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  1. This was supposed to be the summer I took on my first 1/2 Iron Tri -- swim 1.2, bike 56, run 13.1, but like everything else it was canceled due to Covid. I've been riding with a great group of people for the past 3 months. Many of them are veterans of the Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. They asked me to join their fundraising bike team for the Foster 100. The Foster 100 raises money for service dogs for veterans. The Covid rules for the event were to accumulate 100 miles in the week of Septemeber 7 - 13. Since my tri was cancelled I signed up. In the meanwhile a local RD sa
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  2. Well, there's crazy and then there's crazy. Hope you wished those guys a nice day when you chicked them.
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  3. I first heard about the Run Thru Hell sometime in the 90's. At the time I wasn't running enough to think I should do such a crazy thing as ten hilly miles in the middle of August in Michigan. Granted, it's not Florida or Arizona, but average morning conditions include both temps and dew points in the 70s. Icky, soupy stuff for running. Anyway, I finally got up the mileage and the courage to go to Hell in 2011, the summer I was training for marathon #5 (Philly). Finished that day in what I think was a comfortable 1:26. In 2013 I ran 1:23 and then last year a 1:33 (started OK but really cra
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