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  1. i never gave much thought to Team in Training until I become one of the folks you're helping. And now you're my hero for being on the team. my heartfelt thanks. and yes, i'm all too familiar with the "well if you're eating something fun, I should be having a treat as well" cat ploy. Never fails. Congrats on your sorta race! And the job will come. Believe.
  2. "Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky. One can only assume that this has something to do with not smoking enough." -- the prophet lebowitz -- He's standing at the red light. Oh, how I hate him. I'm sitting in the car, waiting for Mo to return from her run. I'm still at the point where a slow 2 mile walk is a near-death experience, so she finishes up her masked-miles marathon while I read a book of essays by a crabby New Yorker (if that isn't redundant, and I think it might be. Sorry, KRG). I look up, an
  3. As you clearly will not be able to eat day-old doughnuts for a while, your Arizona fan club will dutifully accept your excess stash.
  4. garbanzo a gogo

    The Shoes!

    I am convinced running shoe companies have people designated specifically to design shoes in such a subtle way that you don't notice one big toe or the other is rubbing until you get to the point where they're no longer returnable, forcing you into the old "well, i'll keep them as knockaround shoes rather than going through the hassle" and ensuring them of another sale. The only sure solution is ice cream. Lots and lots and lots of ice cream.
  5. yin / world going straight to hell with no hope whatsoever in our lifetimes. yang / 10 bucks for sun visors. Funny how life always seems to balance out.
  6. and now i have Boston's "Smokin" on at 137 decibels.
  7. I LOVE THOSE SHORTS!!! Seems perfect for some high school cross country guy closing in on the leader. A young Dave, perhaps. Reminds me of the Deathmobile in "Animal House."
  8. actual conversation just now: me: look at these shorts! mo: Wow those are so ugly I can't believe HEY WAIT I LIKE THOSE CRABS!!!! I'd point out that I think they're lobsters, but she's pretty crabby.
  9. I googled "ugly dog cycling shorts" in an effort to find you some, and this came up, which just seems mean. Short? Maybe. Ugly? Um, yeah I guess. Never mind.
  10. EVEN MORE FANTASTIC THAN I REMEMBERED!!!! I will send you pineapple stuff immediately since you are obviously such a big fan. warning though: my computer shows you are staring longingly at the dog shorts. quarantines do strange things to the mind ...
  11. Didn't you have some pineapple tights? I recall those as being quite glorious.
  12. Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who, who, who? -- the prophets gurley and douglas -- I get a lot of Running Warehouse ads at this joint, which I rarely notice. Until today. I'm not sure what to make of these shorts. A bonfire, possibly. Not only are they dogs (which offends my cat greatly), but they're a one-inch split inseam. How could anyone fast enough to be worthy of one-inch split inseams think this was a good idea? Although to be fair, they're marked down six dollars and five centavos, just in time for Groundhog Day giving. I can't imagine anyone running in th
  13. For an easy mental boost, try switching to the much more impressive 3.21869 kilometers. I like the get out the door approach. Once you're past the first mile it gets easier. OK, it gets easier for me because I tend to quit, but still.
  14. garbanzo a gogo

    Going to do my part.

    I always thought Karl Marx was the least funny of the brothers. I killed FB for the millionth time and it seems to be sticking. Just not worth it. And there indeed are more important things than money. and you taught her that. Well done.
  15. She's bouncing back! Had a good day. Back to 400 repeats in a banana costume before you know it.
  16. garbanzo a gogo


    adj érzéstelenítést, rohadtul
  17. "Does he have a motorcycle? If you're going to throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle." -- the prophet lorelai gilmore -- I have a moral dilemma. I found the perfect shoes. They're incredibly comfortable, impossibly lightweight, and come in an array of weird designs and colors. They're dirt cheap ($55 -- are you serious?) and they automatically mail them to me every three months in a nondescript bag as to not alarm the neighbors. The "company" is just a few goofballs in an empty warehouse in Austin, making the shoes they always wanted, and they're sharing their
  18. "Magic beans, baby. Magic beans." -- the prophet barack obama -- A blank running log. A road stretching out with no end in sight. Hope on the horizon. You ponder making a New Year's Resolution. Sure, you never came anywhere close to keeping the past 63. But maybe This Year Will Be Different. What is it about January 1 that makes us evaluate our lives, reassess things, pretend we can change? An exercise in futility is still exercise, I suppose. You consider the possibilities as the day goes by. Through the 3 miles on the canal, trudging along at chemo pace. While n
  19. garbanzo a gogo

    And there went July

    Kudos, Dave, Kudos. Maybe it's time for that trail race ...
  20. garbanzo a gogo


    "When I have run my best marathon and written my best piece and done my best deed of love for myself and my neighbor, i know the cry will still come from my heart: "There is more, there is more. I who have made you know." What else is a heart for, then, but to be uneasy, to ask for what seems impossible and never be satisfied? So my heart will be restless until it finds its final rest. Then they can weigh it." -- the prophet sheehan
  21. there's an old scottish folk tune that goes So give your ID card to the border guardYour alias says you Captain John Luke PicardOf the United Federation of Planets'Cause they won't speak English any ways which gets stuck in my head whenever I see the word Picard. Now it's lodged there and I can't make room for my nightly images of SpongeBob and Patrick cavorting. Thanks a bunch.
  22. garbanzo a gogo

    Here Came the Sun

    I see stuff like global warming and nuclear stockpiles and billie eilish sweeping the grammys and i wonder if it's a sign that the world is ending, but I tend to talk myself out of it. But then I see Dave the Treadmill Junkie, and I realize the end must truly be near. Please explain to Mo this is why I ate all the ice cream before she got home.
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