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    My 35-ish year old nephew posted this a few weeks back on Facebook, and with his permission I am happy to share it with you. If we never try, we will never know. I know my best mile time started with an 8 and I am fine with that. My can't do it voice keeps pushing me down with the pain of an illness with no cure, but that is an excuse that I need to remind myself to not listen to. It can be very difficult to do as even a good day today can become a bad tomorrow if I push for that try to see level. I hope you get to see your goals and that that voice doesn't fight you to hard.
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    i HATED HATED HATED the right side thing. It caused people to write stupid, outlandish, lewd, crazy stuff in a desperate attempt to reach the promised land. Blogging shouldn't be a popularity contest. If you make some people the cool kids, it's like being the last person picked for dodge ball. There were people who posted forever and were still on the left side, and people who would be the cute new kid in class and would instantly get promoted. Feelings were hurt. That's the problem with blogging. If you get one like and three replies, you're crushed. The right-side mentality started out as a function of showcasing good writing, but ended up being a popularity contest, which is just wrong.
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    The issue as I see is what Matt described. The way the categories work, is it only shows you the most recent post in each category. So if a few blogs are posted in one category close together you don't see the other recent ones, unless you click on the categories one at a time. It just makes navigating the blogs more complex. Just having them all show up in chronological order would be more simple for people to read them. That said, I don't want to complain about a site that is overall pretty great, so thanks for everything. In the end this is really more of a minor inconvenience and annoyance than a real problem.
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    My daughter worked ALL summer to improve her 1600 to a 5:43 and today during practice and according to her without even meaning to she ran a 5:44. It was the first thing she said when she walked in the door because all she could think was "What time could I have gotten if I had actually been trying to PR?" I have no idea but I was there when she ran the 5:43 and she looked like she was exhausted, today she described it as if she wasn't even tired afterwards.
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    Just hanging in the garage (with some of DH's recent triathlon medals mixed in). I keep all my bibs in a binder.
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    I thought there was a double entendre there. But my medals are scattered round the house. Maybe this is a signal form the universe that I should do something about it.
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    I love the Gel Nimbus but I found these white Cumulus on sale for $21 on amazon last week and bought a pair. I've decided I'm going to keep a second set of shoes that I don't worry about "look" and just wear because I can't afford my own shoe habit anymore. I mean... we've been spending $100-$150 a pair of shoes x 5 women x 3-4 times a year. I found a pair of Asics for my 8 year old for $26 as well but the other 3 ended up with a Saucony for about $47. Hopefully they like them because I didn't really find anything else in the right sizes and pronation/whatnot.
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    I heard he's in jail. (btw, that sandwich was delicious)
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    There were no categories in the Loop. Early on, when there was a full time moderator, there was a "right side" and a "left side". By default, everything went on the left side. The most popular blogs (based on number of views) were "promoted" to the right side. Some people didn't like that because it created (in their minds) an elite class. Most people liked it because it was easier to find the blogs they liked, and the more popular ones stayed on the front page longer. We don't have enough traffic (yet) for this to be an issue.
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    I think that although we still have a long way to go, women in the US are better supported than MANY other nations in the world when it comes to athletics. There are many sports where US women are still quite competitive, if not dominant, while not so much for men.
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    I heard it. I also think I hear her telling you that she's got the eye of the tiger.
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    I'd encourage her to skip it if she's serious about Nike. A runner should always keep her eye on the prize.
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    The Loop would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. gdionelli --
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    Local running stores are the best! Mine will order the shoe I choose in another color if they don't have have it. ( I am anti- pink and they generally stock all the women's shoes in pink.)
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    I went to a local running store. I had been wearing Brooks Revenna, left with a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline. Sadly, they are grey, I am in to the funky colors, grey was all they had. I am not very observant on how they feel during a run, I am aware though of how they initially feel when I lace them up. I tried a bunch of different shoes and the guy helping me offered lots of great advice.
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    Crossfit, or even any resistance training that builds muscle, will help burn calories faster and thus drop the weight faster. Swimming a couple times a week is plenty. Rowing, walking, cycling are all good too.
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    Seems like more than enough to me, but I never do any, so even a little is huge. From what I've read, 2-3 days a week is normal.
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    Don't know quite enough of your running background for any of this to be really accurate, but here are some thoughts. 35 lbs. is a significant amount of weight, so yes, just getting down there would do a lot (will also help with those sore knees). Don't know that you need a specific training plan, but you can find many out there if you're really motivated in that direction (lots of websites and training apps to choose from). Your weekly mileage is pretty good for 5/10K racing. I'd increase 5-10/week, building up over the next 4-6 weeks. After that I'd add an interval session once a week to increase your speed. Between that and your weight loss, taking a minute per mile off your 10K time is quite possible. (here's where I'm also supposed to encourage strength/cross training, but whatever). You can go to https://www.mcmillanrunning.com/ or a similar site and get info on appropriate training paces.
