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    FULL DISCLOSURE: This is not an ad, but I'm totally going to be touting a product. Sadly, I'm not getting paid for this. It's winter. I have spring 5K plans. It's winter. Those of you who know me know that I really dislike running in cold weather. I also dislike running in the dark, trying to find a running buddy who goes my pace, and trying to fit my weekday schedule around a group run. Group runs are great, but the only time I've ever made a weekday group run work was when I paid for speed sessions. And it's cold. It gets dark early. It's cold and windy at lunchtime. Lately, the sidewalks are either snow or ice covered - or both. UGH. I'd have to go inside to have a safe, quality run. Enter Peloton Digital. Yes, that Peloton. With the $2400 bike and the $4400 treadmill. I do not own either, nor do I have plans to own them. I do have the app, which, let's me take live or on-demand Peloton classes. For the longest time, I didn't do any running classes. But last Tuesday, I thought, if I have to run indoors, I might as well be engaged in something while I do it. The reason why people would buy the bike or the tread is to be more 'connected' to the live classes - then you get to see the leaderboard, and can 'race' others taking the class. Me? I'm usually just racing myself, so having that access isn't that big of a deal to me. Let me tell you, it has been transformative. It's like I have my coached group workouts again. No pressure to go a specific speed, only what speed works for me in that moment. Do I get challenged? Heck yes I do. And I love it. Instead of just plodding along at the same speed, I'm speeding up and slowing down, changing the incline, or maybe just focusing on my heart rate to really get that endurance training in. It's seriously transformed the #dreadmill into enjoyable treadmill running for me. I really feel like I'm getting a quality workout in, and that I'm improving as a runner. For example, this past Sunday, we had another round of winter weather roll through, leaving 1/4" to 1/2" of ice along roads and sidewalks. And where water pools, there were mini ice rinks. AND there were 24 MPH winds, gusting to 32 MPH. I don't run in that sh!t. So, the future hubs and I went to the gym, where I did a 10 minute warmup class on the Peloton app, followed by a 45 minute funk run. I ran up and down hills and did some speed intervals, topping out at 5K speed. It's two days later and I'm still on the high of killing that run, which otherwise would have been a boring, 4-mile plod. I've already become attached to one instructor who ran a sub-3:00 marathon in 2017. All that to say … I'm really excited I discovered the joy of these classes for indoor running. It's injected a new level of excitement that I just really need right now. They also do outdoor guided runs, which I feel like could be nice or be a disaster - what if I'm running a hilly route and they are all like, 'SPRINT!'? But, I will give those a try when it gets nicer.
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    I wrote this at the end of last week, but I figured why not try to recruit some Loopsters to join me for some races. Happy Friday (Saturday now, but still happy), friends! It’s been a long week, but it’s SO CLOSE to being time to move into the good part. My week has been action packed in every way. Work has been busy (not such a bad thing) with lots of excitement going on. Jen and I are plotting our family vacation this year and are working between Myrtle Beach or DisneyWorld. It ain’t cheap haha. I’ve managed to run 4 days so far this week and plan on running a semi-long one tomorrow. The early wake ups are starting to wear me down a little and I need to focus on getting my butt in bed earlier if I’m going to keep doing it. I’m still running what I want, when I want, how I want for the most part and I don’t have a training plan. However, I DID sign up for some stuff! April is going to be a busy month. Race #1 – The Ville to Ville Craft Brew Relay This will be my first relay ever! The race starts in Asheville, NC and ends up in Greenville, SC for a total of 75 miles. As the name implies, THERE WILL BE CRAFT BREW. I should end up running one or two legs of the race, which means no more than 20 miles or so total. Our team isn’t really all that competitive, so I can run at a semi-leisurely pace and I don’t require a ton of intense training. I like that. Just tell me how far to the next brewery. Race #2 – The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and MiniMarathon 2 weeks later, it’ll be a trip to Louisville, KY for the mini marathon down in Louisville, KY. I have several reasons to be excited about this! Special edition whiskey? Sounds better than regular edition whiskey. There will be whiskey. There are several distilleries that I’d love to visit while I’m there. I randomly won free whiskey! Shoutout to @therunchat on Twitter for getting me hooked up with that. They can also save you $5 if you decide to sign up by using code CHAT2019. I’m excited like a kid to go to the Louisville Slugger factory. Baseball bats!!! I’m on the fence about whether I’m going to really “race” this one and try to PR or just enjoy it. We shall see…
