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    Bad news = I'm not sure why it's happening. Good news = I kinda know what's causing it, it's related to the Looptionary. The good news is if I that feature off, the random links go away - so those random links are not permanent.. I will get this fixed and all posts will be restored once it's fixed.
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    This sort of thing has been missing around here lately. Missed you a lot, KRG.
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    Steal away! It could translate to any pace - 6 at MGP, 1 tempo, 5 at MGP, 1 tempo. I did 2 warm up and 3 cool down for an 18 mile day.
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    Huge PR! I wish you had photos too.
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    Agreed! It's virtually impossible to slow down once the feet get moving fast. Well at least until you/I blow up! šŸ’€
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    Proud of you. Glad you got that feeling back!
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    Very encouraging! And yes, the advantage of starting late is that you get to pass a lot of slow runners and feel like a speed demon.
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    I missed everyone, too!! ā¤ļø Thanks!!!
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    We ALL missed you. Loved reading this! Congratulations on a great race!
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    Nice to see you again! Excellent report! Way to crush that downhill.
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    I love love love this!! I was right there with you! Hanging on and gasping to find out what happened. Welcome back!!
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    Wow, this race sounds and looks intense! Iā€™m impressed that you gutted it out. Iā€™d love to do something like this. Take care!
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    I don't think I can say it any better than CR did except..... I'm happy to have you closer!
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    Man, those views are amazing but that course sounds T-O-U-G-H! Way to gut it out!
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    Looks like a fun challenge! Way to gut it out.
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    Seems like if it's a regular thing that everyone's GPS shows short of mileage and vertical that they'd look into it. But what do I know? Wishing you all the best back home.
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    I'm sorry you've had so much stress in your life ā€¦ glad you can be near your family now. You are smart and tough and beautiful and badass - so I have every confidence you'll create a great future. šŸ˜˜
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    It's so nice to read about a training week for you that has absolutely nothing hay-wire in it. Congrats! and Happy Father's Day.
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    I'm so glad you didn't wait to share this update! Can't wait to see how Grandma's goes for you!
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    The last time I raced a half with bronchitis I ran 1:28 - this is truly the only 5 minute PR I'll ever get, hahaha!
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    I have plenty of pictures in my head now. What an OSOM day. And not a word about MJ, either. That has to feel pretty great all by itself.
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    I'm just here for the kitty! šŸ˜€ I mean, great job on the fast workout and good luck at Grandmas! Is he super chatty? Every orange cat I've met "talks" nonstop.
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    Nice job. You've come so far since your days in Denver!
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    Pretty great for an old married lady!
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    A smashed PR and not one exclamation point! Sounds like a great job running in that rain. Congrats!
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    Somehow, I have managed to commit to a 5K every weekend this month. So I guess lots of summer running for me. Also recently met up with the Jenster, who always seems to be a great motivator for running more. At least until it gets unbearably hot. I have a 24:xx 5K dream that I have no idea when I'll be able to achieve, but maybe I can get to sub-28 this summer.
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    Sub-six sounds fun to me, but my groin muscles have decided they don't like the track anymore. I was going to take a little break from marathons, but Mrs. Dave picked my next one and training started last Monday. I'm tired already.
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    Thank you! Only about 2 weeks until Grandma's, which is crazy - times flies!
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    Cliff is the man!
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    Most people pronounce it that way. I get it, it's not a common name, but often I am one of the only "I" names at races! I am glad I have 4 weeks to fully recover before Grandma's, and definitely thankful I didn't get sick right before it. As of today I am not longer wheezing, just weak, so things are headed in the right direction.
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    Winner!! Motherhood agrees with you. Congratulations!
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    5ks are no joke. Fast start, fast middle, fast finish. Well done!
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    It is not work when you love what you do. Glad you found a calling.
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    What a great new chapter! Sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be completely worth it when you are doing something you truly love.
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    It's your time, Peg. So happy you have the courage and strength to take this huge step - and a supportive husband helping you make it happen.
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    so happy for you!
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    That's great Peg! Your days sound demanding, but I'm sure you will manage.
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    Amazing and so inspiring! You're a wonderful role model for your little ones, especially your daughter! Go you!!
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    You and Mrs. Dave can talk hearts sometime. I'll be in the dessert line.
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    That's pretty great that you can do a complete career switch over just a few months! I spent 6 years in grad school...it seemed impossibly demanding at the time but was 100% worth it. Keep on truckin!
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