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  1. Sorry CIM turned out that way. I'm sure your daughter was happy to have you there. She looks so happy at the finish.
  2. Slow_Running

    Today's Lunch Break

    Hope you're feeling better.
  3. Take care of that hammy.
  4. Slow_Running

    I said I'd be back.

    Congrats! Great job getting out there on snow. Watch out for those plows.
  5. Slow_Running


    Ugh! Sorry to hear this. Sending positive vibes for quick healing.
  6. Slow_Running

    Apple Pie Anyone??

    All good news! Healthy and running is the best.
  7. I must have missed the incident in the Spring. So sorry you had that kind of encounter. Sounds like you have a positive attitude for 2020. Good luck at The Classic.
  8. The tempo paces are BA! Great job! Thanks for the reminder to do my planks today.
  9. I commend you for getting out there. I try to avoid running on a street that isn't fully developed with buildings or houses.
  10. Ugh! Hoping for you to get past this.
  11. Great job getting out there under those conditions! Congrats to Frenchie and his first medal. Hopefully you can get the back under control and enjoy running again.
  12. Slow_Running

    Spectating the Spectators

    I get a kick out of the guy who promises to pause my Garmin in event I pass out.
  13. Slow_Running

    A Tale of Two (Races)

    Well done Peg! Difficult course and conditions, but you pushed through. I don't mind a trail from time to time, but I'll take the asphalt and buildings please!
  14. Slow_Running

    No Doubt!

    Yay OCRG! I always hand write marathon plans into a paper calendar. Watch out for the creep in the slow moving vehicle.
  15. Ugh. We can't control race day weather. So close. A 2:45 finish is in you. Looking forward to reading about it.
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