpoint where they checked our gear check bags and made sure we weren’t carrying any other prohibited bags/items. There were cops everywhere! They made Sara take her purse back to the car! Once through security, we immediately saw the plentiful PoPs but the ENORMOUS lines of people waiting. Abby said this perfectly in her blog, but it seemed like everyone running the race was in line for the PoPs. There just wasn’t enough time to wait, and I really had to pee after the coffee and water I had. I finally ate a Nature Valley peanut butter ‘biscuit’ as my only pre-race food. I checked my bag (that had a change of clothes in it) and Abby and I headed to Corral 4. We were already unimpressed with the traffic/parking/PoP shit show, and then get in Corral 4 to see that we are BEHIND the 2 hour pacer! WTF? Corral 4 selfie with Abby My plan was to keep up with Abby as long as possible and then do my own thing when/if I needed to. John managed to find us in the corral and started with us as well. It was a little chilly/breezy at the start but manageable. I luckily thought to bring a small headband to cover my ears because I needed it (and then lost it during the race!). We headed off and were immediately in a cluster of people – it remained that way for quite a while. It still pisses me off that slower people end up in corrals that they shouldn’t be in. They have corrals for a reason, people. We had to weave in and out of people for more than a mile to even get a little bit of room. Abby and I still had to pee so when we saw some PoPs coming up at mile 2, we headed over to use them. After opening up the door on a guy who’d been unresponsive and forgot to lock the door, we were back in the race in no time. Miles 1-3: 8:52, 8:26, and 9:44. Got lucky with a successful in-motion selfie! This is my chinning photo, haha! So hot. We both felt so much better after using the PoP, and I was actually feeling really good – no tummy issues. We were able to maintain a little bit and stayed somewhat consistent. Miles 4-6: 8:23, 8:22, 8:35 (‘hill’). I think I took my first and only Huma+ gel around the 10K point. I could tell I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them for too much longer so I dropped back around mile. Miles 7-10: 8:33, 8:24, 8:38, 8:49. The course was super flat but I was just running out of steam. My feet were also getting sore from not running much lately. I think it was somewhere around mile 11 that Abby all of a sudden pops up from behind me! My first thought was, WTF are you doing here? – and then I knew she had to take a PoP break. Around here, we don’t call mid-run poops Code Abby’s for nothing! We ran together for about a mile and then I needed a walk break. She doesn’t know this yet, but I took that break so she would take off without me. If I hadn’t I knew she would stay back with me when I knew she could just finish strong, and I also knew that I didn’t have any kick left for the final mile. Most importantly, I had to fart and it was one of those you had to stop running to make happen, HAHA! Which actually didn’t even happen because I thought I might shit myself instead. You needed to know that, right?) It would have been great to finish with her, but I’m glad she was able to turn on the afterburners for the last mile! Miles 11-13: 9:00, 9:04, 8:54 (see, no kick). I ended with 13.27 miles at 1:56:07 – not bad for barely running lately AND a PoP stop! I will take it! It beats my February 13.1 time by almost a minute! It was cloudy like that the whole time! Post-Race: I grabbed a salty, soft pretzel and some Gatorade and immediately saw Abby and John. We walked over to the gear check area and changed into some dry clothes. However, I forgot the most important piece of dry clothing that I needed – UNDIES! UGH! Another weird logistical part of this race was having to leave your gear back in the changing area – you couldn’t take it and go back to where the beer was. You could only take it with you out the exit. After changing, we went over to the too small, gated off beer area. I already started feeling bad again and didn’t even want a beer. I was struggling because I was also starting to get cold. After waiting about an hour and a half for everyone to finish and have their beers, and not wanting to take the shuttle bus back to the start, we took an Uber back to the start area, and then drove back to the hotel. I took a hot shower and laid under the covers until I warmed up. We had lunch at the Robinson Ale House (third time eating there!) where I got a GIANT Vermont Cheddar grilled cheese with apple butter and bacon, and the best tomato bisque soup I’ve ever had (seriously). Oh and some fried calamari! After saying goodbye to everyone, we chilled out in the room for a bit and then went to Cookman Creamery (go there!) where I got some amazing honey lavender ice cream. I still wasn’t feeling great, and hadn’t even had a beer yet, but I was determined to get ice cream. Ice cream > beer I did finally have beers later that night All in all, it was a successful race, I got to hang out with some amazing people, visit and run in a new state, and had a blast despite feeling like crap a majority of the time! I doubt I’d run this race again, but the race shirt is probably my favorite one ever received and the medal was cool! The hotel Asbury Convention Center
  11. 2019 Goal: 12 races in 12 months It’s April and I thought I’d check in on my running goal for the year. I’ve run 3/12 races so far – one each month – and my next one is this weekend! This has turned into my only big goal for 2019 – the only other one that remains is PRing at the Rehoboth half marathon. I’m excited about this calendar! It’s not a complete calendar yet but I’m getting close! Here’s what it looks like: January: Resolve 10K (CO) – DONE! Fun run with Kelli and Amy! February: Ralston Creek 13.1 (CO) – DONE! 1st in the 35-39 Age Group! March: Dig Deep 5K Dirt Coffee (CO) – DONE! I was supposed to run the Behind the Rocks 30K but I [smartly] backed out. Since this is the second time I’ve signed up for and not ran this race, I won’t be registering again – I believe in signs from the universe! The DD5K was a great little race! April: New Jersey Half Marathon (NJ) – Registered! So excited for this one! To JFR and to hang out with some running friends in the NJ/NYC area! I might try to keep up with Abby…we’ll see. Race report will be posted next week. May: Colorado Women’s Classic 10 miler (CO) – Planning to register on Monday! I love 10 milers and I haven’t done one in a while. I also have never ran a women’s race either, and I think it’s time! Another thing that really reels me in is this description: “SO MUCH FOOD in the expo. No, seriously, SOOO MUCH FOOD…vegan, paleo, gluten free, sweet & sugary, carbs, proteins, electrolytes, dairy, fruit…..SO.VERY.MUCH.FOOD. I am hoping to meet up with some Oiselle Team Volee birds at this race since I’ll be going by myself. Oh yeah, I joined Team Volee! I should probably write about that sometime… June: Vertical Mile Challenge (NC) – Registered! This race is 15 minutes from where my family lives AND one of my best good running pals (Jenster) will be there, so I feel like this is a no-brainer. HOWEVER, I will be running eight 2.2 mile loops, totaling 16 miles, AND a vertical mile of elevation gain! It’s gonna hurt, but BRING ON THE PAIN! Oh, and it was $25! July: OPEN August: OPEN September: Hinson Lake 24 Hour (NC) – Waitlisted. This race is certainly a perfect atmosphere for JFRing, and I’ll have a lot of friends to cheer on! October: Runner’s World Festival (PA) – Registered! I’ll be doing the Grand Slam which is a 3.8 trail race on Friday, a 5K AND 10K on Saturday, and a 13.1 on Sunday! Who doesn’t want to run 26.2 within three days?! Since I won’t be running it in a single day, it won’t mess up my plans to JFR. I miiiiight know some other cool kids doing this one too November: OPEN December: Rehoboth Beach 13.1 (DE) – Registered (duh)! The open months will likely have to be a local race unless I happen to be traveling somewhere where I can also run a race. I won’t be able to travel quite as much as I had wanted since I’ve picked up a car payment again. Three open months out of the 12 isn’t bad though! If you have any races to suggest for the open months, let’s hear it!!
  12. NCAthlete

