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  1. What a beautiful run! And I love the baby bump pic.
  2. That view is amazing! I'm jealous. Not jealous of the gnats though, definitely the worst!
  3. From all the stories you guys share, Marshall does sound like such an amazing race. Someday I hope to run it.
  4. MeganKate

    A good morning

    You are such an amazing dog owner!
  5. MeganKate


    Well hello there new Loop. MK here. I was a regular around the old Loop parts oohhh 5+ years ago... but that was seriously a lifetime ago. I'm sure I'm more likely an unfamiliar face nowadays than a familiar one, but I'm hoping to get back at it. Although, as much as I'd like to contribute more often, I will probably be sticking more so to a lurker status, as running has taken a huge backseat to life. Right now, this is my current status: He won't let me put him down, but I'm learning he's totally fine with me typing while holding him. #MomLife, am I right?
  6. I loved following your Ironman journey and I look forward to following your 100 mile journey too! You have always been a huge inspiration to me. PS. I miss you! When my life settles down, lets get together.
  7. You are so right, grief is hard and confusing. I'm so sorry that you have to experience it, and I'm sending you so much love. I know how hard it is to lose a parent, and how hard it is to go through every new milestone without them. But gosh your wedding pictures are absolutely stunning! Congrats! I'm hoping to keep popping into this new loop and looking forward to following your comeback.
  8. MeganKate

    Checking In

    Happy birthday to you and early birthday to your babies (I had no idea you all had b-days so close)! Sending you so much love for your dad and prayers for good news on Wednesday. As you know, I totally understand how scary that is. My username has always been super boring, too, but I figured it might be easiest to keep it. Plus, I have no creativity right now. =)
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