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  1. eliz83

    Life During Wartime

    Our metro is under a stay-at-home order, but I still come into the office. The silver lining is traffic has been non-existent for the past week. Thanks for your due diligence in flattening the curve. Your resident public health official is very grateful.
  2. eliz83

    A Week of (Social) Distance

    Why not a loop mini Olympics, and that lets everyone do a variety of distances and you don't have to calculate equivalent race times. On the track: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1 mile On the road: 5K 10K 13.1
  3. eliz83


    Glad you had a good weekend in Atlanta! Surprised the expo was go-hum, but then again, sounded like most of the focus was on hosting trials athletes so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised? Hope you continue to feel better - those spring colds are no joke and I’m not even talking about coronavirus!
  4. eliz83

    Here's an Idea.

    No, it's not on par with ebola, but we do expect that it is at least twice as deadly as a really bad flu season - and the potential overload to the health care system is the scary part. Also add that we know exactly how to deal with ebola, when to test for it, when to not test for it, and with this one, well, there's a lot we don't know. That's why public health officials are getting out of hand. Hopefully though, in time people will look back and say "What was all the fuss about?" <--- That. For you to ask that question. That is what all the fuss is about. That means we did our job correctly. Also the 20% funding cut to CDC didn't help matters, but that's a discussion for another time. Hope Mrs. Dave stays safe! Those tempo miles are looking good, sir!
  5. eliz83

    Low Miles, High Cross Training

    I believe it! You always build so much strength and endurance during marathon training.
  6. eliz83

    Low Miles, High Cross Training

    That's a great tradition. The heart is supposed to look like two pieces of those BFF heart necklaces. It was the husband's idea, so I go with it.
  7. Miles ran: 38.72 Miles on the spin bike: 27.51 Minutes cross training: 252 I can't decide if I am pleased with February or not. I relied heavily on my Orangetheory workouts to get my weekday running mileage in, which has not been very effective. While I do believe I am building strength and speed, it's not a great substitute for getting the miles in and good ol' MJ is feeling it after the long runs. Thankfully the weather is changing and the days are getting longer so running outside doesn't feel miserable and unsafe. I'm targeting an April half marathon, but didn't realize it was Easter weekend, and with COVID-19 lurking at every state's doorstep, I wonder, do I want to travel right now? Then I remembered the husband and I booked a return to our honeymoon destination so I guess that means I do want to travel right now. I feel more like myself again with each passing day. I hop on the bike, lace up the shoes, roll out a mat and/or pull out the weights most days each week, and that makes me happy. I realized the other day that my easy run pace is floating back to where it was last fall, "before everything", as I often say. I'm also discovering that I really never focused on re-activating my hip flexor after surgery. When I wasn't racing, and just running because it was lovely, it wasn't a big deal - seemed easier to avoid anything that would aggravate it. Now that is no longer acceptable, so thankfully I have Emily Infield's Instagram to follow where she shows continued recovery from her own hip scope and I'm pulling nuggets from the strength and rehab posts she shares. All of this makes me think I may want to refocus on the 5K again. I want to be able to push myself, and really focus in on speed. This naturally makes the 5K distance seem like the obvious choice. Also, it seems like far less commitment than a half marathon or longer, even though I'm well aware it's equal effort or more. But, we will see. For now, I'm happily logging miles and enjoying the return of sunshine for extended periods of time. Favorite workout: Orangetheory Tornado, where you rotate between tread, rower, and weights, staying at each station no more than 4 minutes at a time. It was a sweatfest and very satisfying. Favorite Long Run: A 7 miler that was the longest run since everything last fall. Somehow, reaching the full mile past a 10K mark always feels significant to me. Perhaps it's because I'm on the slower side and this is nearly 90 minutes of running for me at long run pace and 90 minutes just feels good. And it did. Photo dump: We tried Every Plate meal prep service for a few weeks and found some tasty recipes. Jeff went to the doggie dentist and was pretty zoned out for about 12 hours. Sorta funny, but also never putting him under anesthesia again unless it's absolutely necessary. BFF Pizza for Valentine's Day with the hubs How was your February? Anyone else do the heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day?
  8. eliz83


    I've really enjoyed your 2:45 and beyond project, too and I'm so glad it's been getting some good attention! Keep us updated on the hip, fingers crossed it isn't a torn labrum (although I can recommend an excellent surgeon at KU who trained under mine and does those surgeries for Royals players).
  9. eliz83

    Decision Made, Plans Laid

    I bet it feels good to have a race on the schedule! I was furious when the trials got interrupted.
  10. eliz83

    Graceful....As Ever...

    I think Dave fainted when he read about your 21 mile TM run.
  11. eliz83

    Closing in

    Sounds like you are juggling all your balls pretty well! Love the snowy photos!
  12. eliz83

    January Recap

    I did opt out when I signed up! They ask your preferred form of communication and they still texted me with pure marketing messaging, nothing relevant to class. I corrected them once (which is all it should take in my opinion), and they kept doing it. And quite frankly, I can get the same results with a $10 a month community center membership and Peloton's online bootcamp classes and no one is telling me I am on a journey to more life.
  13. eliz83

    To flu or not to flu.

    I am so used to doing out and backs that I rarely do any planning for a run anymore. Hope you and Mrs. Dave feel better soon! The flu is no joke this year.
  14. eliz83

    January Recap

    I was SO annoyed!
  15. For a second, I thought there was a triangle on the beach waiting for you and appreciated Bermuda's sense of humor. Should have known LOL.
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