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  1. HoosierJill

    I did a thing

    Yay on doing the thing!!! Also, glad your dad doesn't have cancer!
  2. HoosierJill


    Yo!!! Welcome!! Long time Loopster, long-time since I've blooped. Glad you're joining in on all the shenanigans!
  3. HoosierJill

    A good morning

    My black dog practically melts in the summer. His thin black coat gets really hot to the touch in the sun. I can only imagine how hot your sweet GP gets, what with all that fur! Sounds like a wonderful morning.
  4. Look at you, running like a boss on No training! Watching two babies has to be exhausting. I've heard the best part about being a grandparent is that you get to give them back and get a good night of sleep! Congratulastions!
  5. Doing it with Loopsters is the way to run a 50 miler. I did, and it was the best (only) 50 miler ever!!!
  6. I used both eyes. I use the patch when my eyeball gets tired of working. ps: I don't recommend driving with an eyepatch on. Or bending over--your depth perception isn't the best.
  7. I prefer to be called wench, thankyouverymuch. And I was totally asleep for it, so it didn't hurt a bit! Fun fact: They peel the white of your eye back to get to your eye muscles. Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit.
  8. I read that many many MANY moons ago. And then had to watch the movie (which is never as good as the book). I went to Savannah a few years ago, but chose to run along a rice field instead of touring downtown. I was dehydrated, the temps were 80* and humidity was 1000%. I regretted my choice.
  9. What's wrong with being a slow runner? And as a curly-haired girl, I get you. Of course in the 90s when curly hair was big, mine was naturally straight so I had to get perms. Now that straight hair is in, I have to straighten it. Well, not anymore. But you know. Cross-fit. That's awesome!! That'll make you stronger for your next race!
  10. HoosierJill

    Zebras and the Pirate!

    Howdy Loopsters!!! Wow, this is so easy! Thanks Dave for getting this going. You da best! So let's see. I did my first 100k last month. Woodstock. Everything that could go right did go right. It was so easy and I stayed positive the whole time! Weird! Anyways, I took a few weeks off, then ran a few, then had eyeball surgery last Friday. I just ran my first post-op run. It was kinda hard! On my run I saw the two neighborhood zebras that make appearances at a little horsey paddock once in a while. They must be babysitting. Zebrasitting? I didnt have my phone, so since there are no pics, it might not have happened. My next race is rnr Savannah Marathon in November with some local RBs. Heress a pic of my pirate eye. Arrrrr! I don't have to weear the patch but it helps once in a while. I can't wait to actually read some bloops again!
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