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  1. garbanzo a gogo

    And there went July

    Kudos, Dave, Kudos. Maybe it's time for that trail race ...
  2. garbanzo a gogo


    "When I have run my best marathon and written my best piece and done my best deed of love for myself and my neighbor, i know the cry will still come from my heart: "There is more, there is more. I who have made you know." What else is a heart for, then, but to be uneasy, to ask for what seems impossible and never be satisfied? So my heart will be restless until it finds its final rest. Then they can weigh it." -- the prophet sheehan
  3. there's an old scottish folk tune that goes So give your ID card to the border guardYour alias says you Captain John Luke PicardOf the United Federation of Planets'Cause they won't speak English any ways which gets stuck in my head whenever I see the word Picard. Now it's lodged there and I can't make room for my nightly images of SpongeBob and Patrick cavorting. Thanks a bunch.
  4. garbanzo a gogo

    Here Came the Sun

    I see stuff like global warming and nuclear stockpiles and billie eilish sweeping the grammys and i wonder if it's a sign that the world is ending, but I tend to talk myself out of it. But then I see Dave the Treadmill Junkie, and I realize the end must truly be near. Please explain to Mo this is why I ate all the ice cream before she got home.
  5. garbanzo a gogo

    Jumping January

    educated, daisy jones and once a runner is one eclectic trifecta. WAIT IT TOOK YOU THIS LONG TO READ ONCE A RUNNER??? again to carthage awaits ...
  6. i have a #teamgwen shirt, and the only time i saw her at a race, i made her stop and walk back to me to say hello, destroying her race.
  7. i’d take a donut over a medal any day. well, except monday. medal monday and all.
  8. yes!!!!!! i know that feeling. Like there's going to be a formal event for which you need the perfect shirt. but mr. pants does have an example! In his hometown of San Angelo, Texas, there was an 8K race called the Run in the Sun. He had the 1981 shirt in his pile for many, many years before noticing that they had a contest each year for the person who wore the oldest shirt from the race. Sadly, he was living in Arizona and never made it back for the race. And now the shirt disappeared. Probably stolen by some jerk who is now wearing it yearly at the race to collect handsome prizes. And I stil
  9. mr. pants says to add an "S" with a sharpie and sell at a premium to Indiana basketball fans. they're not too sharp. eeee.
  10. marathon shirts are the worst! the one from the top photo is san antonio marathon, with that same dilemma of both races on one shirt. having only run the half, i have to dutifully explain that no, i didn’t run the marathon and yes i’m a slacker for only running 13.1.
  11. i wonder how many miles atombuddy has in that shirt.
  12. I can't believe how much that one woman looks like Jenster!!!
  13. During my best running years, Austin had a little custard stand (sorta like TCBY but mom and pop Austiny) and I would always stop for a cup on the way home. And now I feel all nostalgic dang it. Clothes scavenging is hilarious. Oh, yeah, and that run. You're not a real person. Your times are crazy. Mostly I want sandy's custard now.
  14. dude. even tom brady knew when to quit. oh. never mind.
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