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    Sure, but Mrs. Dave is VERY anxious about this dress. Obsessively so. I can't describe to you the over-the-top nature of her concern. They estimated TWO WEEKS to ship - too long. And she didn't even believe that it was truly the same dress until we were actually in the store, holding it in her hands after trying it on.
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    No more weird heart rate episodes this week. I'm going to call BS on Garmin for showing that during my Snowbuster. Looking back a few weeks I see little spikes like that sometimes in a run, just never for more than a second or two. I'll keep an eye on it. Anyway, afterwards, there were a few days of really nasty cold and wind, so I just didn't run. Stairs on Monday, strength on Tuesday. It was borderline on Wednesday and I was deciding whether another session on the stairs was on tap or if I was going to brave the cold when Mrs. Dave called and told me about the dress. As you know, Big Mac's wedding is coming up in about five weeks now, and the hunt has been on for a suitable mother of the bride outfit. But she doesn't want to look matronly. I don't know where the line between hot and matronly is, so I pretty much leave all this to her, except when she corners me and demands an opinion. This is completely unfair, but I do my best. There was this one she found at JCPenny a couple of weeks ago that she really liked. Unfortunately, it was one size too large. Don't even get me started on women's dress sizes. Back to last Wednesday - this multi-week quest had led her to every JCP location in the greater Detroit area (why this big company can't have their inventory in a central computer system that you can check from your home like Kohl's or a billion other retailers, I also don't know). Finally, she found the dress in the right size...but the wrong color. Undaunted by the archaic JCP IT infrastructure, Mrs. Dave and her new best friend working the counter that day went old school. The telephone. They called pretty much every store within a 200 mile radius of L-town. Michigan. Ohio. Then they struck gold (or rather, struck navy, which was the magic color). There was a store with the right dress in the right color in the right size. In Mishawaka, Indiana. About now you're asking yourself, "Where the hell is Mishawaka, Indiana?" I know this because that's the same question I asked myself. Well, let me tell you. From my house, it's 180 or so highway miles to the west-south west, just a couple of miles away from Notre Dame University. So of course there's a mall and of course there's a Penny's and of course driving there and back is how I spent my Wednesday evening last week. Nearly 3 hours one-way. We spent more in gas money than the dress cost, but it's for the wedding and we're the bride's parents, so it's all reasonable. Of course you'd do the same. Thursday was still pretty cold but not as windy, so I hit the streets for 7 miles. Friday was supposed to be 8 miles, but I had a previous commitment and shortened it to 4 so I could at least get something. Saturday's long run was 10 (plan had 8). Curious how that was going to go since my last long run was the disaster that was my Snowbuster. Suppose now that the miles are getting longer, it's time to be a little more careful with the pace. Saturday morning was almost beautiful and we were expecting it to get close to 50 in the afternoon. I decided to wait until then for the run. Sadly, 50 never happened. Neither did 40 and it got windy as well, so it wasn't the best weather I've had. Still, not terrible and the ten miles went by a lot easier than the 13.1 from last week. Felt good all the way in. The snow is mostly gone except for a few shady places. Yesterday was an easy 6 that was pretty easy. I can feel spring trying to break through. Seven today and eight tomorrow. I should be at 50 miles this week, but I don't think that'll happen. Thursday has some plans I'm not interested in but will have to go anyway, so I'll lose ten miles there. Saturday is a 14-er, and ought to give me 40-ish for the week. Feeling pretty good, too.
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    Do you use a wrist HRM or chest strap? The wrist isn't very accurate when running, so if it's the wrist I definitely wouldn't stress.
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    Lots of happy in those pictures. Hope the foot is still feeling good.
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