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  1. My daughter has given up on spring outdoor track. lol. She's looked up the times and come to the conclusion that she just hasn't improved enough to make it to state. She'll probably get a free trip there as an alternate on our 4x400 relay but she's not real confident about the mile or 2 mile. She spent her Friday off from school reviewing her videos and timing her laps. She asked me what she can do to get faster and I have no idea! In the mile (which is her preferred race) she's already faster than I think she should theoretically be. The coach runs them 90 second laps every practice, so she n
  2. Riggers

    Let's Try This Again

    Oh! I ran through my coughing, fever, phlegm, congestion weeks. It was awful. So much better now that I'm breathing better even if my nose is still a bit stuffy.
  3. Riggers

    RED January

    I signed up for RED January and so far so good; however, I'm not sure if it's for me. I feel like I need recovery days even though I'm not running very much each day Is it the cold or the or have I lost all motivation? Or is it that I'm just not made for running every day. I think I want to go back to interval running or something. Maybe I lost endurance but I can't possibly do a full 10k right now and 2 months ago I could. Also, I've had lots of nasal congestion the last month and it's making it hard to breath. I'm constantly having to cough out phlegm and clear my throat whilst I run. Toda
  4. Riggers

    Not yet.

    I don't enjoy multiple calls/people trying to troubleshoot technology either. Great news on the running though!
  5. Shepherds pie sounds so good right now. I'm low carbing so none of that for me. Good luck on your training plan!
  6. I loved this race report! I want to be like you when I grow up lolol
  7. I was checking the course records for each age group and my little one was 5 seconds away from setting the course record last Saturday. So close! I also signed us uo for Warrior Dash over spring break!
  8. Riggers


    Does anyone know of an app that can keep a multitude of personal records? It's getting really hard for me to keep up with all the numbers when 5 people are running races from 200m to 10k (so far) and I made a spreadsheet but I'd prefer an app...
  9. PS: I added a new goal this year of at least 1 mile a day for the entire year. A 365 day streak.
  10. Week in recap: So far so good as far as RED January goes! I've got my longest streak (13 days) of my life. LOL 10th- 2.57 miles 24:54 9:41 pace 11th- 2.56 miles 25:14 9:51 pace (wind gusts up to 25 mph during my run) 12th- 2.06 miles 19:35 9:29 pace (still windy but not as much) 13th- 2 miles 19:07 9:34 pace Tuesday was my friend's bday and I went out to eat with her and didn't cheat! Woot. We ran Loop the Lake Sa
  11. Riggers

    Nice Day for a Cold.

    I have a head cold too... I wonder if that's part of the reason I'm struggling so hard to enjoy my runs this last week. Half of the run I can't breath through my nose at all and pretty much the whole time my lungs are burning. Although, I'm not sure if that's because of the head cold or just the COLD in general. Supposedly, the coldest part of the year here is late December/early January so I'm hoping for warmer weather from here on out! (Yeah right! Lol)
  12. Riggers

    Stay Tuned

    Good luck! Love the questions. I remember all the questions I used to get and how annoying they were and how much I miss them now.
  13. What happened that you had to have surgery? I must have missed that somewhere... When my husband passed away everyone said to take it one day at a time. I totally didn't get it then but now I understand. It's been really helpful to use that technique with so much other stuff in life. Can't wait to see those biceps!
  14. My weight loss as well. Lol May we all reach our goals!
  15. I finally am getting able to hold my pace again! I was starting to think I lost all my work by taking those weeks of being lazy and eating through the holidays. I ran... but not very much and not very often. 7th- 1 mile (9:16 pace... again hated it) 8th- 2 miles (9:39 pace. Felt a tiny bit easier) 9th-3.59 miles (also walked/jogged 2.2 with my friend this morning... did that make the difference?) (9:37 pace but felt great except for the hip) Just 21 more days to make my RED January goal.
  16. I love the Gel Nimbus but I found these white Cumulus on sale for $21 on amazon last week and bought a pair. I've decided I'm going to keep a second set of shoes that I don't worry about "look" and just wear because I can't afford my own shoe habit anymore. I mean... we've been spending $100-$150 a pair of shoes x 5 women x 3-4 times a year. I found a pair of Asics for my 8 year old for $26 as well but the other 3 ended up with a Saucony for about $47. Hopefully they like them because I didn't really find anything else in the right sizes and pronation/whatnot.
  17. Good idea! The laces on mine finally got loose enough that it stopped happening! However; I just ordered new shoes on amazon this week because my hip pain is not going away. I'm thinking it's an issue with worn out shoes.
  18. Sorry that I don't have any ideas for your bday. Here's to hoping the weather gets nice for you so you can go skiing!
  19. We're 6 days into the month and so far I haven't missed a day. I'm actually really surprised because January is always the month I set goals I never meet. (I'm not even certain that I expect to meet them) So far: 1st- 2 miles 2nd- 3.5 miles 3rd-2.5 miles 4th-1 mile 5th-1 mile 6th- 4.5 miles Thursday and Friday were supposed to be my off days so I just did a 1 mile run to make sure I ran something.
  20. I meant to write my goals down somewhere just for accountability and RoyalDryness gave me the bright idea of just putting them here. Surely, I can't lose them this way. Not necessarily in any particular order. 1. Beat that other mom in the local races that whoops my ass every time. It's going to mean getting down under 8 mins per mile for at least 2 miles. (PR in 2 mile so far is 18:15) 2. Set PR's in every distance. (this should be fairly easy as I've only been running 9 months-ish and I'm not very fast at all) Current PR's... 1 mile 8:37 Unlikely but wi
  21. Riggers

    2018. NBD.

    PS, what's NBD?
  22. Riggers

    2018. NBD.

    I can't even get to marathon length running, so no matter your age you're doing way better than this 36 year old that struggled to run a measly 2 miles yesterday. What kind of gloves do you where in those sub-freezing temps? My hands were downright painful yesterday when I was done. Took my 30 minutes to feel them.
  23. So, my Garmin averages my weight each month and showed a loss of .6 in November and .2 in December. Not much but at least I didn't gain (which usually happens this time of year). I have the kids birthdays, two best friend's birthdays, and the obvious holidays from October 20th thru the year's end plus four long weekend trips to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas for a total of 14 days of travel. When my husband was alive I never had trouble with my weight. I had so much more time for myself though. I started at 205 lbs last year and set a goal of getting under 150 by 2018 an
  24. Riggers


    Thanks! Day 1 is in the books and I forced myself to run 2 miles in the 5° temps which is quite the accomplishment for this Texan. Lol
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