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  1. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    I have had a mild neuroma. Didn't have custom orthotics, but did put a neuroma pad under the insole - and it DID help. I'm on the verge of ditching the orthotics altogether. I did think about getting a bigger pair of shoes to accommodate the orthotics under the insoles, but dang it - who's to know if that will work? And I'm getting tired of spending money on stuff that doesn't work!
  2. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    I'm glad it finally worked! Mine is actually a relatively mild case - at this point. I don't want it getting any worse!
  3. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    So the strategy worked for him? I feel like my month in the boot was wasted because I should have gone straight from it to the orthotics. But after I got out it was almost 3 months before I received the first pair. I can put up with these orthotics if there's a good hope they will fix the problem. Thanks, OC!
  4. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Don't apologize - I asked for comments. My orthotics, the ones that put me in MORE pain, were designed to distribute the force to the arch. When that didn't work he went the other direction - transferring the force to the non-affected metatarsals. That DID work, when he accomplished it by sticking pads that he'd cut with scissors onto the bottom of the shoe insert. So then he ordered the second pair of orthotics - but they seem to combine the two approaches. I also think that they don't "closely conform" to my arch - the arch of the insert seems to me to be too far back, with a lump under the beginning of my heel pad.
  5. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Thanks. Yes, I've removed the original innersole. The thing about the low drop shoe is that it's designed for a low drop innersole - that's why I'm wondering if I'd be better off with a higher drop shoe. You are absolutely right about the specialists not understanding. And it doesn't help that my two and a half year foot saga has culminated in me not looking like a runner!
  6. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Haha! You got that about right! Yes, the podiatrist talks about tweaking them - it's just such a time-consuming process, and after all this I'm sick of waiting weeks for a new set, then weeks for my next appointment. It's pretty hard now not to get discouraged! Thanks for the support, KRG!
  7. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Thanks, Carol. I probably will! According to the doc, if the orthotics do what they're supposed to I should eventually be able to get back to going without them.
  8. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Thanks, Dave. Yes, he talked about break-in time, and I'm working up gradually. From what I read orthotics are the only real treatment for (relatively) mild sesamoiditis. I've already spent a month in a walking boot for it, plus used a lot of anti-inflammatories. There is a surgery, reserved for tougher cases, and trust me - I don't want surgery again!
  9. gdionelli

    Cinco 5k Mayo RR and other news

    Well done! Sounds like you'd have hit your A goals had it been a flat course.
  10. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Thank you both. I will try heel lock lacing for the sliding problem. I'm still not convinced, however, that I can tolerate the high arches - I wore them about five hours today, and finally had to ditch them for a while - it just hurt! I'll keep plugging away at it.
  11. gdionelli

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    Thank you, KRG! He saw me in those shoes and I mentioned the sliding around - he just indicated I would probably get used to them. I don't see that the sliding would stop given the "shortness" of these shoes. I'm seeing him again in about 3 weeks. Still working up to wearing these things all day. Yes, "almost obnoxious" is a good description.
  12. Formalities first: Hi, my name is geedee, and I... So I haven't been around this joint in a while - kinda hard when you're perpetually injured. But now I'm running (figuratively speaking) back to you for insights about custom orthotics. I've never had them before, so I don't quite know what to expect, or if what I'm experiencing is normal, or...? I just got my second pair for sesamoiditis. The first pair made the pain worse. The jury is still out on this one, but...I'm using them in my customary 4mm heel drop shoes, and I feel like the heels are sliding around on me. Probably because the orthotics are much higher in the heel and the shoes were not made for an elevated heel insert. Does this mean I need to buy new, higher drop, shoes just to accommodate the stupid inserts? I don't want to make the investment till I know the orthotics are going to work, but I may not know if the orthotics are going to work until I have shoes that will work with them. I'm getting the impression that foot doctors all think that foot problems can be solved with a high rigid arch support. And I'm finding that to be almost as painful as the sesamoid problem. I told the doc after the first pair how uncomfortable the arch was, and he promised this pair would be less rigid. Well, it is, but only marginally. It still feels like I have a large boulder in my shoes, in not quite the right place for my arches. Is this common, or should I be raising a ruckus? I've already raised several ruckuses with this doc - mostly when it took seven weeks to get the first pair and then many more weeks to get a follow-up appointment. I also fail to understand why elevating my heel and arch would help offload stress off the sesamoid area (just behind the big toe on the underside of the foot.) I don't have an engineer's mind, but it seems to me that I would be putting MORE stress on that area by angling the foot downward? There's more to the insert that than - there's sort of "cut-out" that's supposed to help with the offloading - and I think it does work - so why the heck do I need the unpleasant arch supports? Your experiences and insights would be much appreciated!
  13. gdionelli

    Moving East: Another Great Western Adventure.

    My goodness, what adventures. Happy Christmas to you and the fam.
  14. Wow - the photos really show what you were going through. Your journey is so inspiring, and I'm really looking forward to your 2:45 RR - because there's no "if," just a "when."
  15. gdionelli

    Move right along...nothing to see here

    Thanks, John! That helps!!!