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    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! If you’ve read my last two posts, and are still choosing to read more, thank you for sticking with me and choosing to read the good AND the bad. We all have the good and the bad times and, folks – this is certainly my bad time. Yes, it goes on this week as well. Man, this training has gotten off to a rocky start. It’s pretty typical, as I’ve written before, but the difference will be in how I handle this rockiness and push through it. This training cycle doesn’t have to turn out like all the others. And it won’t. Aside from the happenings of the week, I still had a pretty good week of training. Monday: I was all pumped and ready to run when I got off work. I even left a few minutes early so that I could be a majority of the traffic and get home with a decent amount of sunlight left. 15 minutes later and this… This is my car This was the person I hit It was completely my fault and the first real accident I’ve been in (driving) – especially where it was my fault. Traffic always slows down right before you get off my exit – I know this. Every day it’s the same. However, I take my eyes off the road for just a second and when I turned back forward, BAM! She was only going about 15-20 MPH and I was probably going 40-45 when I hit her. Luckily we are both ok and it seems to only be cosmetic damage to both vehicles. Although my hood is bent in half, it doesn’t seem like there is any engine damage*. It made it the 15 minutes home and it seems fine. I will definitely have to get it aligned though. I’m leaving what I wrote above, because I didn’t think it was that bad and it didn’t look that bad. My insurance company sent someone out to inspect my car. After looking under the hood, we discovered that my radiator is busted. That and the cosmetic damage will likely be more than sweet Bessie is worth, which means the car will likely be classified as totaled. My insurance company sent me a message on Saturday. Yes, she’s totaled. Being a 2007, and the damages that were done, the repairs would have been more than she’s worth. I will however get a good amount for a down-payment on a new vehicle. While I will be happy for an upgrade, Bessie and I have been through a lot together. I’m actually writing a post about her. Yes, I’m writing a post about my car. Stay tuned… Back to training: With all that has been going on, I still managed to get in FOUR runs, a barbell class, and hot yoga! I was determined to work the frustration out via sweat. One run was with my co-worker friends, Kelli & Amy, during lunch on Thursday, another was a 5K (and I liked it) on a treadmill on Friday, and I finally got a 10 mile long run in yesterday. Treadmill 5K: The weather was crappy but I HAD to get in a run. I’d planned to go to run club the day before, but that was the day the inspector came to look at my car. I got to Planet Fitness, zoned out to some tunes, and used my new Jaybird Tarah earbuds for the first time. It felt good! 10 mile long run: It was REALLY cold and icy Saturday morning, so I went to hot yoga instead of running. Then, I got out around 9AM on Sunday for my run. The greenway was still icy in spots, but I managed just fine. It was a gorgeous day and I actually got hot in my tights and thin long-sleeve. I even took off my headband after the first couple miles! Now that I’ve had time to process things, I’m feeling like things are taking a turn towards positive again. This week must be better than the last two – I just have to ensure that happens. Time to dig in again – 13 miles for the long run this weekend and a half marathon (15 actual miles planned) next weekend! Thanks for reading, Chris
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    NOT RUNNING RELATED As I'm sure you read in my last post, I totaled my 2007 Nissan Xterra (only 160,000+ miles) in an accident last week. While I still believe she had a few years left, maybe this was the best way for her to go? I’m not a materialistic person. I’d rather spend my money on food or traveling, and I usually don’t buy things at full price. However, when I purchased my 2007 Nissan Xterra back in December 2006, she only had 21 miles on her – most of which I put on test driving. I named her Bessie, sometimes calling her Blue Bessie, because – well – she’s blue. I was active duty in the Army and had just returned from my first deployment to Afghanistan. I had saved up quite a bit of tax-free pay, some of which I used as a down-payment for Bessie, and some that I used to take my mom to Hawaii! Right before I bought Bessie, I was in-between cars. My first-ever car, a white 1992 Ford Mustang that my mom lovingly purchased for me in high school, was starting to wear out, and I had borrowed my friend’s Nissan Xterra to drive around while he was deployed. I can’t remember what year it was but it was an older model. While I was driving it, it broke down! At that time, I had to get a rental car while I looked for a new car. Guess what the rental car was? A new Nissan Xterra!! Having that as a rental is what lead me to buy Bessie. I didn’t like the thought of buying a car used, not knowing everything that had happened to it, so I just went for the brand new one! Bessie and I have been through SO much together, and she has taken me to some amazing places. She has been the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever driven, and I haven’t had to replace anything out of the ordinary – the biggest