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  1. garbanzo a gogo

    Edited the link - Showing My Hamstring Who's Boss - Phoenix Marathon

    i would dutifully point out that is the "share" size of m&ms. totally worth it.
  2. garbanzo a gogo

    Extremely early. Very treatable.

    hi. as a fellow member of the cancer club, i know it doesn't do much good to hear what others think. But for what it's worth, just think back to your first marathon. It's scary and you don't know what's ahead. All you can do is line up and go one mile at a time. I think runners make the best cancer patients because you have a mindset to deal with the adversity along the way. And when you cross the finish line you'll be a better person for it. I'll be on the sideline holding up a dumb sign as you go by. Make me proud. ps maybe talk to your doctor about autophagy. My oncologist is super-smart and is pretty excited about it. Easy to do and doesn't cost nothin' ...
  3. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    disaster strikes. shoe comes untied while ordering breakfast at mcdonald’s. not sure if mcmuffin specific or a general breakfast-related offense.
  4. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    ok, these shoes suck. if you can say suck here.
  5. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    i just asked 88-year-old pal char what she thinks of the shoes. “they’re ok,” she said. “did you find them in a dumpster?”
  6. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    my left shoe voted. i’m a leftist.
  7. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    i have no particular opinion on the removal of the bars from animal cracker packages.
  8. garbanzo a gogo

    Bullet Points

    el senor and i have the same anniversary, though i’m almost certain we’re not married.
  9. garbanzo a gogo

    Title REQUIRED

    you must do the 40 mile trail race. you must.
  10. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    quick update: i still have the shoes. i wore them today to schlotsky’s. i had the toast beef. didn’t taste much different than when wearing piranhas, but i’m left-handed so it’s hard to tell.
  11. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    i’m not certain the laces’ color is found in nature. if i did find it in nature, i would put it back immediately. never trifle with nature. .
  12. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    i had strawberry ice cream shortly after going out in the new shoes for the first time. i had just gone through three pairs of NB Zantes and don’t recall strawberry ice cream in any of them. i suppose it could be coincidence, but it does make one wonder. whomever one is.
  13. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    my teen shoes were adidas ROMs. White leather, blue stripes, coolest shoes in the world. You could get about 45,000 miles out of shoes back then.
  14. garbanzo a gogo

    i bought shoes!

    I remember when there were only like six running shoes you could choose from. You didn't worry about drop or weight or motion control or midsole composition. You just bought a pair of shoes. That's what these are. But the laces are made from recycled plastic bottles. I don't think that happened in the old days.