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  1. eliz83

    Just get both feet out the door - or so they say

    In the Year of Wonder Woman, I think I did 9 or 10 races, and it was a lot of fun! It also made me do races I probably normally would not have done, because I generally like to travel when I do a race. Hope this week is going better! I had a sort of off week last week, too, so I'm also in a "let's hit it!" mode.
  2. eliz83

    Boston - Week 2

    Definitely go with what makes your legs feel the best. Doubles are nice sometimes, but can also take a toll. I suppose you could always throw in a few doubles, see how you feel and then go back to singles if you just aren't recovering.
  3. eliz83

    And done.

    I have a similar problem with dreams.
  4. eliz83

    Getting Personal

    Girrrllll, I feel you! I can't tell you how many times I would get comments about when I was going to get married, cuz tick, tick, tick! It is so frustrating, and I catch myself making similar comments all the time. Now I'm woman enough to apologize and say it's none of my business. My biggest fear is these questions after future hubs and I get married and we are unable to have children. I've seen it so much with friends lately that it's weighed heavily on my mind. Have you looked into non-hormonal options for birth control? That was what I ended up doing after discovering hormonal birth control was triggering chronic migraines. Happy to share my experience, if you have questions!
  5. eliz83

    January ramblings

    What an exciting year ahead! Can't wait to follow along on the adventure.
  6. eliz83

    The case of the missing tablet.

    This story just further reinforces the thought that it is perfectly reasonable to only want a kindle reader, even though the only thing you can do is read books on it.
  7. eliz83

    Working off those biscuits

    I had the same delay in prepping for 5K training. I haven't been running as consistently as I needed to be, so I've had to work in a buildup of mileage for the training plan. It shaves about 2 weeks off of training, but I figure if I don't PR at my goal race, it's pretty easy (and relatively cheap), so sign up for another 5K a few weeks later. I miss City Park races!
  8. eliz83

    2018 Reflections and 2019 Goals

    Hehe, you wrote this and it had me thinking, maybe I should get certified in spin so I can take more spin classes, LOL. Looking forward to reading about all the exciting things you have planned!!!
  9. eliz83

    2018 Running Highlights

  10. eliz83

    It was Fun, 2018. 2019, Let’s See What You’ve Got

    Sounds like 2019 is the year of running happy. Can't wait.
  11. eliz83


    May we all run more in 2019.
  12. eliz83

    Peace out 2018, ready to #doepicshit in 2019!

    A roller coaster of a year, here's hoping for more highs than lows in 2019 for you!
  13. eliz83

    Coming Back to the Loop

    Welcome back and happy new year!
  14. eliz83

    Ups and Downs and Rainy Days

    +1 Dave. Here's to a fresh start for all of us in 2019!
  15. eliz83

    Looking Ahead to 2019

    We aren't using them until after the wedding, so it's not technically jumping the gun, right?? Congrats to Big Mac! And Jeff LOVES him - I can tell he misses him when he's not around, and when he is, Jeff is always in his lap now. Sometimes I get a little jealous, but only when it's really cold LOL