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  1. Slow_Running

    Canada Day! In Canada!

    Did you walk across the section of glass floor? Kind of unnerving.
  2. Slow_Running

    What I Ran in June

    "Expect pace to suffer greatly." That seems familiar lately. Great job with the workouts.
  3. Slow_Running

    Storm Before the Storm

    They would have funded/contributed to PACs whether you worked on their tax situation or not. You didn't enable that company to take the position they are taking. Maybe compartmentalizing would help you not to throw up a little in your mouth every time you open their file. It's a means to an end. For me, an end that will come as soon as financially possible.
  4. Slow_Running

    Grandma’s Marathon: There's more than one way to success & thankfulness

    Yes, and improvement is improvement. Great race! Well done.
  5. Slow_Running

    I’ll Happily Take This PW

    I like the dropping pace/time requirement for each lap. This could get interesting.
  6. Slow_Running

    Marathon Goals by Billy Joel

    IDK... What if this ruins your knees? Maybe just chill some beer and we can watch the Giants play.
  7. Slow_Running

    Under the knife.

    Glad to hear the surgery went well. Best wishes for a quick recovery and comeback.
  8. Slow_Running

    The Bridge Challenge

    What a great story! Great job by both you and Jim! Jim is inspiring, but my money is on OCrunnergirl for the rematch. Without a doubt.
  9. Slow_Running

    Hitting My Stride: May in Review

    Wow. Kicking butt through some serious workouts! Good things will follow. OMG, I can't imagine wearing a hat running in 65* weather! Your daughter is a cutie. Good luck at Grandma's.
  10. Slow_Running

    My Favorite Race of the Year!*

    Nailed it!! Congrats! I love the finish line pic - that is one happy girl. Great job!
  11. Slow_Running

    Spring 1/2 Finale - Pocono Run for the Red

    Congrats on your son's first half! I've seen that sprint/walk strategy before. Strange, right.
  12. Slow_Running

    Keep Showing Up. Or Not.

    Congrats!! Every healthy marathon is a win. The scenery is amazing. You're probably used to seeing it, but I never see anything like that so it's amazing to me. Maybe your mind wanted you to spend more time on the course since it was a beautiful course.
  13. Slow_Running

    Further thoughts on my race and some misgivings

    Good to know all the working out has been good for something. Funny, I scrap shoes when I notice my knees or feet starting to hurt. Just relegated a pair to lawn mowing.
  14. Slow_Running

    Armed Forces Day 5k - Feels like the First Time

    Nice race! Glad you're back and getting stronger.
  15. Slow_Running

    The Brooklyn Half - an unexpected PR

    Great job KRG!! The weather wasn't our friend Saturday but you still crushed it. Congrats! Thanks for reaching out. It's my fault in a way - the weather app pic was showing the weather for later that day. I went back to clarify that the forecast at race time was for 1+ inches of heavy rain, wind, and "feels like" 48*, but the negative comments were well underway so I didn't bother. Crappy weather, but I'm glad you had a good race.