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  1. eliz83

    When Ya Know

    so happy for you!
  2. eliz83

    April in Review

    Heart rate training is an entirely different beast than regular training. I try to do it on days where my legs feel really beat and I need a nice, easy run. For me, it's required a lot of humility and being okay with walking recoveries to get that heart rate down, but I think overall it has advanced my fitness. Not sure it's something that would be helpful for you while you are marathon training, though. I suppose it really depends on what the goal is. I personally think it's most useful as an off-season conditioning tool. In any case, you are definitely on a comeback trail, and I for one am wicked excited to see what happens in June.
  3. Love all the wedding photos - thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about FIL, although sounds like he is in a better place now. Please give my condolences to Mrs. Dave. Glad running seems to be on track, despite all the craziness.
  4. I love this race schedule - so many fun things to look forward to. All-women races are my favorite to do (sorry guys), so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoy them! Can't wait to read about all these!
  5. eliz83

    Boston 2019

    silent but deadly. I desperately hope there is a blog out there somewhere about the awful fart another Boston runner 'ran' into.
  6. All of your posts really reflect how you've been running with a lot of joy lately and that makes me so happy for you! Congrats on a really well run race. That course IS tough!
  7. eliz83

    And Vacation Starts in 3...2...1!

    I'm so excited for the whole family! I'm especially excited as this is the one kid of yours I have actually met - please tell her congrats for me!
  8. eliz83

    Running Is Hard

    This was me when I was in my late 20's/early 30s so I'm really hoping I have the reverse happen as I age. One can dream, right?
  9. eliz83

    This is NOT a Stress Fracture!

    Take care of yourself, sir. You've come too far! Plz share pics of the wedding!
  10. Yay! So much happiness in this post!
  11. Reading these end of the month summaries is such inspiration for me - not only to keep getting after it, but also to look back on my month of training and recognize all my hard work!
  12. eliz83


    Whoop, whoop! How exciting! Here's to more weeks of running as much as you want!
  13. Congrats - I'm thrilled for you! I know the end of the last year was such a struggle so this is just such a joy to read.
  14. eliz83

    Look! I'm Running!

    Such a great bloop.
  15. Good job on the race. The best calf strengthening exercise is also the most basic one … calf raises. If you do a cycle of 3 where your toes are pointed in, straight and out, you'll hit all three muscles.
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