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  1. ChicagoPhil

    On the bus...

    Glad to be following the bus again, even if from a distance!
  2. Absolutely. I'm going to settle that account this January.
  3. I just need to find it and charge it up... Actually I like the fitbit, but it's weird feeling to have two watches.
  4. I think the last race report I did on the old loop was either Chicago 2014 or maybe even Boston 2013... Anyway, that's about the time I kinda started losing the old running mojo. It was a slow decent into lethargy. I ran 6 races in 2014, including two 1/2's, and the Chicago Marathon in a steady 3:31 which was actually my 'easiest' marathon ever. I felt great the whole way through, and ran basically 7:50-8:10 splits for every mile. I was in excellent shape, but not running for any particular goal any more. Maybe it was not tough enough? I don't have any races logged for 20
  5. They were both incredible running cities... Beautiful running paths for miles along the rivers in both.
  6. So this year has been filled with starts and stops... Run 3 or 4 days in a week and then nada for two or three weeks. I just could never get back into that groove. Sure there were some injuries I guess, but a few years ago I would have run through most of that. Some of it was new aches and pains that come with a 50 year old body I suppose, but also I found myself 20 pounds heavier than I was after my last marathon (Chicago '14) and I needed to get back in running shape to really start enjoying running again. September was a month of travel for work, and I decided to not just pack my ru
  7. It was too hot this year to hit your A-goal in Chicago. (Especially for a cold weather runner.) Don't beat yourself up - congrats and "Oh My Quad!" Nice Pic!
  8. Way to listen to the inner voices and git er done! I'm the exact same. Those "I can run later" plans never work out.
  9. Great RR Bangle! Gives me hope that old(er) guys like me and you can still get it in gear and deliver the smoking fast times!
  10. Hey Bonnie - it's Great to see so many "old" loopsters here again - It's awesome!
  11. Thanks BAngle - - slow but steady these days!
  12. Great Great Great RR! HUGE CONGRATS on your epic BQ Journey and enjoy the ride on the Magical Golden Unicorn... Boston is absolutely worth all the blood sweat and tears it takes to get there!
  13. On the bright side you get to make new friends every day...
  14. ChicagoPhil

    Giving this a try.

    It's like the Blues Brothers are puttin the old band back together again!!!
  15. Great to hear from you! I remember avidly following you're quest for the Ironman Madison back on the old Loop and what a great story that was! Don't be a stranger - we need the inspiration - thanks
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