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  1. deucedeuce

    Virtually the Same

    Nicely done, Bangle.
  2. deucedeuce

    Double dog

    WOOOHOOO I got some comments!!!!
  3. deucedeuce

    Double dog

    Saturday .99 miles in 15minutes, 55 seconds. Sunday 1.19 miles in 17minutes, 17 seconds. Not bad for me considering I had no plan to run anytime soon. There I was mindlessly scrolling the FB feed when comment to a Loopville post grabbed my eye. Dave's Covid-19 double dog dare something something.... my mind was way too preoccupied with the crazy in our world today to go read the actual rules, so I made up my own. Run a mile on Saturday. Run a mile on Sunday. Stop if I feel any PF pain on either day. Bloop. I did it! I honestly thought my running career might be over.
  4. Amazing! I've been out of the Loop for so long. Thanks for bringing me back!
  5. deucedeuce

    2017 roundup

    Pretty sweet year all the same, Bangle. Happy New Year!
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