only being a new timing chain and radiator. I don’t have pictures to go with every story, but I do have lots of pictures that I will share along the way. Below is only the highlights of what Bessie and I have been through; there's so much more. Haulin’ wood… The Keying Incident (2007) During my second deployment to Afghanistan (not long after I bought her), I left Bessie at a friend’s house while I was away. LONG story short, Bessie gets keyed from top to bottom by a psycho-ex of a guy I was friends with, who lived in the neighborhood where she was parked – $3,500 worth of damage! Many mountain biking and kayaking adventures… The Break-in (2009) I had just returned from my last deployment, and was in my last few months of being in the Army. It was Super Bowl weekend and I had literally just gotten back into town the night before. I had apparently left the door unlocked. I had all of my deployment belongings in the car, including a laptop w/case that included ALL the digital photos I’d ever taken (this was before I had a smart phone), and a lot of important documents. Some jerk stole everything out of the car. The jerk was never caught. Selfies and running events… Felix the Afghani Cat (2009) During my last deployment in Afghanistan (notice the beginning paragraph trend?), I found a kitten and her mother wandering around our camp. The kitten had a special needs disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), and apparently the only kitten of the litter that had survived. LONG, amazing story short – I was able to get Felix back to the States, and used Bessie to go pick her up in Arlington, Virginia. It was a BIG moment in my life. Please read more about CH and Felix’s amazing story here, in an article written by the amazing Ellen Piligian, for People Magazine Pets. Got poop? (2010) A guy I dated – let’s call him George – had just come back from an overseas deployment and came to visit me. We went out to dinner and were going to go to a haunted house afterwards; I think it was one of his first going-out dinners back in the States. On the way to the haunted house, George lets me know that he wasn’t feeling well and needed to use the bathroom. There was a Walmart a couple miles down the road, so I was going to stop there. All of a sudden, George yells at me, “Pull over! PULL OVER!” So I pulled over on the side of the road where there was nothing but dark, North Carolina woods. He then yells, “UNLOCK THE DOOR! UNLOCK IT!”as he was pulling on the door handle; I think he must have locked the door with his arm during the frenzy. Well friends, he didn’t get the door open in time before he pooped himself – inside the car. He jumps out of the car, taking everything with him (“it” remained secured inside his draws), and disappears into the dark woods. Many minutes later, I look in the passenger side mirror and see George standing there, stark naked, with his hands in front of his “area”. He had stripped off all of his clothes. He comes up to the door and asks if I have anything he can wrap around himself. I had just moved and had a bunch of packing paper in the back. He wraps it around himself and gets in the backseat. I took him home with the windows rolled down. The next day, he went back to the woods to get the expensive jeans he had soiled. Y’all, I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up. Fire Ants (2012) William and I went to the beach and stayed with his parents in a beach house for a week, located at Figure 8 Island – near Wrightsville Beach, NC. They rent the same house every year for the week of July 4th, and have been doing so since William was a kid. We drove Bessie there and just kept her parked in the driveway – not driving the whole time. When we left at the end of the week, we noticed a few ants crawling around here and there. That’s weird. Moments later, we realized they were EVERYWHERE! We lifted up the rear seats, and…. INFESTATION!!!! Seeing that many fire ants crawling around was just awful! I obviously had to do a deep clean and eventually got them all out. EEEK! This was the day we picked up little Gwenie Poo (2016) Road Trips Across the Country (2007, 2013, 2016) Arizona 2007: I had to attend a military course in Arizona and just a few months after buying Bessie, I was off from North Carolina to Arizona! It was a great trip and I ended up getting her first oil change while I was out there. I got to run in some sweet races in AZ! Colorado 2013: William got a job in Colorado so we moved away from North Carolina. Since we both had vehicles, we had to drive separately. I had Felix and Gus with me, and they meowed a majority of the way there! They still did much better than I expected so it could have been worse! Getting to Colorado / Bessie with a snowhawk Parked in the garage of our first home Anniversary Road Trip to the Grand Canyon 2016: We decided to go to the Grand Canyon for our second wedding anniversary. Sweet Felix passed away the day before we were supposed to leave, so it was a much needed trip. We started off in Moab, UT where we camped with cows. From there, we traveled to Flagstaff, AZ, then up to the Grand Canyon. After a decent hike, we went back down to Flagstaff, then to Santa Fe, NM. We then came back up through the south past Taos, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs. We spent a lot of the five days driving, but we saw some amazing