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  1. gdionelli

    Big news!

    If ever I have a "Big news" bloop, it will be in all caps. But congrats - sounds really encouraging! Maybe I need to name my foot...
  2. gdionelli

    Jim vs. Gwen Race 3

    This is just so great. I'm glad I happened upon it, since I so rarely visit this joint these days. You're a wonderful friend and competitor.
  3. gdionelli

    Lacing help, anyone?

    Thank you, Gonzo. I'm working now with both Carissa's idea of mixing & matching and the heel lock lacing. I think I'm just not patient enough about trying to find the perfect balance of loose here and tight there. I've actually used different combos on each foot for years, but it's looking like I'm going to end up with MORE symmetrical feet now!
  4. gdionelli

    Lacing help, anyone?

    Thank you, Carissa! I hadn't thought of Lydiard lacing for the toebox area. I've been skipping an eyelet, however, for more room on that foot. I will try this. And thanks for the site link.
  5. gdionelli

    Lacing help, anyone?

    Wow - this is excellent! Thank you!
  6. gdionelli

    Lacing help, anyone?

    This is probably a terrible time to post, because so many of you are running exciting and big races tomorrow. But I'm just going to put this out there, and maybe someone will spot it and help me out. After four podiatrists, an ankle surgery, many months of PT, and four pairs of custom orthotics I've still got a toe problem, with no help in sight. BUT I decided to try a wide width rocker soled shoe, because that is something that shows up in recommendations for sesamoiditis (my current problem, probably set off by change of gait resulting from the ankle problem). I bought the Hoka Gaviotas in the D width, and lo, and behold, they do seem to help. Better than the stupid inserts, anyway. But I'm having trouble lacing them tightly enough around the ankle, because the width seems to extend to the ankle - it's not just in the toe box. Can anyone point me to a site that would give me some lacing techniques to deal with that? I've tried heel lock lacing, but maybe I'm just not doing it right - either I get it so tight it hurts, or the shoes are loose. I'm afraid to try to start running in them, unless they feel secure on my foot. I'm having trouble imagining running in such a rigid shoe anyway, but I'm desperate - I'll try anything! Good luck to all you fasties!
  7. gdionelli

    A Week of Running Adventures.

    Thanks, Dave. I'm trying to have some hope. It's been three years since my last half, and I haven't stopped trying to get my foot fixed...I hope your running continues to progress.
  8. gdionelli

    You may want to skip this one.

    I feel your pain, Dave.
  9. gdionelli

    Knee 4, Dave 1

    Sorry, Dave. I'm at two years and counting. Hope things will be different for you.
  10. gdionelli

    the last refuge of a scoundrel

    So this is where you're hanging out? I don't enjoy having to come look for you.
  11. gdionelli

    Well. Hello, Monday.

    I feel your pain. My life is kinda like that right now.
  12. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    I have had a mild neuroma. Didn't have custom orthotics, but did put a neuroma pad under the insole - and it DID help. I'm on the verge of ditching the orthotics altogether. I did think about getting a bigger pair of shoes to accommodate the orthotics under the insoles, but dang it - who's to know if that will work? And I'm getting tired of spending money on stuff that doesn't work!
  13. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    I'm glad it finally worked! Mine is actually a relatively mild case - at this point. I don't want it getting any worse!
  14. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    So the strategy worked for him? I feel like my month in the boot was wasted because I should have gone straight from it to the orthotics. But after I got out it was almost 3 months before I received the first pair. I can put up with these orthotics if there's a good hope they will fix the problem. Thanks, OC!
  15. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Don't apologize - I asked for comments. My orthotics, the ones that put me in MORE pain, were designed to distribute the force to the arch. When that didn't work he went the other direction - transferring the force to the non-affected metatarsals. That DID work, when he accomplished it by sticking pads that he'd cut with scissors onto the bottom of the shoe insert. So then he ordered the second pair of orthotics - but they seem to combine the two approaches. I also think that they don't "closely conform" to my arch - the arch of the insert seems to me to be too far back, with a lump under the beginning of my heel pad.