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  1. Then I'll write about something else. (let me know if you can see the pics now) Went for my annual physical last Friday. As usual, it was a ho hum affair. Fortunately, because of covid (I think) there was no rectal prostate exam. And since I'm still active for a guy "my age", the fact that I'm not on any medications, my blood pressure and HR are optimal, and my cholesterol and other heart disease indicators are excellent, he didn't have much to say. Until the blood test results came back. The last couple of years my blood sugar numbers have been slowly rising. This time I finally hit
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  2. Guys, it happened. I was doing four sets of five minutes, in the hopes of eventually stringing along enough minutes to ditch the walk breaks all together, and it happened! It was my third set. I was chugging along, listening to “Nice White Parents,” and fretting about the world, when I realized that I wasn’t struggling. I looked at my garmin, assuming that I must have slowed down, but no! I was at my normal pace. It just didn’t suck. I didn’t feel like all I wanted to do in the whole world was stop. For the first time, in over a year, I was in that space. I could keep doing t
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