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    The first full week of January is the official start of the new year as far as I'm concerned. Traffic is back to normal. The work week is a full five days (apologies for those of you who work retail or healthcare or one of those other jobs that don't operate that way). Most of the holiday goodies are either eaten, given away or trashed. If you're going to start a regimen, better to wait until Monday. I was actually much more disciplined this year as far as eating and running go, so my new year's start doesn't have far to go. Still looking for some of my mojo. Building my training plan for the spring marathon should help. That's on the agenda for sometime this week. Running is going pretty good at last. The weather has been decidedly un-winter-ish this year, helping a ton. No ice or snow to battle. Saturday was one of several days with sun and near 50 degrees since winter technically began and with a nasty start to this week forecast (which, btw, hasn't happened - it's cold but no precipitation), I figured I ought to go long. Who knows if it will be the last day I can run in shorts and a T before March? Took it easy. Stopped at McD's for a dump (annoying), walked a couple of minutes half way for a Hammer Gel. Other than that, I just sort of putzed along, me and the road. Started with 8:40s and finished with 8:20s. Not a bad putzing pace. The last few miles were a little tough, but not terrible and made me think I'm ready for another marathon training cycle. Not going there yet, but happy the old bones are getting in the mood. Here's a story that's almost done. Done enough I feel like sharing, anyway. On the way home, retrieving T-Rex from Idaho last month, we stopped in Altoona, IA for the night. When we got home the next day, I discovered that my Samsung tablet wasn't in my bag. This is a low end tablet, small (7"), wifi only. I use it mostly for reading. Only $130 retail currently. Not a huge deal but I liked it. The smaller size let's me carry it in my jacket pocket on Sundays and in my winter coat when I want it at other times. Called the Fairfield in and asked them to check Lost and Found, and ask around if anyone on staff had seen it. Sadly, no. That was Saturday. Monday, Christmas Eve, I went to Best Buy and bought a replacement that happened to be on sale for $100. Took it home and had T-Rex wrap it to go under the tree. (merry xmas to me) I went upstairs to change into running clothes to do a few miles. While I was changing, my phone rang and it was the hotel. They had found my tablet! A Christmas miracle? Apparently it was locked in the manager's office, so no one had seen it on the weekend. But he'd be happy to send it out. I gave him my credit card info for FedEx. By Friday (I'm a patient man, normally), there was no package and no charge on my card. Called again, and my friend from Monday said he didn't understand because the tablet had been boxed and ready to go for the manager on Monday and then it was gone. He assumed it had been sent. The manager was out but he'd be sure to check with him and let me know. Weekend goes by. I call again (New Year's Eve now) and he says someone had moved it from where he had it ready for the manager and hadn't been mailed, but he'd be sure to send it. This time for real. Then, on Friday last, I get a text from home. "You're tablet's here!" Happy day. And they decided to pay for the shipping out of guilt for the delay. Nice. It's dead when I get home and open the box of course - two weeks off the charger, nbd - so I put it on the charger (which did make it home from the trip) and planned to get to it on Saturday morning. Reunited with my Samsung. Happy day. But wait, there's more. I power it on the next morning and the start up graphics look different than I remember. Checking closer, this is NOT MY TABLET! It's a model one year older than mine. Another call to the Altoona Fairfield. By now I'm best friends with my man in Iowa. He assures me that this is the only tablet they've seen in months. No clue who else might be the owner and no clue where mine could be, so just keep it. Fine idea, I guess. I already mentioned the use I have for it, so the previous model ought to do just fine, right? Except I don't know the screen lock code on this machine. Can't get in. I spent a couple of hours online and with Samsung, trying to figure a way. I discover that I can find/lock/unlock mine from their website if it's ever turned on and tries to connect to the internet. As far as this "new" one goes, I'm out of luck. You can wipe/reset it, but without the original email and password from the original owner, ... There is one option, which is to send it directly to Samsung and they can reset the lock screen at the factory. It's free, so I'm about to have my newest best friend in India start the paperwork when I notice the name of a company on a tag on the back. Was this a reseller? Retailer? Maybe they can help. I google the business, which by another miracle is local to me. It's not what I thought. It's a security consulting company. No doubt some salesman or consultant stayed in the same hotel in Iowa as me and accidentally left his company-issued Samsung tablet behind. So, I'm going to swing by on my way home today and see if they want it back. Then I'll keep my eyes open for the next sale at Best Buy, or maybe eBay/Amazon one for my replacement. I can't be too upset with anyone but myself for leaving it in Iowa. But where is my tablet? The Samsung search machine couldn't find it, and no one has tried to do anything with any of my accounts that have info about them on it, so I can't imagine it's being used by anyone. Current theory: Instead of on the nightstand where I thought I may have left it, it was probably on the bed and was taken out with the sheets by the housekeeping crew, straight into the industrial washer, coming out of there as a wet, dead brick. Regardless, this also means I'm in process of changing all the logon info to all my accounts and websites, just to be safe. I said I needed another project, didn't I? Looks like a rainy, nasty Monday afternoon, so I'll skip today's run in favor of this tablet delivery and then watch the first half of the national championship football game. Who do I root for?
