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    that's still a PR.. personally I just switched to triathlon when I couldn't PR a run anymore 😉 but that turned out not to be sustainable.. so, swimming ! ha.
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    I get my kudos on Strava now. I also use the flyby feature to stalk any runners who I see on my runs. Actually made a few friends that way.
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    Zero book matches this month. Think I mentioned that my view on PRs is the same as yours also. And really, unless you're in an official, competitive group that tracks these things, I'm not sure it really makes any difference. If you say your PR is ##, what business is it of mine to say whether it's legit? You worked hard and ran hard and have some numbers you feel good about. Everybody wins. Not that I'm planning on any PRs again, unless I asterisk them all with AGs.
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    I’ve found I feel better running 6-7 days a week than I feel at 3-4! I hope that St George happens for you and the others signed up. 🤞
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    My goal is to go through a whole day without giving myself whiplash from shaking my head at how dumb people are. This is a good start, thank you.
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    here's another data point - in university I never ran slow, because I was the slowest guy on the team.. had to go hard while everyone else was running easy.. my long runs on my own were also hard, since I figured I needed the extra work.. Left that, went into the army where they wouldn't let me run enough (ha) and got even slower. Out of the army, by this time had run six marathons between 3:10 and 3:06 and thought that was it for me, maybe could get down under 3:05 one day.. started training with a bunch of ultramarathon guys who did long runs of 3-6 hours at easy jog pace. This seemed very odd but it was sort of nice just to lope along chatting, gas station breaks to get a Coke and candy bar. Four months into this ran a hilly hard 35 mile race, hit the marathon mark in 2:45 and held pace to the finish in 3:48.. now it's true I had to add in some 10k-specific training to get near 2:40 but always kept the easy long run..
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    Kudos Mayor ( have been a lurker in the loop for 8 or 10 years I think, just created an account to say Kudos)
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    I'm confident I'd rather never PR again than take up swimming! 😂
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    I really miss the social interaction of my group runs, although my group has re-started group runs I am not comfortable participating yet. I have tried more focus on being mindful during my runs and focusing on the moment, enjoying the run, and being thankful that I am able to run. I am currently re-reading Mackenzie L. Harvey's book Mindful Running to better focus on my breathing, and environment during the run and not think about other things.
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    Kudos, Dave, Kudos. Maybe it's time for that trail race ...
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    Interesting how the body adapts to whatever we give it. Fingers crossed for an actual race to happen. Utahns are as divided as the rest of the country on covid, so there's no guarantees.
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    Sounds like your training is going great, maybe eliminating the speed work was key to being able to run more days a week. Good luck at the St. George Marathon and a BQ.
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    I agree with all of this 100% and this is what I do in my running. It's also so difficult no to say something when you see people calling a run an easy run when you know that for them they are going way too fast. I do my easy runs about 2 minutes slower than my 10k pace and I limit my HR to 140. Most of these runs end up with an average HR of about 135-138.
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    Your letter is beautiful. ❤️
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    I started running every day, but also making sure my easy days are actually easy, which at my pace requires doing a run/walk (I go by my heartrate on my watch and walk anytime it hits a certain point until it drops back down to another specific point.) I've been able to extend the amount of time at the beginning of my run where I can run before I hit the heart rate level where I walk, even with the summer heat, so it must be doing some good. I'm also in the last weeks of my masters degree in nutrition. I'm not eligible to be an RD (no way I would be able to get the required internship, even if I could live for a year without pay) but there are other certifications I can get and that and a job search will be the next steps. A job search in the days of COVID is not something I'm super optimistic about, but it is what it is.
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    Colorado is beautiful, and running at altitude is a real fitness bonus!
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    My goal is to experiment with different workout routines while I have no races in sight. Right now I'm running shorter and slower, but more frequently. Thanks for the update. Stay safe, and good luck with everything!
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    Glad you had fun. No place we'd rather be.
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    I’ve missed your updates!
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    My family has done a couple of escape rooms; one in Chicago, and one in Ferndale and enjoyed them. It is great that they both had way of getting you audio hints when you get stuck. I found that you really have to pay close attention to what the clues say when solving them.
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    My goal, and what I find some comfort in is to follow a consistent daily morning routine. When I get up in the morning I do a combination of stretching, mild strength, balance, and breathing exercises that takes me about 30 minutes, which I do mostly for injury prevention for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis which I have had problems with multiple times . I guess that completing this routine daily adds something that is consistent in my life and that things will be alright today during these crazy times.
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    Although I didn't enjoy living in Denver, I do love visiting it! Glad you had a good time.
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    I've been told by multiple sources that building & home improvement projects have gone through the roof since COVID. Guess staying home makes one really not like their house. Anyway, the point is, entirely possible HD is just out of the pickets.
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    I was doing calculations in my head about my paces and was relieved when I saw the bit about easy pace being relative to your race pace. Mine is a fair bit slower than it used to be, so I'm glad I don't have to slow my slow runs so much. Much slower and I'll be walking.
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    I'm not convinced that XTing helps much, so I don't think you're missing much! Mainly it just keeps me from going insane. 😉 We will see what the elliptigo does. I live in a rural area that is fantastic for cycling so am hopeful that it will fit right in, although I've also seen someone riding one in town! Beets are super good for runners, but I can understand not trying them after that. The pickled and canned ones are disgusting, but my child even loves the fresh ones. Take the difference between a grocery store tomato and a home grown tomato, or fresh asparagus and canned asparagus, and multiply it by 100.
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