    Boston 2019

    I love this post! I love that you still enjoyed your race and are proud of it, even if you didn't hit your goals. I must say, you are BRAVE for risking a shart out there, but I know that had to have felt great! HAHA! Eating THREE Clif bars AND the other stuff was definitely risky. Thanks for the report and sharing your race! Well done Bangle!
  13. I feel like 'faster than last year' is always good! It stinks you didn't hit your goal, but you did good! Congrats again on another finish! I'm glad you're happy with it!
  14. I was never into golf growing up. I always thought it was the most boring sport on earth. I've actually never liked watching sports that I wasn't good at playing myself - golf (love now), tennis (love now), and basketball (that one I still can't watch) mainly. However, the last few years, I've started paying attention to golf and tennis. I actually really like watching golf on Sundays and I can even name quite a few players! I know little history about any of the players, but I'm learning. I learned a LOT about Tiger Woods this weekend, and all that he has gone through over the last decade+. Wow. Bless that man for all that he has accomplished, all that he has dealt with and overcome, and for what he did on Sunday. He isn't perfect, just like the rest of us, but he is an amazing athlete! And unlike Lance Armstrong, I can over look some of the unpleasantries. While I have/will never compete with the elites, win any titles, or anything huge in running, I feel that I can somewhat relate to Tiger - it certainly brought up some feelings. I have those feelings of never again being as fast as I want to be, being able to run marathons/ultras again, or that I'll never be that pumped up, super motivated, happy runner again. Age. Fear. Doubt. Other People. Uncertainty. Lots of beasts out there trying to keep me off track. At least I know there is always hope out there. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can do anything you want. I have always known that. It takes hard work and determination though, that which I currently lack the will for. But that will not always be the case. I will find myself again. Congratulations Tiger!
  15. NCAthlete

    Running Is Hard

    It has always taken me a while to warm up, and that's why 5Ks have always been the hardest. If I'm having a hard run, and I'm actually thinking about it being hard, it makes it way worse. Mostly when I run, my head is clear and I don't think about much. I don't like to think about things when I run because I do enough of that when I'm not running. I also don't run with music so I'm just constantly listening to my breath, my steps, and the surrounding noises. It's very zen for me.
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