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    Did anyone else say, “I will NOT let myself slack over the holidays.”, and still slack anyway? I certainly did and gave myself a hard time over it for the first week. I realllllly wanted to keep the momentum I had going on, but just let it slip away once I got back home around my family. I have a nephew (8) and two nieces (6 and almost 2) that just adore me and I find it hard to pull away from them, while also having to tell them that they can’t come with me while I run or workout. Who wants to do that?! The older two do love running with me when I do hill repeats in front of their house. I only did that one time this trip, and that was the only workout I did the whole TWO weeks I was there. We did go to an amusement park to see lights one weekend and did walk several miles. Since I was feeling my shin a tiny bit before the break, I finally let myself enjoy the time off and take it as healing time. I went two weeks without running and almost three weeks without cross-training. Ouch. Rest is always good but not THAT much rest, especially when it wasn’t required. And especially when I was getting my fill of biscuits whenever possible. I was supposed to start training for New Jersey on 12/24, but I have shaved off two weeks from the program, making my official start date TODAY! Last week was my first week back to work and I dove right in to cross-training. BOY did I pay for that laziness! I was sore AF most of last week! I felt almost as sore as I felt after doing the Leadville Heavy Half last year! It felt so good to be back at it and I was even [kinda] thankful for the soreness. Sunday, I ran out some of the soreness with co-worker/friends Kelli and Amy at the Resolve 10K at City Park! First race of 2019 and the first January race that I’d run since 2011 (thanks Athlinks!)! I’d almost forgotten that we were doing it until I got back to work on Tuesday. I had talked the gals into running the 10K but they both wanted to drop down to the 5K. I almost did too so that I could just fun-run with them, but I changed my mind race morning. The 10K was two of the 5K loops anyway, so I was able to run the first loop with them. We were going at an easy pace, so I ended up picking it up for the second 5K. I really dislike the course because of how uneven the pavement is in a lot of spots. I ALWAYS get blisters there no matter how far I run or what shoes I run in. It’s the same course as the Pumpkin Pie double I did in November where I had to do THREE laps. Ugh. I got it done, got my medal, and we went to brunch afterwards – best part of the day! Splits: 9:43, 9:20, 9:20, 8:41, 8:51 (stopped for water), and 8:40 – pretty consistent on the second half! Kelli, myself (wearing my owl earmuffs), and Amy Thanks for reading, Chris
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    I signed up for the half at the New Jersey Marathon in late April. Looking forward to hanging with Loopster friends new and old. In order to get ready for it, I put together a training plan. Its pretty conservative since cranking up the mileage too fast never leads me anywhere I want it to. Slow and steady is more my plan. Anyhow, I was supposed to run 7 miles this weekend. Yesterday was supposed to be one of those crappy cold (mid-30s) and rainy days, so I ran a few miles inside on the treadmill with the intention to run outside on the rail trail near my house this morning. Last night I selected all of the clothes I would need to run in the forecasted 30 degrees but feels like 20 degrees windy weather. Got up around 7:00, got dressed, had a banana, and was out the door. 10 minutes later, I was at the trail stretching thinking everything was going great. About to start when I stepped from the gravel parking lot onto the paved rail trail and immediately noticed the thin sheet of ice on all of the asphalt. Oh crap! 😮 I took a few steps and quickly slid off. Looked both up the trail and down the trail as far as I could see and saw nothing different. Went back to the car, checked the temp - it was 32. Hmmm, if I drive back into town and get gas, maybe in the 15 minutes that takes me the ice will melt. Yeah, I didn't think there was much hope for that, but I needed gas so why not try? Of course, when I came back, it was shockingly exactly the same as when I left. I was running out of time and couldn't think of any other outside options so I went home to run on the treadmill. (On the way home, I saw the roads were no better than the trail but I guess cars are heavier than people so there was no cars sliding on the roads). I got my run done on the treadmill - fortunately there was something to watch on TV, unfortunately it was a 'greatest NFL games in history' special on last year's Super Bowl that my Patriots lost. ☹️ When I came upstairs, thinking I had about 15 minutes to shower and grab something quick to eat before leaving for church, DW says " I've got to go [somewhere] and DS1 needs to be picked up in half an hour at [somewhere]." OK, so no church for us today, eh? I guess I could have waited for the temperature to go up and the ice to melt, and then run outside. Oh well. Kind of a odd way to start the day, but I got my 7 miler in, so that's a good thing.
