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  1. NCAthlete

    Rehoboth 26.2 Training: Week 1 Complete

    I'm gonna leave that one to Google
  2. NCAthlete

    Flashback Friday: The Adventure of Chris and Erin

    Froyo = Frozen yogurt They are definitely not the same but equally yummy!
  3. NCAthlete

    The Return

    I miss running in the rain, that rarely ever happens in these parts. I'm so glad you have returned!
  4. NCAthlete

    Rehoboth 26.2 Training: Week 1 Complete

    Week one of marathon training is complete! It was such a great week and felt amazing to be back at it again. I have so much motivation and I just hope it keeps going. I do get to train in my most favorite season, for my new most favorite race, so I feel like I’m set up for success! Monday: My buddy Kelli is a kickboxing instructor at the new wellness center on campus so I decided to join in on the class she was teaching. I am one of those tall, uncoordinated girls and I usually don’t like classes like that. Luckily, it wasn’t one that involved a step so I didn’t do too bad! It was a good workout, I got my sweat on, and was sore in my shoulders the next day! Tuesday: Track Tuesday! I hadn’t ran on the track in many months so I knew it was going to hurt. The plan was 8x400s @ 1:45 with a mile WU and CD. I ran a warm-up mile to the local high school track and realized I wasn’t quite sure which button on my Garmin 230 was the lap button. I knew the white button started and stopped the time but for some reason I pressed that anyway when I started the first 400. I quickly restarted it and then figured it out, so my first 400 is a little off. I only hit the target time a couple times and it certainly felt like my first in a while speed workout. Ouch. It wasn’t all that pretty but it still felt great and like it was progress made! Wednesday: I got up early and made it to Yoga Flow at the new wellness center! I normally do not like yoga that isn’t hot yoga but I surprisingly liked this. I’m still stiff as a board but it didn’t feel too bad. I did, however, forget to bring a bra and underwear so William had to bring them to me! Doh! Luckily, he hadn’t left the house and goes right by the gym to get to work! Thursday: Tempo day! Ok, running fast is hard these days and I do NOT know how to pace myself. I woke up not feeling excited about running 8:30/mi, even for just three miles. I thought, I have the half on Saturday and I really don’t want to be sore for it. I could just run five miles instead, or I could just try for a slower pace. I don’t know if I could even keep that pace for three miles… Blah, blah, blah. Well, how the hell does anyone know what they can do until they try? Chris, will you ever learn that lesson and quit sandbagging yourself?! Not likely. Sandbagging is better than tea-bagging though, right? HAHA!! ANYWHO, when I got out the door, I said fuck it and decided to go for the 8:30/mi. I did a warm-up mile and then picked it up when my watched chimed for a mile. I was going to do 1.5 miles out and then back. I had no idea how fast to go for 8:30/mi so I just ran. When the first tempo mile chimed 7:59, I was like whoa! It certainly felt hard but I didn’t think I was running THAT fast. I decided to just keep going and see how long I could hold it. The second mile was 8:06, and I definitely lost some steam after that because the third mile was 8:22. I finished it up with a cool-down mile. It felt hard but good and I’m glad I pushed it. (Writing this part on Friday – I’m not sore at all!) Friday: I was supposed to cross train but I didn’t and I’m OK with that. I knew I was going to try to run fast for the half on Saturday so I enjoyed the extra rest day. I actually had a couple beers at Crazy Mountain Brewery. Saturday: Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon and Kelli AND Haleigh’s birthdays! You’ll have to wait for a separate race report to find out what happened (unless you follow me on Strava or social media and already know!). Sunday: REST DAY. This included a lot of napping and a dip in the hot tub. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the GtIS RR! Chris
  5. NCAthlete


    The picture of McDouche made this post even better
  6. NCAthlete

    I'm marathon training again!

