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  1. Everyone can call me Applesauce. I messed up when I registered.
  2. Surgery went well. Doctor was very pleased. Now it is time to let ear heal. Follow up visit in 3weeks.I get processor in 6 weeks.
  3. Hi all, It has been a long year for me. My Menieres got the upper hand till I saw my specialist. He put me on a strong diuretic ,and I didn't want to push my luck running till I got everything straight. May was a stressful month for my dad and younger brother. Older brother committed a crime, and he fled. He was on local news every night that week. He was caught,and is waiting to be taken to a secure treatment facility. I spent a lot of time helping Dad around the house when I wasn't working. I didn't even ride the good bike on the trail that I liked. Had an Aunt that was diagnose with 3 different cancers. So life was keeping me busy. Now the feel good part of bloop. When I saw specialist in July, he reviewed my diary that I kept for him. Diuretics helped. YEAH. we briefly talked about a hearing implant,and he wanted me to think about it. I schedule an appointment for the first week in August,and I met the criteria set for by the company.I told them October 16 was a good date. So long story short. Paperwork,work paperwork,and insuranceall were filed. Everything cam together on October 12. I had to make a big payment up front since insurance company refused to pay. Ok that was taken care of. I am getting a hearing implant for my right ear. This implant is a step below a cochlear implant. They put a magnet on the inside of eardrum and hook it up to the bones of the ear. The surgery is Monday at 7 am. This has potential to helping me in other ways to,but I will keep expectation low. Am I excited? YES. Nervous? Yes I think I am still human. The doctor doing this surgery is the only one in Ohio that does this implant. I don't get the receiver for 4-6 week. This will allow everything to heal. I can ride my bike trainer after a week. I will wait for doctor to ok the running. I am ready. This can be a lifechanger for me. I will Post updates from time to time on facebook. If I am hurting,there won't be much said. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers there. One final note. It was great following you all this year. The PRs, BQS, ect... still made things exciting. The best run still belongs to nike and the athletes that tried to break the 2 hour mark. I watched the whole thing. I would do it in a heart beat if they though they had the athletes to pull it off. Take care all. Run Hard. Run Fun. Applesauce
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