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  1. Slow_Running

    No Doubt!

    Yay OCRG! I always hand write marathon plans into a paper calendar. Watch out for the creep in the slow moving vehicle.
  2. Ugh. We can't control race day weather. So close. A 2:45 finish is in you. Looking forward to reading about it.
  3. So sorry to hear this Liz. I hope you are feeling better. Take care of you first. There's plenty of time - my sons were born when my wife was 36 and 38.
  4. Slow_Running

    Once in a Lifetime

    Trails are tough, but nice race! Where is that large automobile?
  5. Great job Dave! Hilly is tough. I'm sure you will be able to get another BQ on a flat course.
  6. The pics are absolutely amazing! Sounds strenuous. Well done!
  7. This is a good sign for 11/9! Great job and congrats!
  8. Slow_Running

    August Recap

    Glad to hear MJ is cooperative. "It's one at the beginning of December." ...OMG! Do I get to meet you? My favorite workout was running 5 miles (4 at GMP) Friday evening followed by 10 Saturday AM (8 at GMP) to simulate the latter part of the marathon. (MP on tired legs). I was worried that it would suck, but it turned out to be awesome! Can't wait to do it again.
  9. Slow_Running

    Running ahead

    Yay! Liz is back! All is right in the running world again.
  10. This is a good checkpoint. Sounds like you are on track.
  11. Nothing like peer pressure - I'll try to fit a RR in this week. I'm already looking forward to 100 on 100 in 2020! Great race OC, and kudos on the awesome house you found for us! See you next year!
  12. I'm so glad you made it to Vermont for 100 on 100! It's always great to see you for a weekend of running. I'm pretty sure that you will run NYC anyway... so maybe don't defer? Yup, I do know you. BTW see you in Albany for MH which you can use as a training run!
  13. Damn! When did you get so fast?
  14. What do you mean "Where is Fall"? Let's not rush things. Bacon season will be on us before we know it. Sounds like training is going well so far.
  15. I can't believe that guy beat you.
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