    No time like the present! 2018 baby! I likely won't make it next year since I've got a big mountain to climb and lots of time to take off to do it...
  7. NCAthlete

    Doing stuff that scares me (some RR some not)

    Change can be super scary but also fun! I hope it all works out for you! Changing it up with trails was a GREAT idea! I started out on trails (HS XC) and have always been in love with them. It combines two things I love dearly: the woodsy part of the outdoors and running! Flies... oh don't get me started on those bastards. When I lived in NC, I had to deal with them all the time and wouldn't run my favorite trails in the summer because of them (deer flies are just as bad, even though they are smaller). Those and the spider webs (I'm terrified of spiders!) will get better when it gets colder, so hang in there with the trails! Good luck on your first trail half! I think it's great to just jump into it with a half! You'll love it and can't wait to read the RR! Oh also, once you get use to constantly having to look down at your footing, you likely won't fall as much
  8. NCAthlete

    Summer Update

    Have fun in Vermont! Can't wait to hear about it. That Baker's Dozen challenge sounds fun, especially running on birthdays!
  9. NCAthlete

    I'm marathon training again!

    Duh! I'll be up until the wee hours of the night that night! I'd much rather space out my drinking throughout the whole day/night. HAHA
  10. I made a FBF post on my WordPress blog last week but didn't get it posted here in time. I can't post something meant for Friday, not on a Friday. You can read it here. This installment is a great attest to how much fun my best friend, Erin, and I use to have. We’ve only been able to see each other a handful of times since I moved to Colorado. However, she just moved to Arizona so I think I might be able to see her a little more often! I sure do miss running and having fun with her. She even came out to CO for my wedding in 2014! The Adventures of Chris and Erin 7/21/11 It never fails that an adventure develops during Erin and I’s road trips. Whether the trip is small or large, something always happens that leaves us thinking and saying…. WTF? Yesterday was no exception. If you read my Nashville Country Music Marathon road trip blog, we took an hour detour to find multiple froyos that we never found. I’ll come back to that point later. We had planned to drive to William B. Umstead State Park 1.5 hrs away from our location. This park has some great trails to run on and we needed to practice on some for our upcoming [NFEC Georgia] 50K. I drove so Erin was navigating and put in Umstead Park in her GPS. I’d been there a couple times and knew which way to head but the GPS was taking us a different route. Maybe it knows a quicker way. The closer we got, I began to wonder where the hell we were going. It was leading us to Chapel Hill and Umstead is in Raleigh. Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham make up the “Triangle” and they are all close together, so I just thought it was taking us a different way. Once we were downtown Chapel Hill and looking at UNC Chapel Hill, I knew we were lost. I guess there is another Umstead Park; we had to drive 20 more minutes to get to our location. We finally get there and it’s already 11am and 95°; good thing we both were running in our slutties (aka super short running shorts)! I forgot to get my Camelbak so I used two hand held bottles. (I use to run with a Camelbak, ugh!) We were going to make a loop so I’d ditch one of the bottles for when we came back around. The plan was to run 10 so we headed off. There was lots of shade so we weren’t out in the sun for too long. The trails were beautiful and pretty technical is some spots. We had lots of little bridges to cross and roots to maneuver through. With lots of switchbacks, we wondered if the trail would ever end; I love trails but they make the miles seem much longer. After an hour, I took two salt tabs (really? for 10 miles?) and ate a pack of Honey Stingers. The other water bottle I ditched had diluted Gatorade so I chugged some of that. (You’d think I was running an ultra…) We were getting back to where my car was parked, but we still needed two more miles. We were going to pass the car, go down a mile, and turn around. I started having stomach cramps as soon as we got past the car. I’m guessing I took in too many electrolytes at one time. (Ya think?!) My tummy has been sensitive in the past so it wasn’t a surprise. We had to stop and walk a couple times because it was hurting so bad; I even had to bend over a couple times to make the cramps stop. We didn’t make it down a mile and decided to turn around – it just wasn’t going to happen. We’d assumed there would be showers in the park we could use, but they turned out to only be for campers. Crap! What now?? We still had plans to go shop for trail shoes. We thought about being rebels and use the showers anyway but didn’t want to get ticketed by the Park Rangers. We found a bathroom that had a couple big sinks. Let’s do it! Yep, we showered in the sinks. As I was sitting up on the counter with my feet in the sink, another girl walks in. Erin and I get really quiet and then busted out laughing when she left! Let me tell you, sink showers take forever! We were in there almost an hour! I still felt pretty gross afterwards b/c we had been drenched with sweat. I was still having GI issues at this point and just felt like crap. It was time for FOOD! I’ll tell the last part in bullets or this will go on forever: REI’s in store shoe selection SUCKS! Didn’t find anything! Walked to Dick’s Sporting Goods down the road and it down poured just as we were leaving the building FINALLY GOT SOME DANG FROYO!!! (Froyo/Ice Cream is serious in our world) Hit Raleigh rush hour traffic On the way home, decided to make a detour to outlet malls* close by A torrential downpour and storm starts while we are in the Nike store Run from Nike to the Merrell store and almost get taken away by wind/rain Decided to call it quits and head home after two stores We were gone from 9am-8pm!!!! * The last time we were at these outlet malls is when NC had major tornado damage in the area. We were dodging tornadoes on the way home!!! Luckily, this time it was only thunderstorms. So there you have it folks. Another adventure in the lives of Chris and Erin!
  11. NCAthlete

