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  1. I will have to look in the drawers and ponder the "shirt of shame." But I surely loved my Dia de los Loopsters shirt. And the original yellow shirt was magical.
  2. Thank you, KRG. Doc says it's a "tendon flare-up" - we'll see.
  3. Way to go! I love (1) a good race report, (2) a woman beating all the guys, (3) your down-to-earth perspective of how it went, and (4) your mentions of next time (pretty sure next year you'll be under 1:20!)
  4. gdionelli

    Apple Pie Anyone??

    But did you have pie for Thanksgiving? Seriously, it's nice to here a positive story of return from injury!
  5. Skipping ahead to the next bloop is not an option, because it's my Debbie Downer bloop. Somehow we're both of us going to get healed. But if you find the secret to navigating the medical system let me know!
  6. I wish the ❤️ was a "love" instead of a "like" on this thing. I know you'll make the most of your second half century.
  7. Thanks, TreeGirl - I know you are!
  8. a capella??? I had the finest hillbilly backup band behind me!
  9. Somehow, despite my best efforts at willpower, I can't resist a garbo mandate. So here I am. Nothing to see here, however. Injury after injury, all involving left foot. This time I was working slowly back to running, doing intervals of one minute run, one and a half minutes walk, and did a 5k that way in early November (PW of 45 minutes, but I was kind of excited to think it was a beginning.) Woke up the next morning in pain (surgical ankle) and am now going through the familiar routine of waiting a month for a doctor's appointment. Probably to be followed by a month in a boot or a cast be
  10. That's cocomero, to a Moose.
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