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  1. Slow_Running

    Four Lap Harmony

    So true. Nice mile pace. I suspect there's are no miles starting with a 5 left in me.
  2. Slow_Running

    I don't even know what I'm doing anymore

    Maybe you're more outgoing and social than you think. I'm sure the others in the group were happy that someone stepped up and led the group.
  3. Slow_Running

    Run, Burpee, Repeat

    Congrats on a great race and AG win! I'm old too, but I haven't won anything, so this is proof that you're a BA. I have a half this weekend too so we can be Half-twins this weekend.
  4. Slow_Running

    April in review: Just keep showing up!

    You're knocking down some serious workouts this year. With the 6, 5, 4, ... pushes, what is the reason for the increasing recovery times (1, 2, 3, ...)? Is there a specific recovery reason, or is it simply that a longer recovery is needed after each progressively faster push? Either way, the first 3 must suck. Killing it lately. Good things will come!
  5. Slow_Running

    Well, it's Monday.

    That does suck.
  6. Slow_Running

    Looking for the Heart of Saturday Morning

    Hopefully training goes well. Glad you're back.
  7. Slow_Running

    Home Away From Home Half

    Not officially, but the Saratoga Springs half is fairly certain.
  8. Slow_Running

    The psmPR Streak

    Hammer fuel works great for me. I can't remember the name of the powdered mix, but it doesn't taste sweet and really does the job. Also, Hammer gels aren't as thick and gross as other makes such as GU. Hammer made a huge difference for me. Great explanations and info on the website as well. Good luck. You're doing awesome with training!
  9. Slow_Running

    State of Fivestarks Union

    I thought you did say yes to 100 on 100. See you in VT!!
  10. Slow_Running

    Rambling because I miss it here

    F--KING BROOKLYN!!! I should have known. Bklyn is too soon after MH for me. New course right? Maybe next fall. Maybe talking through some of those thoughts with an RB on long runs would be as good or better. Some of us in my LRG call long runs our therapy.
  11. Slow_Running

    Home Away From Home Half

    Seems like forever since I've posted something here. We can blame Strava for that. Work has been insanely busy as well, so that hasn't helped. Still plugging away on the Baker's Dozen for 2018 (13 Half Marathons in 12 months). For April my RB and I decided to run the Home Away From Home Half Marathon which benefits the local Ronald McDonald House. This has been the worst Spring ever so were both desperate for some better weather for this month's Baker's Dozen entry. This Half was local and cheap. Only $40.00, which is about 1/2 the typical cost of a HM. No shirt, but who cares. I must have 25+ HM shirts and don't need another. The weather forecast was for sun and 40* at starting time and was expected to rise to 50* during the race. Great racing weather for me. The race started at a school in an outlying area just off a highway, so we were there in 30 minutes. The wind was blowing lightly and that made the air feel chilly. We sat in the car letting the sun keep us warm as we pinned on bibs and ate last minute carbs. Soon it was time to pee one last time and then line up. The RD gave us some last minute directions and then started the race. The course was an out and back. Nothing spectacular. Nice views, but all hills. If we weren't going up, we were going down. Not even one flat stretch anywhere on the course. We chatted with some other runners on the way out. The weather was almost perfect and we both stripped off a layer around the halfway point. Neither one of us is in racing shape yet so we never felt like pushing the pace. We finished side by side at 1:58:02. Bonus: there was chocolate milk at the finish. If this race taught me anything it taught me that I need to run more hills. Hint taken. I ran a hilly route Monday morning and Strava let me know that it was far from my fastest time on that route. Again, hint taken.
  12. Slow_Running

    The Race

    Great job pushing through the miserable weather. Seems like the hard training was a waste, but it's not since you'll be stronger going into the next cycle. 2:35 is in reach. I remember that great article by Jonathan Beverly. I quoted him last fall - "The marathon usually wins." Too bad it was the weather that didn't allow the chance of winning this time.
  13. Slow_Running

    Rambling because I miss it here

    Usually 2-3 of my 4 weekly runs are with others, but I grew up in a family with 6 kids so I love being around lots of people all the time. Wineglass and NYCM is a safe guess. Where is #3? You coming up for MH?
  14. Slow_Running

    Another of Dave's Great Western Adventures

    The blue siding looks nice.
  15. Slow_Running

    On the Cheap

    The bib needs some help.