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    Holy f***. Oh girl. Oh girl, I'm so so so sorry. What a horrible sh***y month you've had. My heart broke just reading all the freaking mess you had to endure. I apologize for the bad language. I just want to scream and cry all the F words in your behalf. I'm so sorry. It's not fair. It's stupid. That not only did you have to deal with the pain of a miscarriage, but all the crap and runaround that went with it. =( I find it absolutely freaking amazing that Garbo posted on FB, "Hey everyone, go bloop" and I was all, "OK" because I like Garbo. And then I come here and the first bloop I see is yours and just...the serendipity. My miscarriage was the beginning of me not running anymore. I tried to run away my grief after not being allowed to run for a while, and I ran too far too fast and blew out my ITB and it never recovered. So it was just a S***storm of pain from losing my baby and pain of not being able to run anymore and it was just a freaking mess. Oh man that hurts to remember. So I quit blooping. And then I come back and here you are. I don't know. It's like I was meant to be here today. 🤷‍♀️ I want to tell you...I don't know if you're currently in a place where this is helpful...if not, just ignore it and come back to it later...but it does get better. It's a freaking nightmare for a while and you can't breathe through the pain and there are so many tears and so much hurt. But after a while the grief lessens. And then it lessens some more, and then you can breathe, and then you can think, and then you can move on and the happiness comes back. Takes a while, but it happens. It's been several years, but now I can think about our baby without bawling. Except today. Today I'm tearing up a bit. But other than that it's fine. I'm a religious person, so I firmly believe that that child is ours and we will see him again. Or her. I never did find out which. Anyway, I'm waffling. Point is, it does get better. When you're feeling like you can't take it anymore, or you can't stop crying, or you're wondering if the pain will ever end....it does. It will eventually all be ok. Not that you'll ever look back on this experience and be happy, but that you'll be able to look back on it and be ok. Take care of you. Be kind to you. Be gentle with you. Love you, Eliz. Hang in there. ❤️
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    i assume he went there for the i like pie run, so don’t expect him to surface till december http://www.footzonebend.com/event/footzones-i-like-pie-runwalk/
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    This would be so easy for me to do. Once during Ouachita trail 50 we showed up at the AS coming from the wrong direction. They made us turn around and find where we went wrong and come back the right way. It ended up being the Ouachita trail 55. I ran it again this year and almost made the exact mistake. I stood around debating which way for at least 10 minutes
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    I can think of few better things than running a half marathon in Bermuda in February.
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    Cupcake!! Perfect reward. In my dream world, they would replace all those stupid medals with cupcakes.
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    getting old brings wisdom. unfortunately, the wisdom is knowing that getting older is a pain in the ass.
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    As long as you keep writing I'll keep reading.
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    My first race ever had a big kerfuffle with the bibs. It had me winning outright by chip time but there's no way that that happened (obviously). I had only been running for four months, didn't have a garmin, didn't know how fast I ran, and didn't know anything about anything, but after piecing together what time the race started and what time I saw my sister, I realized that my time was impossible. (Yes, I actually had to figure out that I didn't win) I contacted the RD and said, "I didn't run XX:XX I finished in 40 something minutes," thinking like 48/49ish and they thanked me and changed my time to 40:00. No matter how many times I asked to get that changed to a more reasonable time or just deleted, they haven't. Every year since, I've tried (and failed) to "earn" that 40:00 in that race but so far no dice.
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    Ugh. We can't control race day weather. So close. A 2:45 finish is in you. Looking forward to reading about it.
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    I was the victim of accidental cheating in a local 5k when course marshals posted to keep runners from making a right turn were directing them to turn right. I told them as I ran past that they were sending people the wrong way, and they said they weren't. Then I told the lonely marshall standing at the correct right turn that the runners were being sent down the wrong street. From that point on it was basically me and another runner about 50 yards ahead of me for the half mile stretch before we rejoined the pack to the finish. The shortcut runners probably shaved 3-5 minutes off their times. I finished 4th in my AG with a time of 25 something, which shows how thin the field was. Looking at the times ahead of me, I should certainly have finished 3rd, and possibly 2nd. Those times were close enough to mine that I would have seen the runners if they had been on the correct course. I didn't make a stink because it was a small charity fundraiser and the marshals were kind enough to volunteer to be out there, but still, they could have at least been instructed on where to direct the runners.
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    I download an Excel version of the 12-month calendar and write my training plan into each day. I always think I'm going to stick to it and print out 3 months' worth but always end up changing things every month. One day I'll learn.
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    Last time I did it 9/27. Also I have Chicago 10/11 so maybe 2021 is better? And you have NY next year!
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    one consideration: in mid-october they shut down water on the trail and north rim closes. timing is squishy because it depends on the weather.
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    Which Gwen wrote this? Will the real Gwen please stand up?
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    OCRG is back in the house. Yay!
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    ok, that was pretty terrific.
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    This actually made me cry. Your spirit is even more amazing than your work ethic.
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    Ehhh - not a free trip to Bermuda, but it's a free race while in Bermuda!
