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  1. I can't believe that guy beat you.
  2. Don't be fooled! The alligators in the sewer and the bipedal beavers are both for real.
  3. Slow_Running

    May Recap

    Another month of solid workouts! Well done. I've also been known to show up at my LRG with gloves on while others are in tank tops. Albani is such a cutie - glad the tornado missed your neighborhood.
  4. Great job Dave! There's only so much you can do when the temp climbs into the 70s and your ankle hurts. 19 marathons is still 19 marathons.
  5. Slow_Running

    It has been a while

    What Dave said. Thanks for the inspiration FT.
  6. Slow_Running

    Shirley Mae 5k

    Dead bug helped, especially lowering/raising legs one at a time.
  7. Slow_Running

    Shirley Mae 5k

    I had some pain in a similar spot. Not sure it's ever totally gone away, since it shows up from time to time. Pelvic stability exercises help. There should be plenty to see with a Google search. Even with the pain, you're running well - a Half and an AG win in a 5K! Congrats! It was great to see you in NJ. Sorry that I had to leave right after the race. Hopefully I'll see you in VT or DE.
  8. Slow_Running

    When Ya Know

    That's great Peg! Your days sound demanding, but I'm sure you will manage.
  9. Congrats on #8! Sorry I missed you in NJ. Maybe next time.
  10. Slow_Running

    April in Review

    Another amazing month of running! Good job! I have 2 questions: Does running that far on gravel irritate your feet? I've read that the watch heart rate monitor is accurate over a long period of time, but that it doesn't catch up or slow down as fast as a heart rate strap does. Did you notice anything like that? I guess it doesn't matter if you aren't running intervals.
  11. Congrats - another entry on the monthly race goal! So glad I was able to catch up with you again and run 9+ miles with you and Abby. NJ was a fun weekend, especially the Biergarten. See you in December.
  12. Sounds like a great calendar year. See you Friday!
  13. Great way to get in a long run before the NJ Half! See you this weekend!
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