    I'm marathon training again!

    Thanks!! I just have to find a good balance of needing to do hikes with a ton of weight (they told us we need to be able to carry/pull 100 lbs over a long distance!) and not getting too sore for my long runs.
  12. NCAthlete

    I'm marathon training again!

    I’m marathon training! Wow! I can’t believe I’m already talking about the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon again! It has turned into one of my favorite races because I get to hang out with a bunch of you lovely folks! For the past two years, I’ve run the 13.1 at Rehoboth and thought I’d change it up this time! Most everyone usually runs the half so that they can get plenty of drinking in after they finish, but I’ve had my fair share of that! Plus, I love the course and want to see what the full one looks like! Oh, you want to see the course profile? Check this baby out! For this five year (!) Colorado transplant, this is fucking beautiful! It barely blips above sea-level! Hell, I’m even shooting for a PR! My current PR is from the VA Beach Shamrock Marathon (LOVE) which is 3:53:08. I will be ecstatic if I even get 3:53:07 because that PR was set in 2012, which shortly followed the most badass running year I’ve ever had (2011). However, I’m hoping to crush it a bit. That PR was set without proper training – proper meaning following through with a whole training plan. I have never EVER followed a training plan all the way through and I really hope to do that this time. I realize I also have an ENORMOUS, very different, very important goal (Denali, duh) that I’m training for, but I will never stop running or wanting to race. Training Plan I’m only running three days a week! I’m going for the less-is-more strategy and I think it’s the best strategy for me. Tuesday – will alternate each week between a track workout or hill repeats Thursday – TEMPO! Saturday – Long run Sunday – REST Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be cross-training days and I’ll be taking advantage of the amazing new wellness center that was built on campus! It is three stories and includes: a lap pool, 45′ climbing wall and bouldering wall, three class studios (classes included in membership), nap rooms, outdoor equipment rental (even paddleboards!), a bike repair shop, lots of showers (with GREAT and even adjustable water pressure), and is a short walk from my office! AHHHH! AND since I was going to the school when they decided to start building the center, and I was paying student fees for a gym that I never activated, I have a retroactive membership that’s paid for until March 2020!! Hell to tha yeah! This week was my first week of training but I’ll report on that on Monday (since I’m not done yet!). I actually have a half marathon on Saturday! YAY! It’s one of my local favorites: Georgetown to Idaho Springs AND I’m running it with my bud Kelli AND it’s her 30th birthday! Let the 30th birthday party shenanigans begin! I’ll have a race report, as always! It should be a fun one! Stay tuned and thanks for reading! Chris
  13. NCAthlete

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    That challenge sounds awesome, and GREAT JOB!! You fast, girl! @RunEatRalph I WANT that whoopie pie...
  14. NCAthlete

    Ass Chafing by GUMPTIONGUY

    I forgot that I actually already posted it! However... I did make a version that will show all of the comments ever made in the post! What do you think? Post again or no? It would be a really long post (113 Word Doc pages!)
  15. NCAthlete

    NEW! Flashback Fridays! 1st Edition

    Since it isn't my post, how about a Throwback Thursday Ass Chafing edition?!