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  1. The last couple of weeks of training have been so so with my Saturday long runs not going very well, even after cutting back on my running during the second week. We'll see how the next week goes. 5 weeks to go to my target half marathon virtual./time trial. Week of April 5 Total Miles: 41 Mon: 59F and sunny: 30 min Aerobic run, 30 min of Pickups, 1 mi cool down; 7.9 miles Tue: 55F and cloudy: 60 min easy run; 6.6 miles, 9:16 min/mi, 123 avg HR. Wed: 70F and cloudy: 30 min Aerobic, 30 min Pickups, 1 mi cool down; 7 mi Thu: 48F and sunny: 60
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