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  1. gdionelli

    Taking a Breather

    Sorry about the foot pain. I feel your pain - yes, I really do.
  2. gdionelli

    I do what I'm told

    Far from it!
  3. gdionelli

    Wake Me up When October Ends

    I'm so sorry you went through this. That's all I can say.
  4. gdionelli

    Renew my membership

    If it were in my power to award you pie I would do so.
  5. gdionelli

    I do what I'm told

    I feel your pain about injuries and running. But you surely haven't lost your touch when it comes to entertaining writing.
  6. gdionelli

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    It's kind of hard to want to write when one is perpetually injured. I keep thinking the comeback has started, and a bloop will be forthcoming, only to have my hopes dashed again. But I do lurk. And admire you for your relentless forward motion and your dedication to writing about it and the quality of your writing!
  7. gdionelli

    Boston 2019

    Thanks for the vicarious race! I'm wondering who ended up with a duct tape "B" on the bottom of a shoe. Great job enjoying the experience without stressing about time - the best way to run.
  8. gdionelli

    Getting Personal

    We were pretty sure even before we married that we didn't want kids, and never wavered in that conviction. I didn't have many people pressure me but one of the most annoying was a physician in a walk-in clinic where I'd gone for an ear infection. "Do you have children?" "Well, why not?" "Women really should have children." (I might add, he was from another culture, I don't remember what. But even then, he probably had gone to med school in this country and lived here a while.) I told him pretty bluntly it was none of his business. And then, after all that, he asked me if I was in the market for a primary physician - like I'd go to him. NOT. You sound to me very sensible about it all - but then, there are so many people who can't trust women - or couples - to make their own decisions.
  9. gdionelli

    A slow return?

    Garlic Gu is a scary thought!
  10. gdionelli

    A slow return?

    Well, of course I'm in moonshine territory, but I'll raise a glass back to you! Taking inspiration, of course, from your return from your oh-so-dramatic injury!
  11. gdionelli

    A slow return?

    Thanks, Carol! I've had so many false starts that I hardly dare hope...but 2019 IS a new year!
  12. gdionelli

    A slow return?

    Thanks, Gwen. Baby steps, indeed, but I'll take 'em!
  13. gdionelli

    A slow return?

    I just might be getting back to running. As I type I am stopping frequently to knock on wood, cross myself, eat raw garlic, etc. - whatever will prevent me from jinxing myself. The new wide Hoka Gaviotas have greatly improved my foot's quality of life, especially with the help some of you gave me with lacing strategies. The combination of Lydiard and crossover lacing , and then heel lock lacing seems to be doing the trick. Early last week I did a trial two minutes on the treadmill, just to see if it hurt and how I recovered. Apparently I survived, because the next day I was at it again, doing a whole whopping four minutes, in one minute run/one minute walk intervals. Two days later I did nine one minute intervals... I told you this was a slow return. Not only was I really cautious about the injury, and worried about my new gait, but my fitness was, and is, pretty lousy. My daily half-hour on the stationary bike hasn't done much to get me in running shape. An outing to the park resulted in 12 minutes actual running, and then this past Tuesday, 14, all the running intervals at about an 11 minute pace. I dusted off my Garmin, looked at my splits, and determined that I could "run" a 5K if I did about 18 1:00/1:30 run/walk intervals. And so I Turkey-Trotted. I set the Garmin for run/walk alerts and ruthlessly followed my plan. Did it in 17 intervals, not 18. This particular race was my very last one, three years ago, before I got injured, so it was rough being there and being unable to really run, but I focused on the positive. I was there, my time was "only" ten minutes longer than three years ago, I was actually a bit quicker than my Tuesday trial run, it was my first run back on pavement. My toe was only slightly annoyed with me by the end, and I wore the evil orthotics the rest of the day to give it a break. Seemed to work. I have ordered an extra pair of the Hokas - thank goodness for the Running Warehouse pikermi discount! The new model hits stores December 1st so the old ones are almost unavailable now in the wide width. I may like the new model, but you know how it is - there's that fear they'll mess up a great shoe by redesigning it. I've never had a new model that was an actual improvement on the old. I still have issues - the surgical ankle still swells a bit, even though surgery was two years ago. And running in the rocker soles is very different. I was a forefoot striker before, but now that is the thing that I am supposed to avoid. Running this way tightens up my calves, and I also find it to be very noisy. Or maybe that's just the shoes, or the extra weight I have acquired from not running. Regardless, I still hope to prove wrong the many, and I mean many, people who've told me I should just give up the idea of running. I know you all understand! No dancing banana yet...but maybe a toe-tapping grape.
  14. Congrats again! I surely wish I had been cheering you on! Way to go on your pacing! We have a recurring problem with those muddy spots on the trail, and since I am usually running it regularly I pester the park maintenance folks to get them filled in before the marathon. But because I've been on the DL I didn't see them ahead of time and didn't think about it. Come back next year and we'll have them fixed! The crushed limestone I can't help you with, however. The surface is great for one's joints, but the downside is those little rocks. I'm just starting back to running, with new shoes, and so far I haven't had an issue with the rocks. Please come again, and this time we'll organize some real Loop hospitality! (Notice the football in my profile pic!)
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