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  1. eliz83

    RR: The 2020 Run Thru Hell

    Well, done, Dave! I'm sure it was amazing to put a bib on and toe the line.
  2. Well done! The Leawood Labor Day 5K is happening, although can't tell if it's certified by the race website.
  3. eliz83

    I love Colorado.

    Although I didn't enjoy living in Denver, I do love visiting it! Glad you had a good time.
  4. eliz83

    In a pandemic time warp

    I can't remember the last time I posted. Was it March? April? I've been in a time warp since mid-March, so it's hard to remember anything anymore. I think the last monthly recap I did was February, so that's fun. Although my employer (local health department) is on the front lines of COVID, I can't say that I'm necessarily on those lines. The epidemiologists, disease investigators, and contact tracers are on those lines, as well as our environmental health folks, who have been tasked with enforcement of emergency orders. I sort of think of my colleagues as the offensive and defensive lines, while I am on special teams. I get more breaks, but hot damn, we've all had a lot of playing time the past 4 months. In Loop-relevant life, I sat out of running most of April due to severe allergies that would often lead to sinus migraines. Thankfully, I had invested in a spin bike, so got in lots of indoor miles, with some yoga & strength. Of course, I still managed to gain what some call the quarantine 10; I call it the pandemic 10 because I was still going into the office daily & didn't necessarily feel quarantined. May came around and I was able to increase my running outside, and continued more running through June. I joined in a few virtual races, including a "team relay" across Missouri. I forced myself back into a workout routine, setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier to escape the heat as much as possible and to get a workout in earlier in the day. It was a great decision. I was averaging 15-20 miles a week, doing some speed workouts occasionally, and I have been slowly running off the pandemic 10 (in addition to cleaning up my diet a little bit). We escaped to the country over the July 4th weekend to visit my parents, who I hadn't seen since Christmas. That was really nice. Plus, there were no fireworks to be heard anywhere, and it was a relief to not have Jeff the dog freaking out every two seconds while the neighbors do their crazy show. Last week, I had started a new routine, only to be interrupted by not feeling well. COVID rapid test says "not it!" but I know they have a high false negative rate, so I have been adhering to the isolation recommendations and am very excited that today is the last day of that. Still feel "off" but did a two mile run yesterday morning with no impact on my energy levels throughout the day, which makes me happy. As for future plans ... yeah. Have none. Been joining a running group occasionally that is taking lots of COVID precautions, which makes my public health self very happy. Having new routes every 3rd Saturday has been a delight, and it's just nice to change up the routine. Peloton is having a "Pelothon" for the next month or something, which involves joining a team (#LegendsofFun, anyone?) and taking classes from the instructors who are the team leads. Two of the instructors have outdoor guided runs, so glad I can participate in this and also not feel like I have to give up running outside. This will have me adding in more yoga, which is a good thing. Maybe those hamstrings will finally be like supple leopards by the end of this. In other news, I passed the due date I had been given for last year's pregnancy, which was a relief. I took the day off, watched both Princess Diaries and wrote a letter. The day after, I felt so much better. I hadn't realized how much I had hung onto that date until it had passed. Now, we are heading into the last month of not being pregnant before we have to reach out to a doctor. While expected - I am 37 after all - there are some underlying emotions I find hard to explain at the moment. I decided this morning that I just as well commit to getting as healthy as possible (note I said healthy, not fit or ripped or anything else), because that can only be beneficial. So here's to cooking fresh meals, working up a sweat, well-rounded workouts, and keeping that mind clear. What goals are keeping you focused in a world of no races?
  5. eliz83

    Odds and ends

    I've been told by multiple sources that building & home improvement projects have gone through the roof since COVID. Guess staying home makes one really not like their house. Anyway, the point is, entirely possible HD is just out of the pickets.
  6. eliz83

    Joyful June

    LOL your phone response. Mentally making a note of that one for when I have middle-schoolers. I'm so happy for you that you are back to running. I can feel your joy jumping out from this post!
  7. eliz83

    Five Days a Week

    If the body is holding up, then why not?
  8. Here's to more running and less biking - although those Peloton classes are amazing, aren't they??
  9. Your cycling is impressive. My road bike has mostly sat in the garage for the past 4 years because 1) I'm not entirely comfortable on it and 2) cycling in Kansas City is very scary to me. I do love my spin bike, though and also enjoy the Peloton classes!
  10. eliz83

    Don't Drink and Blog

    I needed a great read like this today. Thank you.
  11. eliz83

    Racing in a Costume

    That last line had me giggling - thanks for that!
  12. OMG that finisher medal is amazing! Well done.
  13. eliz83

    Birthday Silliness

    I totally would have come out and cheered you on, too. Happy Belated Birthday!
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