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  1. eliz83

    Look! I'm Running!

    Such a great bloop.
  2. Good job on the race. The best calf strengthening exercise is also the most basic one … calf raises. If you do a cycle of 3 where your toes are pointed in, straight and out, you'll hit all three muscles.
  3. It's hard to have a grandparent pass away at this age. The future hubs' last living grandparent passed earlier this week, so I understand that it's just hard. Hope there are lots of great memories that were shared. Bummer about Moab - only cuz I was excited for you to experience one of their race (SO well run!). Hope you are enjoying the run again.
  4. Nice humble brag about your running surroundings there. In all seriousness, though, glad things are coming together.
  5. eliz83

    The quest.

    My mom ended up with a navy jumpsuit. She tried it on and loved it, but then decided to wait to see 1) if she would find something else or 2) it would go on sale. Six weeks later, she was in a panic, so I just went back to Dillard's and it became her Christmas present. I'm sure she and Mrs. Dave will tie for the best non-matronly dresses MOB's ever.
  6. eliz83

    What are you waiting for?

    Enjoy Moab! I wish it was closer so I could do more of their races. They have great course support and just do a nice job overall.
  7. eliz83

    Snow Busted

    It must just be the KC-itian in me, but I prefer rolling hills to flat. I suck at flat.
  8. eliz83

    "Workin' On A Mystery..."

    5k training is absolutely delightful and I hope you will think the same! Trail running is also delightful - the closest good trails are a solid 30-40 minute drive for me, so I don't get to do it as often as I used to. Hope you enjoy it. And, BTW, you can find some really technical, hard shorter distance trail races to that I think you would find equally exciting and challenging.
  9. My dad ended up with a charcoal gray suit that has very light pinstriping. I've been using some of my treadmill runs to do more focused heart rate training. Takes a lot of humility to run based on HR, it's not easy to do, so kudos to you for staying humble. Sorry I wasn't able to participate this year. Had company that weekend, and didn't think a TM run should count.
  10. That Nuun athlete profile looks pretty darn good! All those outdoor miles are making me feel like a whimp, although if I was running that far, there'd be no way I'd do it on a treadmill, either.
  11. eliz83


    The sidewalks here are still so touch and go that my Sunday Runday club has started taking their runs to the nearby caves. Friday is supposed to be nice, but again, sidewalks so I'm not sure if I'll get an outdoor run in for the Snowbuster or not. Sunday it's a high of 12 and there won't be hardly any snow on the ground, so you know I'll absolutely refuse to run outside. 😂
  12. I'm fairly certain at my gym I'm the "sticks her butt up in the air to untie her shoes" woman, but I'm really just trying to stretch my hamstrings while untying my shoes. Always double-tasking LOL bRUNch sounds like SO much fun! I wish KC had something like that!
  13. … I never stopped using threasy. Now I feel like I was uncool for awhile ….
  14. eliz83

    Grinding it Out

    If I remember correctly, you've had phenomenal training cycles in the past and then had a crap race. So I'm taking this as an early sign that you are going to have an AMAZING run come race day.
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