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  1. Fall weather is delightful. The mornings here are hinting at it, but this week summer has come back with a vengeance (90s all week), which guarantees my Tuesday night speed sessions last a good 30 minutes longer than I'd like because our coach is smart and gives us extra cool down time between components of the workout. I probably wouldn't mind if it wasn't a 30 minute drive home after. I'll be thinking of T-Rex!
  2. eliz83

    August Recap

    I'm sure that will come out on Instagram eventually. It's one at the beginning of December. Thought about New York, but I'm too cheap for that one, LOL. Don't worry, when I target a New York race (or NJ or CT), I'll let you know.
  3. eliz83

    August Recap

    I think you are going to have a solid race in NH! And thanks … the old one got to a point where we didn't feel comfortable using to take the M-IL to doc appointments, and the fix was more than it was worth, so time for a new one to "drive into the ground", as my husband would say.
  4. eliz83

    August Recap

    I love a run with a destination in mind!
  5. eliz83

    August Recap

    Total Mileage: 70.92In July, I tackled a Peloton Digital challenge, where you did a workout using the Peloton App every day. This could be any of their available on-demand classes: spin, running, strength, yoga, stretching or meditation. I managed to eek out a 'W' on this challenge, even though some of the workouts were done at 11:30pm that day. It was fun, but reminded me that being attached to any type of digital workout every single day is just too much for me; I need to be able to do my own thing in my own time. I suppose this is why the Beachbody or Daily Burn programs never worked out for me but I can spend 18 weeks training for a marathon.*shrug*Speaking of, I decided to start training for a marathon. Did I mention that already? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go back and look. I haven't signed up for it yet; I'm testing the waters with a half marathon in October and then we will see where I'm at. In the meantime, I'm enjoying following a hybrid of Peloton's marathon training program (guided outdoor runs and strength sessions) and doing whatever the hell I want. I've also joined a late summer/fall speed session group, which meets on Tuesdays and have been enjoying getting in quality workouts where I "keep myself honest" on speed. I often surprise myself with how hard I am able to push while sustaining a pace. What this means for race days, I'm still not sure yet, but there is time to figure that out.Favorite workout:August 27: a speed session workout that included drills, hill repeats, & some light strength before we hit the meat of the workout: a 14 minute 'race simulation' on one of the local HS tracks. The workout was built like so:1:00 hard/1:00 recover - 1:10 hard/ :50 recover - 1:20 hard/ :40 recover - 1:30 hard/ :30 recover - 1:40 hard/ :20 recover - 1:50 hard/ :10 recover - 2:00 hardI was tired and told myself I wasn't going to push at 2 mile pace like suggested, but then the workout started, and I ended up with two rabbits. I ended up passing said rabbits a little over halfway through the workout and had one more rabbit, who I passed on the 10 second recovery (talk about the fastest 10 seconds of my life) and then passed me back because I had no rabbit to keep me going fast, LOL. I didn't pay attention to my splits, but was happily surprised with the paces when I looked at them later: 7:50 - 8:08 - 7:54 - 7:51 - 7:55 - 8:33 (when I passed rabbits) - 9:06 (had no rabbit)I also set a 1 mile PR during the first half of this workout and learned that rabbits are super helpful for keeping my pace honest.Favorite Long run: Oddly enough, the 8 miler where 1) I got lost cuz I missed one of the turns for the group run and 2) got hungry enough that my stomach started grumbling. This was also the run where it started to down pour a quarter mile before I was back at the finish. In that time I was fully soaked, squishy shoes and all. These moments aside, the run just felt good.I've started running back to back days on Saturdays and Sundays, which so far MJ has been tolerating. I still have low impact (re: recovery) spin classes I can take on the recovery days I don't feel like running, which I did do once because I just needed to give my knees a break. With my favorite crushed gravel trail out of commission due to the spring flooding along the Missouri River and my favorite local track under construction, I am hitting concrete and pavement much more than I usually do. MJ and my knees are feeling it. Here's hoping I can stretch and strengthen enough to keep them happy. Header photo: from August's trip to the zoo in Omaha, NE. What was your favorite run in August?
  6. eliz83

    Reviewing August

    "the longest 30 seconds of your life" made me literally LOL - funny how the opposite can also be true if there is only 30 seconds of recovery! I had a workout last week where the work time got longer and the rest time got shorter and by 30 seconds, I was wondering if our coach was counting properly (he was).
  7. You are right, you don't want to do a race undertrained, unless it's like a 5 or a 10K. I support this deferral 100%. That's so exciting about grad school! It was my favorite time in life AND one of the most pivotal! I was also 24-25-26, so you know, it was probably more the age thing than the grad school thing. I digress. This is worthless information for you. +1 Sarah on running. It's there however you need it.
  8. My go-to running Halloween costume is a fork in the road (gray shirt with a white or yellow line down the middle & a plastic fork stitched on it) or a copy cat (cat ears & a shirt that says "copy").
  9. eliz83

    Don't know what this is.

    Sometimes, you just have an off day. And if you feel like you need extra sleep, then I say get it, if life allows for it!
  10. Course PRs always feel so good!
  11. eliz83

    It was Hell. Literally.

    It's an odd feeling when you personally have a crap race but still wind up with an AG award. Hopefully September brings cooler temps and a better gauge for pacing in October.
  12. eliz83

    I bought a treadmill.

    Maybe one day Mrs. Dave will wake up and discover she likes it after all.
  13. eliz83


    I was wondering how the heart rate training was going - seems like it's going well! Do you think it has been helping?
  14. eliz83

    Sorta scary.

    I'm glad you are still able to get out there and run! 80s and any type of humidity sound like a dream down here, haha
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