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  1. Cliff

    Treadmill Dilemma

    I'm old, I don't bounce. I have a NordicTrack, I really like it. When the weather gets nice again, I'll go back outside. For now, I alternate between the rollers for the bike, and the treadmill for the feat.
  2. Let's leave things as they are until life returns. Keep posting. Thanks all.
  3. There has not been any activity in weeks. I'm happy to keep the site running; however, if there is no activity at all, there doesn't seem to be much point. Is this a seasonal thing, people don't run or post as much in the winter? Is it Covid related and people are just too bummed out to post? Happy to keep the site here longer if you plan to come back, just let me know. Cliff
  4. For those that just received an email announcing a siftware update, well, this is it. Obviously a typo. Anyhow, if you encounter issues, please post them here. Thank you
  5. The Loop will be upgraded soon. As part of that Upgrade support for Internet Explorer will be removed. Many of the advanced features the site uses will no longer be supported by outdated browsers. Please complete the poll.
  6. You're an amazing athlete, but you broke some many photo rules. https://www.velominati.com/
  7. Cliff

    What's going on?

    Sorry it has taken so long, but it appears to be fixed, please let mw know if it is not.
  8. Sorry about that, there has been an issue for a couple of weeks, I thought I turned them off while I work on getting it corrected. They are turned off now.
  9. I get it you strap on a pair of running shoes, and you're a runner. We come in many flavors. I just started about 5 years ago, I got to where I could run 9:30 pretty consistently. Took a little time off over this past winter, now getting under 10 is a struggle. I can't imagine under 7. Great work.
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