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  1. eliz83

    May (yes, May) in Review

    That cake was SO good, too.
  2. Two state records - amazing! Even more amazing - the combined 45 second pit stop and shoe tie.
  3. eliz83

    Keep showing up

    I've been enjoying doing most runs by time instead of mileage, sounds like you are, too!
  4. eliz83

    May (yes, May) in Review

    I normally don't do monthly reviews, but May was just such a special month that it deserved it's own highlight. And, the reason why I don't do monthly reviews is because it takes me a good 4 weeks to write one (I started this June 12th).I entered the month of May with high anticipation, lots of exciting things on the calendar. I was nearing the end of the best half marathon training cycle I'd ever had, and also nearing the end of 10 months of preparation for the biggest event of my life thus far: getting married.The wedding was probably a really great representation of me & the hubs. There was chaos and stress leading up to it, then a delightful & casual rehearsal dinner, a quiet & simple ceremony (with a few goofy moments) and then a reception that can only be described by the shrugging emoji. I learned that I am a terrible party planner and that I should just hire someone to do something on that scale in the future. <-- Hopefully I'll never have to do that again. So many friends and family helped out and I am forever grateful that they put up with me that weekend. If you want to see more wedding photos, check out the blog our photographer did. After the excitement of the wedding weekend, I came back into the office to catch up on emails, and found out I had been selected for a major national honor: the inaugural 40 Under 40 in Public Health list, selected by the de Beaumont Foundation. The list recognizes leaders in public health who are strengthening communities with new ideas, creative problem-solving, and innovative solutions, and I am so proud to be included in this year's list. The list of leaders and their accomplishments highlight the kinds of solutions and innovations that will be needed to improve the health of communities across the country. It's a thrill to be included among a group of public health professionals who embody the values to collaboration, creativity, and innovation that are so critical to advancing the field and improving health. All the honorees. Can you find me? I had to keep it a secret for a whole week, and when that announcement was finally made, I was able to turn my focus to the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Half Marathon, which I wrote about earlier. I smile thinking about how I smashed my previous PR by 7 minutes and now am hungry to do more, when less than a year ago I was questioning whether I ever wanted to do another half marathon. Funny how a little success after so much struggle can change things. All that hard work and it was finally time for my new husband (!!!) and I to go on our honeymoon. We spent a week at El Dorado Royale resort, nestled along the Carribean Sea between Cancun and Tulum, Mexico. This is absolutely a #nonsponsored recommendation, but we had a delightful time, the food was delicious and we felt so rested after that trip. Or, we would have, had we not been flying home the night a mile-wide tornado hit the area, left a shit ton of debris on the airport runway, and caused us to spend from midnight until 4 am in the Wichita airport. A 5AM arrival when you should have gotten home at 10PM the evening before isn't exactly restful. But I digress. Mother nature strikes again. Here are the two best photos that represent what we did on our trip: dressing up for dinner and lounging by the pool. That was May. I've decided it's my good luck month, because it's also the month I met my husband, got engaged, and even set on the path that lead me to my current career, hitting grad school on the way and, most relevant for this blog, running. I told my husband that I just might get an emerald birthstone ring, because this month has given me so much over the years. I still have 3 5k's to write about from June, so based on the timing of this, expect those in August 😂
  5. eliz83

    Summer Sucks.

    I can't believe you called sweet, sweet Abby a bitch.
  6. eliz83

    A Traditional 5K Performance

    These 5K RRs are my favorite. I'm amazed at how you remember the race in such great detail; I get done with a 5k and so much of it seems like a blur. Or maybe it's that I'm still getting used to racing that I don't have much of a strategy to reflect on post race. A trail marathon! Funny, I was just thinking this weekend that maybe I should do a trail marathon cuz 1)it would be easier on the joints and 2) it still keeps me at the 'one and only marathon' vow, cuz it's trails and that's totally different, right?
  7. I'm sorry you didn't reach your goal, but I totally agree you had every reason to go for it! You are right in being proud of this race - you put everything out there, including your heart and the marathon can't ask any more of you than that!
  8. Bugs in nature = cool. Bugs in my house = WHAT THE EFF THIS IS THE GROSSEST THING EVER
  10. Man, those views are amazing but that course sounds T-O-U-G-H! Way to gut it out!
  11. eliz83

    That Went Well

    It's so nice to read about a training week for you that has absolutely nothing hay-wire in it. Congrats! and Happy Father's Day.
  12. eliz83

    Updates that couldn't wait!

    I'm so glad you didn't wait to share this update! Can't wait to see how Grandma's goes for you!
  13. eliz83

    Who doesn't love a week off?

    I sort of like rolling hills. That course looks like it would suit me really well. But I am weird and like hills.
  14. Yeah, she's been pretty quiet as long as I switch up my terrain.
  15. Ha! I was excited at the time, but three weeks later, that has waned. Pleased as punch, for sure!
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