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    Ugh, my heart hurts for you, but I'm also so proud of you. You absolutely have proven that you have 2:45 in you.
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    Ugh! So close. Marathons are so hard when the weather is less than ideal. Congratulations on the PR!
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    68 half marathons! That's amazing.
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    It's a noble way to mess up one's ankle, but crap.
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    Do not go gentle into that good night.
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    Thank you for the offer, and feel free to reach out if you ever want to discuss anything too. Being "advanced maternal age," (I'm now 36 too, but the OBs liked to throw that term around often when I was pregnant with DD when I was 34-35) you start to question fertility, so I take hope in the fact that pregnancy loss at least shows that you are able to get pregnant. After you take the necessary time to heal, I look forward to the day when you bloop and announce happy news!
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    I’m in the Altra Paradigm right now. I was wearing the intuitions and escalantes, but they discontinued the intuition and the escalantes hurt my foot
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    Funny how it works, right? I've slowed down a lot since those peak years on The Loop, and my races are mostly exercises in frustration. And yet...I'm still highly motivated to run, even if it's a minute per mile slower than it was four years ago. It gets into your blood, I guess. What's helped in my case is the social aspect and mentoring aspect of the sport. I run with a big group every Saturday and help coach (and run with) a middle school team twice a week. That by itself keeps me fit, and at our age fitness becomes far more important than competitive success. We were lucky that we had those opportunities a few years back; to paraphrase Humphrey Bogart, "We'll always have Boston." I hope your injuries clear up once and for all--there's still good running to be had!
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    Oh mylanta. Foot pain is a ... well, it's a pain. I can't believe how dang fast you were on a gimpy foot. In other news, I was watching this video about the dude from Tool and apparently it was co-produced by Brad Angle. Any relation? ☺️
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    Oh no, I'm so sorry you're injured too. =( It's a pain. Thank you for saying my writing is entertaining! One does worry that it's rather boring and meandering.
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    I'm so sorry you went through this. That's all I can say.
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    patiently waiting for your coffee table book featuring Sarah exiting port-a-pots around the nation. Sure to be a best seller.
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    I feel your pain about injuries and running. But you surely haven't lost your touch when it comes to entertaining writing.
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    Ah, Coachella: we used to run a track meet there every year. They actually had a grass track--I guess so that the desert wind wouldn't blow away all the dirt (since all-weather tracks were rare in those days). Nice job on the race and the golf! Considering all the self-indulgence, you did well.
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    I'm glad you're still at it--you've probably kept The Loop alive more than anyone. And I apologize for being so absent the last couple of years or so. I don't really have a good excuse, but since I slowed down significantly around 2016-2017, I just haven't felt that my runs (and especially my races) have been bloopworthy. The good news is that, even though I don't feel motivated to write, I still feel motivated to run, and have been able to make some adjustments to my routine. Anyway, I applaud your level of commitment, and I should really make more of an effort at least to read and comment here. I still see other Loopsters from time to time, and still treasure all the friendships I've made here.
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    Hi. I'm so sorry. Which always sounds so incredibly insufficient. But you already know the answer. As the days go on, it gets better. Never let the memory go away; it will always be an important part of your life. But make room for the joy still to come. It never always gets worse, the old ultra saying goes. It never always gets worse.
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    So sorry to hear this Liz. I hope you are feeling better. Take care of you first. There's plenty of time - my sons were born when my wife was 36 and 38.
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    I’m so sorry. A roller coaster of emotions. Sending hugs and milkshakes.
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    I am so sorry Eliz. This is hard, hard stuff. Peace to you and your husband. (I had two ectopic pregnancies and gave birth to two beautiful children … all during my 30s … so please don't give up hope. ❤️)
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    Praying for healing! I can’t even begin to understand or imagine what you’ve gone through. Hugs.
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    Ligament issues are the worst. Hoping the rest helps you! My dad thinks he will be able to golf his age next year. He will be 72. To be fair, he has golfed 2-3 times a week since I went to college. He was also incredibly disappointed when my husband told him he doesn't golf.
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    You need a new hobby.😁
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    Oooh I just signed up for a Turkey trot in Palm Springs. Hope the foot pain goes away.
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    I seriously thought this was a farewell post and my heart damn near broke. Keep writing.
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    The lady who won the AG ran a 1:43! Can't wait to run NYC! And see KRG because she's one of my favorites! ❤️
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    I love the title and analogies throughout! Also amazing race!
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    I went to a group run once. Everyone ran their own pace. It was weird so I 95% of the time run alone also. Glad you aren't hanging up your sneakers yet.
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    Welcome back! Trails are such a different beast...that is why I don't run them, haha! Looks beautiful and fun though!
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    I always run alone. I like it that way. I'm weird.
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    the first Disney marathon in 1994 was my last marathon.. also got talked into it by DW who wanted a winter vacation ;-) now do one run a week with the local running store, usually the slowest one there, but they tolerate me kindly.. ha
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    trying to think of something clever but I've got nothing. So I'll just say I'm really happy for you!
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