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  2. garbanzo a gogo

    The Return

    this was sort of perfect.
  3. garbanzo a gogo

    You may want to skip this one.

    have you tried cycling? would that work any better with this injury? i know it’s not the same, but the daily fix is where you find it.
  4. garbanzo a gogo


    Never doubt karma. It began a couple of months ago. The run was supposed to end at my car, but I was a tenth-mile short, and in the age of Garmin, that sort of thing Just Won't do. So I continued past the car in the parking lot to pad things out when I saw it. One of the lug nuts on my right front wheel was gone. I totally freaked out. How could that happen? The screwy thing (yes, I'm quite the mechanic) was shiny, which I took to indicate it had departed recently. How could a lug nut just come off? I haven't changed the tires or had any work done on them. How could it just fall off? And how many times do you check to see if your lug nuts are there? Who knows how long I would’ve gone without noticing were it not for coming up short on my mileage. I drove gingerly to the parts store, watching in the rear-view to see if the wheel was rolling down the 101. I bought a lug nut (three dollars US) and put it on in the parking lot. Did I mention I'm quite the mechanic?) I drove home, still baffled as to what happened. And then. I parked and looked for the first time at the car parked next to me. It also is an old Honda. It had a donut spare on the right front. And it only had three lug nuts. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but it struck me. What if the guy only had two nuts when he put on the wheel. He needed a third. My car was parked next to him. It looks like a junker parts car. He takes a lug nut from my right front, because how many times do you make the trip around to the right front? He goes on with his life. The perfect crime. I tell Mo my theory. She wants to torch the car. I then weakly offer that maybe it wasn't that at all. Maybe a lug nut thief has run amok in the parking lot. Maybe one of his lug nuts was stolen as well. I don't even believe this one myself. She still wants to torch the car. During my runs that week, I make up elaborate schemes. I get those orange stickers and plaster the car. I pour cat pee down the space between the windshield and the engine compartment. I anonymously call crimestoppers for another state and link their crime to the car. But, of course, I don't. I'm stuck with morals, and I'm too shy to actually do anything but dream. And that's that. The car continued to sit in the lot. Life went on. And then. Last night I went to my car for my nightly drive to the track. The car was there. Under a couple of huge branches that had snapped in the previous day's monsoon storm. Coincidence? Likrly. Karma? One can only hope. I should take one of his lug nuts. He won't be using it for a while ...
  5. garbanzo a gogo

    Knee 4, Dave 1

    i’m fresh off a month of hallmark christmas movies, so i know how this ends. spunky runner gets hurt, worries he’ll never run again, goes through tribulations in act 2 that make him appreciate both the strengths and the adversity of his life, and is content with whatever fate he is handed. he comes across an old guy with a white beard and uncanny resemblance to a jolly old elf. then on christmas eve while painting the attic, he notices his knee doesn’t hurt. he remembers his promise to santa: “if i am able to come back, i will run a trail marathon.” movie ends with what may be a sled crossing the night sky. downside: you are played in the movie by “full house” middle sister jodie sweetin. sorry.
  6. garbanzo a gogo

    July in Review

    Fearless runs and tolerant rabbits. What more could you really ask for in life?
  7. garbanzo a gogo

    Things Just Got Real -Marathon Training Week 1, Day 1

    never doubt Uncle Hal.
  8. garbanzo a gogo

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    5 pound whoopie pie marathon could surpass the beer mile.
  9. garbanzo a gogo

    the last refuge of a scoundrel

    oh, you know. deep state.
  10. garbanzo a gogo

    Well. Hello, Monday.

    Whenever I hear cortisone shot, I think mi corazón and it seems so romantic. But then I was dropped on my head a lot as a child. Bright side: You're using up all the medical stuff for the rest of your life and will skate into triple digit years without needing to see a doc again. Which is a good thing since Medicare will have gone kaput long before then. Dr. Pants will advise you on health issues. Not to worry.
  11. garbanzo a gogo

    The Second Half of the July Diaries

    life is all about navigating the new normal. Throw on a life vest, cross your fingers, set out to sea. But the sea will still be there when you're ready. Sometimes the view from the pier has to be enough.
  12. garbanzo a gogo

    2nd Funniest Moment of Running In the Media?

    oh, god. as a longtime journalist, I know this tooooooooooo well. Stuff you don't see till you're on your first cup of coffee in the morning is the worst. ps I was a proud Cox employee for many years till they killed us off. Jerks.
  13. garbanzo a gogo

    the last refuge of a scoundrel

    Well, it's like this. I killed off Facebook and Twitter because of their political implications. I'm wrestling with Instagram, but I don't know how I could rationalize it. I have a blog that has been overtaken by a guy from Estonia. And yet, I need to write. Always, I need to write. So here I am. I have entered the third act of life. I'm still working, but out of a small sweatshop being run out of our spare bedroom, so I never have to wear pants, which is a bit distressing for Mr. Pants. I'm growing a Letterman beard and forcing the cat to stay awake for a second hour of the day. But basically I never leave the apartment these days, except to bask in the glory of the SCC track. So that's what I've been doing. I got in an even 20 miles this week, which is the distance I always tell my oncologist I'm running, except now I wouldn't be lying. Except I have no oncologist visits scheduled in the near future, forcing him to bill someone else so he can afford his exotic mountain bike equipment. Mo has grown suspicious of my track obsession. I just walk, after all. What difference does it make? I don't know. It's just the feeling of the place. Some people love trails, some roads. Me? I'm at home in Lane 9. We've been talking about moving to Flagstaff. Does she pitch the mountains, the trails, the leftist vibe? No. "You know they have a really great track," she says. Mo is wise. It's been 150 degrees or so here lately, so mostly I have the place to myself. But today there were football guys and burrowing owls. There's been a long snapper working out here forever. He takes a big trash can, counts off 8 yards or so, and smashes a football into it over and over and over and over and over. I have thought a lot about how it would be more efficient to have a second guy. Yes, that's what I think about when I think about running, Mr. Murakami. Today, HE HAD A SECOND GUY! They took turns, one snapping to the other, then turning around, then going the other way, then back again, until they both pass out. This seems terribly boring to me, but then I'm walking in circles at a 14:50 pace. So ... The OTHER thing that drives me nuts is wondering who these people are. This track has everyone from Olympic gold medalists to ummm, me, so I'm always curious, but too shy to ask. AND THEN! The second guy today had his backpack on the bench, which gave just enough info for an intrepid journalist to uncover. He's the starting long snapper for the University of Utah. Sophomore, apparently quite good. Now if I can find out who the wide receiver with the white gloves is, I can sleep tonight. Or maybe hard apple cider. Yeah, that second one. Being a recluse makes the daily outing a huge deal. I'm pretty excited about the future. Miles is miles, yeah? I hope to get up to a decent weekly mileage and hope my body gives in and starts to speed up a bit. If not, that's OK. It's good to be alive on a sunny day. And so I will write inaccurate headlines, go out for a daily jaunt, and file here on a daily basis. Yes, you can ignore me. I just need a place to write without fear of Estonian retribution. It's what the late Dave Schultz would have wanted. It's good to get back on track ... my work posse. no, they’re not talking to me. yet.
  14. garbanzo a gogo

    Memory Lane

    pochero. south freakin’ korea. el senor sent me a link recently to an actual race being called a pikermi. eric was just ahead of his time ... https://www.runandachieve.com/pure-pikermi
  15. garbanzo a gogo

    a drink a day keeps the shrink away

    so THAT’s where he’s been. i once spent a month wearing out a mile loop on the emory campus. that was a weird month.