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    In the mood to do a recap of my 2019 goals and Boston training, not sure how long I'll be able to keep doing this but we'll go with it for now... 2018 was an ok year overall for my running, I ran most of the year, had a setback in June but got back on track in July. I completed two marathons early in the year and a few shorter races, had 0 PRs and ran slightly less than 2017. Not great results in races but grateful to be able to run period so that's why I'm going with an ok rating overall. I'm feeling very optimistic about 2019 coming off of a unsuccessful trip to CIM last month. I continued my streak of running at least 5K every day, up to 80 days as of today. I ran mileage of 41.7, 56.6, 55.1 and 62.1 leading up to this week which would be the first of my Boston 2019 cycle. First, goals for 2019. Enjoy the process This is the most important Run at least a 5K every day I attempted to do this in 2018 but got overzealous with my buildup after Boston and had a calf injury set me back 3500 miles this one is an arbitrary round number but I want to run more mileage and this would be a decent increase over my 2017 total PR in the marathon and 2 other distances I already PR'd in one other distance on New Year's day so had to go with two I posted a link on FB to my Boston Training outline that I'm starting with, will obviously tweak as I go with necessary changes. Here it is again for the sake of putting everything in one spot: December 31 - January 6 Monday 6.3 Miles in 0:52 - It was raining and I was home alone with my son so did a short recovery run on the TM at home. Had the annual New Year's Day 10 miler on Tuesday that is my benchmark for the spring and is a good workout to start the Boston cycle as it's very hilly. Tuesday 3 mile WU in 0:23 + 10 miles in 1:02:50 + 2 mile CD in 0:15 (15 total) - easy WU with some surges at the end to wake my legs up. My legs have been pretty tired, probably still carrying some fatigue from December but it wasnt a goal race so not really concerned. A friend of mine came out to the (public) park and ran the race with me which was awesome because we were completely alone from the gun. The race is a 10 miler and 5K and we had a huge lead in both immediately. We kept the race at a tempo effort since there wasnt really a reason to run overly hard and go to the well and stayed pretty consistent with pace until i took a nasty fall on some slick mud right before the 6 mile marker. I then spent most of mile 7 recovering, I ended up tearing my compression sock and had some sweet road rash down my right hip. I took the overall win and apparently PR'd at the 4 mile distance also, clearly I need to race that distance again. Cool down of 2 miles, legs felt pretty good after the effort so I know it wasn't a true race effort. I have been doing some good strength work since mid-December and I think that is having an effect already as my legs handled the hills much better than last year. 1:00 strength training in the PM Wednesday 7.25 miles in 0:56 - Easy run in the rain on tired legs. My hamstrings were a little tight from the workout / strength work but no soreness. Uneventful run except I got to see two friends crushing a 10 mile tempo, they're both OTQ marathon guys and looked incredibly smooth running around 5:00 pace. Jealous. Thursday 9.3 miles in 1:13 - Easy run on tired legs. I usually feel worst two days after a workout so not surprising although my bedtime routine is out of whack from the hoidays and I've been staying up too late also. I need to fix. 15 minutes in the gym Normatec boots after post-run stretching. Friday 7.1 miles in 0:56 - Another easy run on tired legs, went shorter today in advance of a big weekend. Watch was spazzing out and never got a gps lock, think the distance is a little short but not too concerned about a tenth or two of missing distance. 15 minutes in the Normatec boots after stretching again. I am liking them and this is bad, I will end up re-buying a pair for the house. Saturday 2.8 mile WU in 0:21 with surges + 2 x 1 mi in 6:03, 5:58 + 6 x 1:15 hills on a 9% grade + 2.4 mile CD in 0:19 (10 total) - the mile repeats was done on pretty hilly roads also, GAP says the efforts were 5:57, 5:45 and the hill reps were all within 4:46 - 5:17 pace. I have no idea how accurate GAP is but if it's close I'm feeling much less pessimistic about my lack of "speed." I have been reviewing last year's training and feel like I have less raw speed this year but a ton more strength, which I think is where I'd prefer to be for a marathon anyways so good? Sunday 17 miles in 2:14 - Legs were really tired to start. I did 5 miles solo, mostly on a grass/dirt track at the park before my friend arrived and we did 11 through some rolling hills in the parks. I finished with another mile and a half on the grass/dirt loop. Pretty uneventful except for again, how tired I was. I do not like hills right now, they are hard to get up! Took no fuel during the run, will continue to do this on all easy runs to improve fuel efficiency. Great first week. I'm tired but that's marathon training and truthfully I love it. I'm taking a big swing this cycle, going back to mostly self-coached and doing harder/different workouts to improve on my weaknesses so I can finally break an over 2 year old PR in the marathon. Happy New Year and happy training all. Thanks for reading.
