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  1. garbanzo a gogo


    and those would be gone before you hit the missississippppi river. you need a car with a nook.
  2. garbanzo a gogo


    23 year later, Mo still grabs puts a death grip on the handle on the passenger door whenever I drive in a questionable manner, which is most of the time given that I'm left-handed. So good luck. I wonder how many bagels would fit in a minnie cooper, and if they would get lost in transit due to a questionable trunk.
  3. garbanzo a gogo


    i LOVE that color!!!!! low key, allowing you to commit driving offenses without memorable identification for witnesses. Assuming everyone in NYC has fuzzy dice, and I assume they do. Puzzled by the white stuff on car though ...
  4. masks are for suckers. Safety cones are mandatory. .
  5. garbanzo a gogo


    we should just hang out in this post. Need photo of Minnie Cooper.
  6. Muskrat Marathons is only a 2,438 mile road trip away!!! Enter soon for reduced rate.
  7. garbanzo a gogo


    hmmm. still seems to be taken.
  8. garbanzo a gogo


    i, of course, was hello kitty's magical motor oil, one in a series of hello kitty names when The Evil Remy was hellbent on banning me from the loop forever. sadly, spanky pancakes is already taken on instagram. " ... hurtling past each other, traveling back and forth in time, ricocheting off one another like pinballs, sending sparks flying; creating new tangents and fragments; sending reason running for cover." -- fun times, those days. although the protagonist in the book is now insane and undergoing shock therapy. always somethin ...
  9. . weird. my dress shoes fit exactly the same. maybe the problem is with your dresses.
  10. You embrace the treadmill while shunning the trail race. harumph.
  11. garbanzo a gogo

    Hey hey hey.

    you can never, ever go wrong with vonnegut.
  12. “The true runner is a very fortunate person. He has found something in him that is just perfect.” ― the prophet sheehan -- I became a runner on May 19, 1979. The Run for Life in San Angelo, Texas. A 5 miler, back when there were such things. 34 minutes and change. I was hooked. My Uncle Bob was an addict. Old Onitsuka Tigers and tattered shirts, a True Believer back in the days of Fixx and Sheehan, of flour starting lines and popsicle-stick finishing systems, of DMSO and Pearl Light. I never had a chance; I was hooked. I knew my life would never be the same. I h
  13. i never gave much thought to Team in Training until I become one of the folks you're helping. And now you're my hero for being on the team. my heartfelt thanks. and yes, i'm all too familiar with the "well if you're eating something fun, I should be having a treat as well" cat ploy. Never fails. Congrats on your sorta race! And the job will come. Believe.
  14. "Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky. One can only assume that this has something to do with not smoking enough." -- the prophet lebowitz -- He's standing at the red light. Oh, how I hate him. I'm sitting in the car, waiting for Mo to return from her run. I'm still at the point where a slow 2 mile walk is a near-death experience, so she finishes up her masked-miles marathon while I read a book of essays by a crabby New Yorker (if that isn't redundant, and I think it might be. Sorry, KRG). I look up, an
  15. As you clearly will not be able to eat day-old doughnuts for a while, your Arizona fan club will dutifully accept your excess stash.
  16. garbanzo a gogo

    The Shoes!

    I am convinced running shoe companies have people designated specifically to design shoes in such a subtle way that you don't notice one big toe or the other is rubbing until you get to the point where they're no longer returnable, forcing you into the old "well, i'll keep them as knockaround shoes rather than going through the hassle" and ensuring them of another sale. The only sure solution is ice cream. Lots and lots and lots of ice cream.
  17. yin / world going straight to hell with no hope whatsoever in our lifetimes. yang / 10 bucks for sun visors. Funny how life always seems to balance out.
  18. and now i have Boston's "Smokin" on at 137 decibels.
  19. I LOVE THOSE SHORTS!!! Seems perfect for some high school cross country guy closing in on the leader. A young Dave, perhaps. Reminds me of the Deathmobile in "Animal House."
  20. actual conversation just now: me: look at these shorts! mo: Wow those are so ugly I can't believe HEY WAIT I LIKE THOSE CRABS!!!! I'd point out that I think they're lobsters, but she's pretty crabby.
  21. I googled "ugly dog cycling shorts" in an effort to find you some, and this came up, which just seems mean. Short? Maybe. Ugly? Um, yeah I guess. Never mind.
  22. EVEN MORE FANTASTIC THAN I REMEMBERED!!!! I will send you pineapple stuff immediately since you are obviously such a big fan. warning though: my computer shows you are staring longingly at the dog shorts. quarantines do strange things to the mind ...
  23. Didn't you have some pineapple tights? I recall those as being quite glorious.
  24. Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who, who, who? -- the prophets gurley and douglas -- I get a lot of Running Warehouse ads at this joint, which I rarely notice. Until today. I'm not sure what to make of these shorts. A bonfire, possibly. Not only are they dogs (which offends my cat greatly), but they're a one-inch split inseam. How could anyone fast enough to be worthy of one-inch split inseams think this was a good idea? Although to be fair, they're marked down six dollars and five centavos, just in time for Groundhog Day giving. I can't imagine anyone running in th
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