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  1. HoosierJill

    I did a thing

    Yay on doing the thing!!! Also, glad your dad doesn't have cancer!
  2. HoosierJill


    Yo!!! Welcome!! Long time Loopster, long-time since I've blooped. Glad you're joining in on all the shenanigans!
  3. HoosierJill

    A good morning

    My black dog practically melts in the summer. His thin black coat gets really hot to the touch in the sun. I can only imagine how hot your sweet GP gets, what with all that fur! Sounds like a wonderful morning.
  4. Look at you, running like a boss on No training! Watching two babies has to be exhausting. I've heard the best part about being a grandparent is that you get to give them back and get a good night of sleep! Congratulastions!
  5. Doing it with Loopsters is the way to run a 50 miler. I did, and it was the best (only) 50 miler ever!!!
  6. I used both eyes. I use the patch when my eyeball gets tired of working. ps: I don't recommend driving with an eyepatch on. Or bending over--your depth perception isn't the best.
  7. I prefer to be called wench, thankyouverymuch. And I was totally asleep for it, so it didn't hurt a bit! Fun fact: They peel the white of your eye back to get to your eye muscles. Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit.
  8. I read that many many MANY moons ago. And then had to watch the movie (which is never as good as the book). I went to Savannah a few years ago, but chose to run along a rice field instead of touring downtown. I was dehydrated, the temps were 80* and humidity was 1000%. I regretted my choice.
  9. What's wrong with being a slow runner? And as a curly-haired girl, I get you. Of course in the 90s when curly hair was big, mine was naturally straight so I had to get perms. Now that straight hair is in, I have to straighten it. Well, not anymore. But you know. Cross-fit. That's awesome!! That'll make you stronger for your next race!
  10. Howdy Loopsters!!! Wow, this is so easy! Thanks Dave for getting this going. You da best! So let's see. I did my first 100k last month. Woodstock. Everything that could go right did go right. It was so easy and I stayed positive the whole time! Weird! Anyways, I took a few weeks off, then ran a few, then had eyeball surgery last Friday. I just ran my first post-op run. It was kinda hard! On my run I saw the two neighborhood zebras that make appearances at a little horsey paddock once in a while. They must be babysitting. Zebrasitting? I didnt have my phone, so since there are no pics, it might not have happened. My next race is rnr Savannah Marathon in November with some local RBs. Heress a pic of my pirate eye. Arrrrr! I don't have to weear the patch but it helps once in a while. I can't wait to actually read some bloops again!
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