places. Almost 10 year old Bessie handled it like a champ. Camping in Moab / The Grand Canyon Camping and 14er hiking: Bessie has taken us to many outdoor adventures here in Colorado. Even though she isn’t 4×4, she can get around pretty well! Waiting out the rain in Crested Butte A make-shift Uhaul AirBnB in Salida We hiked our first 14er (Grays Peak) two days after moving to CO Other random Bessie facts: I once swiftly backed up into a light pole, bending the step on the back bumper. I was rear-ended by a chick on her cell phone while stopped in traffic. Bessie was unharmed but the girl’s bumper was dented. I was once again rear-ended while sitting parked in a parking space. No harm done. The above facts all happened within a few months time! Before the gas gauge was recalled, I ran out of gas at a stoplight, on a hill. Only time she every ran out of gas. I use to stop and rescue box turtles in the middle of the road, when I lived in NC. No really, I did! It may seems silly to some – to write a story about a big hunk of metal and plastic, but it’s the reliability and memories that have me writing this. Bessie is not a person, but she is my friend. She will forever hold a place in my heart and my memories. Bessie, thank you for always getting me from Point A to Point B-Z, safely. To celebrate her life (and lighten the mood), I will leave you with my Nissan version of the Marine Corps Rifleman’s Creed: This is my Nissan. There are many like her, but this one is mine. She is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my Nissan is useless. Without my Nissan, I am useless. I must drive my Nissan true. I must drive straighter than the other driver who is beside me. I must avoid him before he hits me. I will. (Doh!) My Nissan and I know that what counts in driving is not the gas we burn, the noise of our horn, or the exhaust we make. We know that it is the MPGs that count. We will efficiently hit. My Nissan is human, even as I am human, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a sister. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its lights and its tires. I will keep my Nissan clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. Before God I swear this creed. My Nissan and I are the defenders of my ability to now parallel park. We are the masters of our road. (Doh!) We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no person who doesn’t use their turn signal.
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    Until last weekend, we'd only had one little snowfall, and it was just a dusting. I never thought it was possible to have an entirely snow-free bacon season, but it was awfully nice while it lasted. 2019 presents a weirdness factor I haven't had in many, many years - and that's a decision about whether to run based on the weather. Whether it's my age related mellowing, or injury paranoia or something else, I seem to have lost the hunger for bacon. More on that in a minute. A fun, easy 8-1/2 on the previous Saturday. So nice not to be thinking about the knee every step. I ran through the new trail again. It's still rough and will be messy when it's wet, but it's still fun to go through the woods, even if it's only a half mile long. Not many trails around here. Deer tracks. Flirting with 8 minutes miles. Been feeling the need to ramp up some miles before training starts. My official build up was supposed to begin yesterday, and I wanted to be fully up to snuff by then. 5 miles on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and 6 on Thursday for my birthday. You've read about the ultras who run a mile for every year? Sorry, but I'm good with a mile for every ten years. The meteorologists had been tracking our first real snowfall last week and Saturday was supposed to be the big day, with 3-6 inches and plenty of wind. Not a scary storm, but since they haven't had anything to report on in almost a year, they were understandably excited. We ended up getting about 4. Enough that my snow blower got a decent workout. Discovered that all my gas cans were empty, but I was able to get through almost all of it before I had to go old school with the shovel. And I didn't run. Knowing I was going to skip Saturday, I did my long run on Friday, 8 miles. There was some ice on the back end of my loop that made the footing a little dicey, but it wasn't a bad run. On Saturday I stayed home and watched the white stuff come down. I'm trying to be OK with that. On Sunday we FaceTimed with Mac and her new fiance` about wedding plans and then had my birthday dinner and cake with friends. Yesterday was spent in training for work. The sun was brilliant and the temps were certainly reasonable for January, but as I checked out the sidewalks and neighborhood streets on the way home, I saw too many uncleared sidewalks and too much ice on the roads. So instead of trying to run on it, I stayed inside, ran up and down the basement stairs for 30 minutes. Figured that was at least as interesting as a treadmill and I didn't have to drive to Planet Fitness and re-sign up to use the dreadmills. It's been three years since I stepped on one of those things. My plan is to go slow, after all. Still freezing, so the ice/snow will be as it was yesterday, but 40 and rain tomorrow. Then it will get cold again and more snow after that. (How am I even thinking about that again? Someone talk me out of it!)
