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  1. Everyone can call me Applesauce. I messed up when I registered.
  2. Surgery went well. Doctor was very pleased. Now it is time to let ear heal. Follow up visit in 3weeks.I get processor in 6 weeks.
  3. Hi all, It has been a long year for me. My Menieres got the upper hand till I saw my specialist. He put me on a strong diuretic ,and I didn't want to push my luck running till I got everything straight. May was a stressful month for my dad and younger brother. Older brother committed a crime, and he fled. He was on local news every night that week. He was caught,and is waiting to be taken to a secure treatment facility. I spent a lot of time helping Dad around the house when I wasn't working. I didn't even ride the good bike on the trail that I liked. Had an Aunt that was diagnose with
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