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    I was seriously thinking about medical school... until I realized that means touching sick people. I'm not sure if it's part of my introverted nature, but I'm a keep-your-hands-and-feet-to-yourself kind of gal. Luckily, I realized I could do research as a scientist and still help patients without actually touching them.
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    i'm in my 4th year as a master and never noticed that i should maybe be a mistress. hmmmm. should i be offended?
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    Training and years of learning how to race are probably factoring in too. Any maybe the desire to beat that girl
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    OK. Give me a few days and I'll get it written, and I'll PM it to you.
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    Thank you for offering, at this time it's running on a server I had space on. I spent a modest amount on the software, but I'm OK with that. I have two other sites that I allow people who want to contribute to become "premium" members. It doesn't really come with any other benefits, it just helps offset the software / server costs a little. I might do that here at some point. Either way, there will always be free memberships and free access to everything. I have no desire to kill the site. And there will never be pop up ads. Those drive me crazy.
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    indeed thank you Cliff.. I eventually found my way over due to a helpful post on the RW Facebook (eurgh) Beginners forum.. This is much better than the RW loop with its popup ads, scrollover scrolldown ad every-where format.. Do you need any subscription help to keep this running ad-free ? Patreon ?
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    Most books/experts tend to lean towards the "no more than 10%" increase per week with every 3rd or 4th a consolidation week. This is for both long run and total weekly mileage. If you're new to these types of distances I would stick to being conservative. Building slowly (and injury free) will reward you with a strong base long term.
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    May is a long way from now, so I would stick with 3-4 miles until they are really comfortable before increasing
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    No yet, I'm hoping we don't need any.
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    Thanks for everyone's advice @Riggers I am a guy almost 16 I'm about 5'4" and under 100 lbs have been doing cross country for about two-three weeks. @HRoseC I have started to change my diet and been eating a serving of veggies with a serving of grains and protein, today I had veggies, mashed sweet potatoes and baked fish with water. @dave.schultz our coach is a recently retired d1 college runner and has been good on warming us up before races. I have been doing about 30-35 miles a week. New race result update: 5: Home meet vs GA 21:44 I had a good dinner the day before, good lunch the day of: it was fish and rice. I also had good timing: Early A lunch. I stayed hydrated the day before and the day of drank about 70oz both days. Over worked myself the day before ran 45 minutes at 6:30-7:30 pace. The conditions were pretty good that day: about 80 degrees. Started first mile strong 6:15 then kept going, slight cramps not bad at all. The course was fairly easy and flat with one 150m 15 degree grade hill.
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    Personally, I like to run in soccer training pants that are a little looser fitting than tights, but still fairly tight. But it has to be pretty cold (below 40*) or the pace has to be pretty easy to need to wear them. Adidas Tiro pants would be an example. As far as chafing, I recently ran across this stuff called Pjuractive 2skin that works awesome. It's a bit pricey, though, so Body Glide Body or Body Glide Skin work well also.
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    Two grown daughters here, so I feel qualified to comment. The real news here is her PRs. Hard to say what goes on inside the adolescent mind. Performance improvements and drop offs are common with young girls as they mature physically. They are greatly affected by those changes. They are also subject to all sorts of mental and emotional pressures that Dads have no clue about. My guess is this has much less to do with the training and workouts than with the non-physical aspects. Keep loving your daughter and make sure she receives a consistent message from you that she's more important than any athletic performance. If she feels good about herself, she'll continue to work hard and, I expect, to excel.
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    The reemergence of long-lapsed Loopsters tells me that RW killed the Loop long ago - with Pluck and Hoopla. It's nice to have a user-friendly platform.
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    Hello Tosuperstar, Welcome to The Loop. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Tosuperstar joined on the 10/02/2017. View Member
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    TO! Now the party can begin!
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    I guess you won't have to cut anyone
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    What's evil is foam rollers. And Planks. And Little Debbie snack cakes...
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    If you think running is evil, this may not be the best site for you. I expect there will be a lot of runners here, and they're weird.
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    Done. If you have one you prefer, past it here. Also, there are no censored words here.
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    That gives me hope then! Just have to wait and see I guess - fingers crossed!! And thank you for doing this - it really is wonderful of you!!! p.s - if you could possibly find an expoding weiner emoji, I know several people who would just be tickled pink...
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    Cliff, just wanted to post a quick thank you. You’ve created this thing very quickly. It’s loaded full of options and tools and is really easy and intuitive to use; especially from my phone. I can’t wait to play around with it on a pc. Also, thanks for integrating Reed’s suggestion, that was a great change. Also, thanks for being patient as we learn our way around our new home. Lots of us are still figuring out which switch turns on which light. Thanks again!!!
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    Yes, much better! Thank you!
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    Not sure if it is me or is it not simple to just reply or comment on a posting, but is using the quote button the best or only way to reply? Just a bit confused by all the newness here.
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    Let me have a think, Cliff. In the meanwhile, thanks for creating this!
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    I don't mind a circular avatar picture. I believe it suits my handsome visage better than a square one. Don't you agree?
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    Hello Ocean_101, Welcome to The Loop. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Ocean_101 joined on the 09/30/2017. View Member
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