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    Winter took a long time to come to Connecticut. It’s now here. Temps are winter-ish but there’s been no snow really, although the forecast is 8-12” tomorrow. I love snow so I’m pumped to finally get some white stuff. The whole family is going snow shoeing tomorrow! As much as I like snow, it makes the runs a little more difficult. I generally run on the treadmill early in the morning during the week, and run outside on the weekends. Last Saturday I ran what I would consider my first cold long run of the season - 8 miles in about 22 degrees / feels like 12 degrees. My overall pace was 10:15/mile. Considering that it was my longest run in 15 months, I was pretty content with the effort & results. My hands (even with gloves) and face were freezing for the first mile and a half, but then started to warm up. In the end, I chose the right clothing because I didn’t think about the temperature for the rest of my run. 👍 I got two runs in during the week, 4 miles and 5 miles. I was bummed I didn’t get a third one in, but when I look back at it now I see it was a week. I had to go to NYC (about 3 hour trip by car/train) on Monday & Wednesday for work, and I met my mom for breakfast before work on Friday. So that left only 2 mornings available for running. I suppose I could run at night, but I’m beat when I get home, and by the time we eat dinner, hang with the kiddies for a little bit, then put the two younger ones to bed, it seems like it’s 9:00pm already. I’ll stick with the morning runs. This morning my homemade training plan for NJ Half had me running 8.5 miles. When I checked the weather last night it was supposed to be mid20s with a feels like in the low teens. Basically the same as last week, so why not wear the same thing? Well because after I got dressed this morning, I checked the actual temp and it was 24 / feels like 22. 🤔 I took off one mid layer and was out the door. As I was driving to where I picked to run, I was enjoying the music on the radio. Oh crap, I forgot the shuffle for music on my run. I wasn’t far from home so I turned around and got it. I sometimes run without tunes on short runs, but I like music on longer runs. During today’s run, I was happy I went back for it. I ran in East Hartland, a little teeny tiny town about 10 minutes drive from my house. I parked at the only restaurant there and ran two 4.25 mile loops on roads through mostly forest with occasional houses. I haven’t run there in a couple years so I didn’t remember it being as hilly as it was. I checked the elevation on map my run last night but I’m not that good with determining how hilly a route is unless it’s pancake flat or crazy mountainous. Oh well, there was a little walking on the bigger uphills. It was a nice loop, even with the ups & downs. Today’s pace (10:56/ mile) was not surprisingly slower than the previous week’s run on a super flat rail trail. I’m still getting back into running longer and focusing on getting the miles in. Pace will come down as I continue. That’s pretty much it from here. Hope you’re enjoying your runs as much I am going to enjoy tomorrow’s snow! 😁🤙
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    I ran 2,500 miles last year and only raced once, in March. Okay, well I did a Turkey Trot too, but it was with no bibs or chips, just a timer. I think I was top 5 though. I started 15 or so feet from the line and had to work my way through the crowd as I gained speed. About 100 yards in I had to dodge a little kid (8yr old?) who had sprinted and was now bent over with his hands on his knees huffing and puffing. With 3 more miles to go he was in for a long morning. I continued passing crowds until about half a mile into it and then found folks running around my pace. First mile was a 6:43. Some downhill and extra effort had me passing a few more folks. A younger, college guy started pacing with me and we traded spots some. Some friends of his cheered him as we went by. Some uphll before hitting mile 2 caused him to drop back slightly, but he was on my heels and stayed there on the next downhill into mile 3. Mile 2 was a 6:33. A flat greenway took us back to the finish. I used to mile repeats here when I lived closer to it. I got into that zone and though maybe a sub 20 was possible, but just ran. College guy couldn't keep up. I had seen what I thought was the lead guy not too far out, though I knew I wasn't going to catch him nor the 3 or so folks between us. I crossed the line and I think the clock said 19:something, but my watch read 20:04. I figured the clock was not quite right because I didn't start my watch until I crossed the start line, a few seconds after the go gun. There were no awards or anything after, just water and snacks. My son and a nephew crossed a couple of minutes later. I then jogged back onto the course and caught up with my daughters, nieces and sister-in-law who were in fast dog-walking mode. A good day! I signed up for the local Charlotte marathon which is in November. I haven't had much motivation to start any kind of training yet. However, I have running buddy Tim who is training for Boston, so by default I'm somewhat training for a marthon. My marathon last March got me a BQ, but I was *only* four minutes and 10 seconds under my age requirement. The cutoff was 4:52 under. Oh well, I wasn't dying to go and mainly applied just because of RB signing up. Tim has high hopes and aspirations for Boston. And so far his training is going well. He wants to possibly place in the top 3 for his age group, which at Boston, ain't easy no