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  1. eliz83

    Week 6: Diagnosis & Recovery Plan

    That is so cool!!! What a compliment/honor and such perfect timing!
  2. eliz83

    New gear. Running! 2:01:39.

    How about Tom?
  3. eliz83

    Plaza 10K: "I'm either going to have a huge PR or a huge blow up"

    Dannnnnnng, Sara, that's amazing!
  4. eliz83

    Baby steps.

    Better let Mrs. Dave know your legs are gonna look soooo goooooooood when all those exercises kick in.
  5. eliz83

    August In Pictures & Loopfest 2019?

    Ah, the Iowa State Fair. I spent every summer I can remember there growing up (we were the people with the sheep in the neon spandex).
  6. eliz83

    Week 4 Complete: Shin Splints?

    If I recall correctly, @SIbbetson has a really good foam roller exercise that knocks out shin splints. Glad the race went well, though!
  7. eliz83

    Summer Training Update

    Oh, MRS B DONATED A KIDNEY, NBD. She is a saint and just put all your training to shame. 😀
  8. eliz83

    The Amazing Amanda.

    I saw Infinity War with only having seen parts of the first Ironman, all of Civil War (horrible) and all of Black Panther (amazing). I still knew what was up, and still cried when appropriate. Because I hated Civil War so much, I basically refuse to watch any movie that focuses on Ironman or Captain America because now I think they are just buttheads that don't deserve my time.
  9. eliz83

    You may want to skip this one.

    Ugh, I'm so sorry, Dave. I've felt this frustration before and I wish I had some words of wisdom, but there are none. It just plain sucks.
  10. eliz83

    July in Review

    I love reading your monthly recaps. They always inspire me to put in the work on whatever training I happen to be doing - which, this summer has been mostly strength training and working up the courage to invest in a spinning bike because I saw how much it increased my fitness this spring.
  11. eliz83

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    Congrats on a fantastic race weekend!
  12. eliz83

    Well. Hello, Monday.

  13. PS - I've decided to really go after the 5K. So if you wanna see who can knock off the most of their 5K PR in a specific time frame, I'm game for a little competition!
  14. The best thing about running is that it will be there when you decide to come back - and it won't be hurt if you don't come back right away or at all. And all I hear about Boston is how everyone has shitty races, so do you really wanna pay that much to have a shitty race when you could have a great race somewhere else?? 😉 Seriously, though, just do what is right for you. Love that picture of Jules and Mr. Peg.
  15. eliz83

    Ups and downs. 3 miles and some hurt. Other stuff.

    Glad you called the doc. Fingers crossed.