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    Wow. Things are a complete 180 from July 2018. When I look back and read some of my posts, it’s strange to be future me, feeling something completely different. It makes me wish I was better at handling the ups and downs better. One of my favorite poems is “If” by Rudyard Kipling and one of my favorite lines is if you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same. I’d like to think that outwardly, I kept my cool about it all. (Maybe, maybe not?) And on certain days, I guess I was inwardly okay too. But there were certainly many, many days that I was incredibly frustrated and felt like my body had failed me. After 5-6 weeks of running, I did start to feel normal-ish again. And after 3 months, I felt like I was where I was about 4 years ago in my training. Which is pretty exciting when you think about how quickly it came back in the grand scheme of things. FOREVER when you are in the throngs of it, but time gives you perspective on pretty much everything. Now that it has been close to 6 months, I still feel creaks here and there. It’s not perfect, but there are more good runs than bad and the speed that I worked so hard to build is coming back. Perhaps it’s the confidence of having a coach or it’s the confidence of being benched. Maybe it’s the confidence of YOLO as I reach closer to 40 side of my 30s. And maybe it’s the fitness I had all along, but it was buried under my own self-doubt. Either way, I’ve hit some sub-6 paces in workouts over the past couple of months and it feels pretty darn good. I ran a sub-20 min 5k during a workout Tuesday - something that seems impossible to race, but oddly reasonable in the middle of a training session. I’m training for things that are basically the opposite of speed though so my weekends are long, slow treks filled full of vert and lately, mud. I’m not worried about hitting X pace with my speed because everything is done on effort and time. It shouldn’t be any surprise that once you remove the governor of pacing yourself by a watch, magic can happen. My legs are getting stronger, my balance is better, and I can feel the transitioning happening. I’m a long ways still from those big mileage weeks of 2017, but I’m trusting my coach to steer me in the direction of success. And success at this point is a solid finish at GDR, a respectable Boston Marathon, and getting home from the Everest Marathon in one piece.
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    Man, I wish I had more vacay time this year to get out west! But, if you are still in DEN in 2020, I would love to come visit.
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    40's the new 30. So you're basically in your mid-20's.
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    From here you looked OK. Better than me, anyway. I guess that's not saying much, either.
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    You are such a rock star, and I'm so glad you're in your happy place again! I think now that I've had a good break (mentally and physically) from the intense mountaineering I did most of last year, I'm ready to get back to climbing! Let me know if you ever want to come out here and climb! I can always find some folks to go with us to keep us safe in the snow - I have a spare room and I think flights are pretty cheap to Denver from just about anywhere.
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    The first full week of January is the official start of the new year as far as I'm concerned. Traffic is back to normal. The work week is a full five days (apologies for those of you who work retail or healthcare or one of those other jobs that don't operate that way). Most of the holiday goodies are either eaten, given away or trashed. If you're going to start a regimen, better to wait until Monday. I was actually much more disciplined this year as far as eating and running go, so my new year's start doesn't have far to go. Still looking for some of my mojo. Building my training plan for the spring marathon should help. That's on the agenda for sometime this week. Running is going pretty good at last. The weather has been decidedly un-winter-ish this year, helping a ton. No ice or snow to battle. Saturday was one of several days with sun and near 50 degrees since winter technically began and with a nasty start to this week forecast (which, btw, hasn't happened - it's cold but no precipitation), I figured I ought to go long. Who knows if it will be the last day I can run in shorts and a T before March? Took it easy. Stopped at McD's for a dump (annoying), walked a couple of minutes half way for a Hammer Gel. Other than that, I just sort of putzed along, me and the road. Started with 8:40s and finished with 8:20s. Not a bad putzing pace. The last few miles were a little tough, but not terrible and made me think I'm ready for another marathon training cycle. Not going there yet, but happy the old bones are getting in the mood. Here's a story that's almost done. Done enough I feel like sharing, anyway. On the way home, retrieving T-Rex from Idaho last month, we stopped in Altoona, IA for the night. When we got home the next day, I discovered that my Samsung tablet wasn't in my bag. This is a low end tablet, small (7"), wifi only. I use it mostly for reading. Only $130 retail currently. Not a huge deal but I liked it. The smaller size let's me carry it in my jacket pocket on Sundays and in my winter coat when I want it at other times. Called the Fairfield in and asked them to check Lost and Found, and ask around if anyone on staff had seen it. Sadly, no. That was Saturday. Monday, Christmas Eve, I went to Best Buy and bought a replacement that happened to be on sale for $100. Took it home and had T-Rex wrap it to go under the tree. (merry xmas to me) I went upstairs to change into running clothes to do a few miles. While I was changing, my phone rang and it was the hotel. They had found my tablet! A Christmas miracle? Apparently it was locked in the manager's office, so no one had seen it on the weekend. But he'd be happy to send it out. I gave him my credit card info for FedEx. By Friday (I'm a patient man, normally), there was no package and no charge on my card. Called again, and my friend from Monday said he didn't understand because the tablet had been boxed and ready to go for the manager on Monday and then it was gone. He assumed it had been sent. The manager was out but he'd be sure to check with him and let me know. Weekend goes by. I call again (New Year's Eve now) and he says someone had moved it from where he had it ready for the manager and hadn't been mailed, but he'd be sure to send it. This time for real. Then, on Friday last, I get a text from home. "You're tablet's here!" Happy day. And they decided to pay for the shipping out of guilt for the delay. Nice. It's dead when I get home and open the box of course - two weeks off the charger, nbd - so I put it on the charger (which did make it home from the trip) and planned to get to it on Saturday morning. Reunited with my Samsung. Happy day. But wait, there's more. I power it on the next morning and the start up graphics look different than I remember. Checking closer, this is NOT MY TABLET! It's a model one year older than mine. Another call to the Altoona Fairfield. By now I'm best friends with my man in Iowa. He assures me that this is the only tablet they've seen in months. No clue who else might be the owner and no clue where mine could be, so just keep it. Fine idea, I guess. I already mentioned the use I have for it, so the previous model ought to do just fine, right? Except I don't know the screen lock code on this machine. Can't get in. I spent a couple of hours online and with Samsung, trying to figure a way. I discover that I can find/lock/unlock mine from their website if it's ever turned on and tries to connect to the internet. As far as this "new" one goes, I'm out of luck. You can wipe/reset it, but without the original email and password from the original owner, ... There is one option, which is to send it directly to Samsung and they can reset the lock screen at the factory. It's free, so I'm about to have my newest best friend in India start the paperwork when I notice the name of a company on a tag on the back. Was this a reseller? Retailer? Maybe they can help. I google the business, which by another miracle is local to me. It's not what I thought. It's a security consulting company. No doubt some salesman or consultant stayed in the same hotel in Iowa as me and accidentally left his company-issued Samsung tablet behind. So, I'm going to swing by on my way home today and see if they want it back. Then I'll keep my eyes open for the next sale at Best Buy, or maybe eBay/Amazon one for my replacement. I can't be too upset with anyone but myself for leaving it in Iowa. But where is my tablet? The Samsung search machine couldn't find it, and no one has tried to do anything with any of my accounts that have info about them on it, so I can't imagine it's being used by anyone. Current theory: Instead of on the nightstand where I thought I may have left it, it was probably on the bed and was taken out with the sheets by the housekeeping crew, straight into the industrial washer, coming out of there as a wet, dead brick. Regardless, this also means I'm in process of changing all the logon info to all my accounts and websites, just to be safe. I said I needed another project, didn't I? Looks like a rainy, nasty Monday afternoon, so I'll skip today's run in favor of this tablet delivery and then watch the first half of the national championship football game. Who do I root for?
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