matter what your age. He is 63 and needs a low or just under 3 hour finish to do that. So, damn! Yesterday (Sunday), he had 18 miles with 10 @ marathon pace (suggested target = 6:50) and wanted me to join. I do not have that speed or endurance, but agreed to start with him and fade accordingly. I did cut back the warm up miles to 5ish though. He didn't. I had mapped out a mostly flat and somewhat downhill 10 miles for the fast miles. That worked out well, but the wind yesterday morning managed to situate itself to be in our faces on all of the uphills. I fell behind as predicted after about 2 miles. I stayed pretty close though through mile 5, then he stayed stronger as I faded a bit more. My goal became to keep the overall under 7 minute pace. My slowest was 7:12, but I finished with a 6:57 average. The last two miles were a gentle downhill plus a tailwind. that helped me keep it under. RB Tim held on for a 6:47 overall! He is inspiring me and this run with him gave me a bit of a confidence boost to work a bit harder and maybe get more motivated.
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    Great tribute to Bessie! And I love the story of Felix. We have a children's book about a Marine rescuing a dog. Your story is just as awesome!
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    Lots going on - how exciting! I lived in MB for a hot minute, it's a much more affordable choice than Disney. My favorite part is the small airport, where it takes no time to get through security, LOL.
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    I've got 189K on my '03 Civic (named Abby), but she's led a much less exciting life than Bessie. No poop or ant stories.
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    I wasn't sure about reading a car-related death post, but this was AMAZINGLY good. You have a gift. I hope Nissan hooks you up.
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    Sounds pretty awesome. Anything that can make someone positively blog about the dreadmill must be good.
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    I've kind of been a wimp lately about the weather. I ran 18 miles a little over a week ago on a Sunday where the feels like temp was 28 and there was a little misting rain at times. When I finished, I was so cold that I huddled under an electric blanket for over an hour and the thumb and first finger on each hand were numb for almost that whole time as well. I didn't think the weather was that cold, so maybe I under dressed, but since then I've done every run on the treadmill except one. That's 35 miles of treadmill running in 8 days. I honestly don't think it's that bad. Mentally I can handle it - especially if I watch a movie or some TV programs which is something I don't get to do when I run outside. I could probably do a 20 miler mentally. I think it presents some physical challenges, though. I don't think there's enough variation - uneven terrain, varying paces, going around turns or curves, etc. that repetitive injuries are a concern. You can vary the speed and incline, but that only goes so far. It's also typically humid in the gym - especially when it's crowded - and that leads to me sweating enough that if I go much above 10 miles, the treadmill is kind of a wet mess. On days when nobody is there, it's significantly better. Anyway, not really trying to talk you out of it like you asked. I think it has its place. We're getting a bit warmer today, so I'll probably back inside.
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    The Ville-to-Ville sounds super fun. Hope you get to spend some time in Asheville though, I love that place! And the Louisville Slugger museum is super cool. Tons of baseball history and it's pretty neat to see all the machines at work.
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    Uff da that's tough. Take extra care of yourself this week - stretching, foam rolling, etc. I was rear-ended over the summer and didn't feel the effects of it until a few weeks later. Here's to turning the corner!
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    I know people who have done and are doing both of those races. They all love them both so you should have a lot of fun. Both are kind of close to where I am - especially the Derby race - and I'll likely do one or both someday.
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    I hit a telephone pole once. That was the end of my Mustang. Time for winter running adventures!
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    Getting insurance money to help buy a new car is always a positive way to look at an accident. Glad no one got hurt. Enjoy your winter!
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    You sir, are living life right, with your priorities straight! That relay looks awesome. It goes right through Hendersonville where my parents live. Should be some beautiful roads (but hilly!). I am totally down for being on a Loop team for that race in future (although it is on Boston weekend).
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    I just got the NYC Marathon record book in the mail on Saturday and realized I needed to be in the 60-64 year old category to get an AG placing with the time I ran.
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    Have fun in the snow!
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    The right layers make a big difference in the cold.
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    Great job in getting out there in the cold temps!
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