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  1. Cliff

    What's going on?

    Sorry it has taken so long, but it appears to be fixed, please let mw know if it is not.
  2. Sorry about that, there has been an issue for a couple of weeks, I thought I turned them off while I work on getting it corrected. They are turned off now.
  3. I get it you strap on a pair of running shoes, and you're a runner. We come in many flavors. I just started about 5 years ago, I got to where I could run 9:30 pretty consistently. Took a little time off over this past winter, now getting under 10 is a struggle. I can't imagine under 7. Great work.
  4. Happy belated birthday
  5. Cliff

    What's going on?

    It's a software bug, I turned off Looptionary until it's fixed.
  6. Cliff

    What's going on?

    Bad news = I'm not sure why it's happening. Good news = I kinda know what's causing it, it's related to the Looptionary. The good news is if I that feature off, the random links go away - so those random links are not permanent.. I will get this fixed and all posts will be restored once it's fixed.
  7. Happy belated birthday.
  8. Happy belated birthday
  9. You have the perfect attitude.
  10. Cliff

    2018 Wrap

    Running is not my primary activity. I'm pretty excited I got in 527 miles this year. I started out strong, then pooped out after July.
  11. The can say suck here, there are no filters.
  12. Cliff

    Bullet Points

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