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    Eyes forward, KRG. Plenty of good times (running and otherwise) ahead.
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    You are right, you don't want to do a race undertrained, unless it's like a 5 or a 10K. I support this deferral 100%. That's so exciting about grad school! It was my favorite time in life AND one of the most pivotal! I was also 24-25-26, so you know, it was probably more the age thing than the grad school thing. I digress. This is worthless information for you. +1 Sarah on running. It's there however you need it.
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    Every time I complain about life getting in the way, I remember - "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon). I've managed to get in a lot more living remembering that. I already can't wait until next year.
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    Sounds so fun! Running will always be there, in whatever capacity is best for you at different times. It always lets you come back!
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    There's always something. Life's like that, isn't it? What's to prevent two teams (or three) of Loopsters in this race? Seems like there's enough interest. My writing has gone way downhill the last couple of years, too. I feel like I shot my whole wad from 2010-2016. Now it's just, "Ran a bunch and got stung by wasps." Who even wants to read that? And don't even get me started on Instagram.
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    Well you won the cannonball contest, so there's that.
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    Thanks. I'm trying to hang on too. Idk... other Liz is a lot of fun...
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    Yay! Liz is back! All is right in the running world again.
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    I'm glad running was there for you when you were ready!
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    I've had a lot of those feelings the last few weeks, but that's normal in weeks 12-15 of training. And in summer! Don't even get me started on the heat/humidity. Then, there are other times when I realize that sometimes running is all I have, so I better hang onto it like grim death. Athletic Liz vs. Insomniac Smoker Liz - this is really a no-brainer. 😘
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    The thing about running is that it will always be there when you are ready to return!
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    Yay! Glad you are loving exercise again! I never thought I’d be a gym rat but I LOVE it!
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    Hot weather, high dewpoint, no problem. Congratulations, Sara!
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    You're getting pretty good at this racing thing. 🤣
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    Sounds like a great outcome to me! Congrats!
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    my writing has gone downhill. reduced to punctuation.
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    You can gain a ton of fitness in 5-6 weeks - go get ‘em!
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    That interval workout is great! I’m with you on being able to spend months marathon training but could never do something like Beach Body. Also I was sad to hear ELP was closed due to flooding.
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    Interesting interval workout (the longer run, shorter rest one). Sounds really hard. Glad you continue to show MJ who's boss.
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    I love that the cows were the biggest source of crowd support … Congratulations on another solid 13.1!
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    Do we get to know what marathon? I'm always surprised with myself when I do speedwork as well. Isn't it a great feeling (when it's over)?
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    Great weather for a nice, relaxed half. Time to hit the books.
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    You are coming on really strong now at the end of summer. Excellent. My favorite lately was last week's 3 x 3200 with mile recoveries Nailed the paced and felt strong at the end. Second place goes to my 16 miler on Saturday (which I expect to bloop tomorrow) with 4 fast finish miles. Slightly cooler temps are coming at just the right time to make me feel good about New Hampshire. BTW, impressive new truck.
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    My favorite August run was probably the long run I did starting at my house running all the way to the Missouri River and back for a total of 13.3 miles. It was slow, but the goal of getting to the river and back made it one of the more interesting runs I did.
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    Gwen is great to run with! Good luck with getting ready for grad school. My program didn't require the GMAT (or any other test). I'm a year in. It's been a challenge. The nutrition program I'm doing is all online. It allows me to keep working, but it scares me sometimes that places are going to look at my degree and think it's trash. (It is a an accredited, nonprofit school with a real physical campus that has a very good reputation but still...)
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    What can I say? I'm a rebel. I've run ten on Eight Mile before.
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    I opened up my Google doc and realized I still have a 3/4 written NY Marathon report I never finished. Was so much fun I won't mind reliving it a bit. Working on it.
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    Isn't it sacrilege to only go 6 miles on 7 mile road? Just seems wrong. Glad everything is feeling better.
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    Good seeing you too! Good luck in the marathon!
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    Two teams just never materializes. My writing has gone downhill? 😉 Meh. I'm out of practice now that I never write anymore. PS I'm not sure I can live in a world where you say, "shot my whole wad," Dave. haha
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    Even when it's 66* and 100% humidity (which is what it was for my workout this morning), it's SO much better than 70*+ with a dew point of 70*! I've decided 70 is about where it becomes the dew point of death, for me at least. Your work is solid and you definitely need to register for your 26.2. In regards to the Yassos, Bart himself says they are like you described, a solid workout. He never intended them to be a marathon predictor, so it's kind of funny people debate that (the marathon time = Yasso time is just a way to get your target time for the 800s). No one can argue how hard 8-12 x 800 m fast is!
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    This was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Running the last leg with you was icing on the cake!!! Also, you reminded me that I have a half written half rr waiting for me to finish it.
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    Great looking group! Good thing that band didnt have to go around your biceps or it would have bounced of!! Lol!
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    I look forward to reading about this every year! If I'm ever living back on the East coast....
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    Best title I’ve seen lately! Also sounds like an amazing experience.
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    Had my own experience with Vermont hills in May. Ick. And of course I'm going to New Hampshire now for more punishment. What a dope. Maybe I should start getting some stair work in since I'm not really doing any hills lately. This VT100 thing has turned into quite the tradition. Be proud of those guns, my friend.
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    My go-to running Halloween costume is a fork in the road (gray shirt with a white or yellow line down the middle & a plastic fork stitched on it) or a copy cat (cat ears & a shirt that says "copy").
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    Some phases of life don't allow for running as much as we'd like. There's light at the end of this tunnel, though. Hang in there.
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    Sounds like school and running are going well. Kudos for surviving and thriving in Year 1!
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    that's the best graffiti art I've seen.. For all your gar-related puns, follow Dr. David on twitter, gar pic from his feed,
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    1) Every time you use SIL i read it as sister-in-law. Anyone else? 2)What's a gar??? 3) Love the mural! The colors are amazing. 4) Solid week of running and I could totally use that road where there are POPs every 1/4 mile. Let's just say I'm a little jealous.
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    Just to let you know, the lows both mornings this weekend here in KY (at least where I am) are supposed to be 58 degrees. That might be almost fall-like, if you can find a way to get out the door on your visit. I am definitely going to take advantage of it with hopefully 20+ miles for the weekend. Probably half with my running group and half on trails.
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    Congrats on the AG!!! I love that you smoked your 2016 times!!!
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    Nice race report, cool to see those stats.
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    I wouldn't give much credence to any race time during August - especially in a place called Hell.
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