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  1. The short: I won a half marathon and set the Oklahoma female masters state record! I had an amazing race trip with my friends! Runners are the best people ever! Everything is wonderful! I didn't run quite as fast as I'd have liked at T-Town, but 60 degrees in March is much warmer than 60 degrees in September. I was proud of my even pacing and solid performance running solo on a course with some tricky elevation. As per usual, I'd have preferred a 30-40 degree day, pacing partners, and an easy course, but given the circumstances I don't really think this could have gone any better.
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  2. I gained a few pandemic pounds and some high cholesterol to go with it (and I just finished a master's degree in nutrition so it feels especially like that shouldn't have happened.) Since starting to work on tackling that I'm down a few pounds, but it's been slow. I did buy a new pair of pants because I had no blue jeans I could comfortably wear.
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