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    Happy New Year all! A solid week in running. I haven’t really ventured into speedwork yet, but I will soon. I signed up for the GO St. Louis Half Marathon on New Year’s Eve just before the price went up $10. There is a new course that they just released at a special event on Saturday (available online soon). Since I was running at Forest Park where the event was I got to see it without a special trip. The race is staying on the Missouri side this time and is now a point to point from Forest Park to the riverfront downtown, in a roundabout way. It should be interesting. It’s been warm this week. No winter weather here. Miles – Monday – 5 to hit 100 for the month of Dec. Tuesday – 3.5 with a group of runners from right around where I live Wednesday – 0, first day back at work and I had to take my car in for an oil change before work. I could have run while they were working on my car, but I didn’t want to deal with the logistics. Thursday – 4.4 back to running in the dark after almost 2 weeks of being able to wait until daylight Friday – 3.1, my flat easy route. Saturday – 8.1 with Team in Training. Same distance as last week because my weekday total was higher and I’m being careful. Sunday (today) – Rest. I should have walked more, but I have work to do for classes again, and we celebrated my dad’s birthday. I did do my core routine. I really need to make sure I do this at least 4x a week, to help prevent the injury situation that kept me out of my fall marathon. Other news – Izzie seems better. I finished with giving her the daily antibiotic injections on Friday, much to the relief of both of us. Her follow up visit with the vet is tomorrow. I hope he can tell me the infection looks like it is really gone this time (I doubt he can give me complete reassurance but hopefully his professional opinion is that she looks good). Cooking with Shalane I got both of her cookbooks for Christmas and I’ve been trying out some of the recipes. So far I’ve made 5, but I’ll really slow down once work, school and marathon training get going. I’ve tried the Apple Cheddar Scones (good, but I made a couple of mistakes on this one that mean it could have been better), Flu Fighter Chicken and Rice Stew (awesome, will make again), Honey Cardamom Granola* (excellent, but since I didn’t have cardamom, I just used pumpkin pie spice so also different), Turkey Trot Meatballs (so good and I had these for dinner tonight), and Purple Cabbage Slaw (also good, also dinner tonight). I’ve liked everything I’ve tried so far. But some of the ingredients called for are a little hard to find. I plan on making the black bean burgers, but they call for tahini which I wasn’t able to find at the grocery store. She also points out that sometimes they call for more expensive ingredients, which is worth it for quality and health sake, except that when you make less than a certain amount it just isn’t going to work. So far I’ve stuck with the recipes that call for mostly basic ingredients. I am probably not going to spring for bison meat. Beef will have to substitute. Aldi has some organic beef that isn’t too pricey.
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    Our favorite race course 😎
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    Yep. The woman at the office didn't make a big deal about, even after I told I'd wiped it's memory. Thoughtful to offer your old 3, but the larger bezel makes it not fit in my jacket pocket. Thanks anyway.
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    Rest is good sometimes and your fitness will bounce back quickly. Awesome job on the negative splits in the 10K.
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    I recently read my Top 5 Running Highlights of 2017 when searching for my yearly mileage history list. I was correct when I noted in that post that 2017 would be hard to top! My 2018 running wasn't quite what I wanted, but I have a lot to be thankful for. My Instagram Top 9 wasn't far off! My Highlights Were: With 3,047 miles, I ran my highest yearly mileage ever, surpassing my 2017 mileage by 4 miles (the 2017 mileage was a huge yearly mileage PR). I had 8 weeks of mileage in the 80s, which before this year I had only done for 1 week, in 2017. All other "normal" training weeks were in the 60s-70s; the weeks that were not that high were when I was tapering, recovering, injured, or returning from injury - the majority of those when I was healthy were in the 50s, but several were big fat zeros when I was injured. I am pretty pumped that I managed a yearly mileage PR with 8 weeks of downtime, and I know I can improve it next year if I don't get injured. I counted my AlterG treadmill miles in this total, which feels a little like cheating, but I did run the distance so I'm keeping them (my outside miles are around 160 less). I ran a huge 10K PR. Everything really came together for the Plaza 10K even though I did not rest for it or do any 10K-specific training. Although I was extremely disappointed that my fall season was cut short, I am so thankful that I got this race in before I got injured. I was thrilled to better my track best on a rolling road course, but more importantly it really showed me how well my body responded to consistent higher mileage training (higher mileage is all relative, I know 70-80 is nothing for some but it is the most I've ever done). I'd been targeting running a 36:59 10K for over a year, but I really never thought I'd be able to run a 36:34 on the road. I ran two solid marathons. Although I did not accomplish my time goal in Houston, it was a great experience and I'm glad I went for it. I am proud to say that my complete bonk/bad day marathon there was a 2:54. Grandma's wasn't what I dreamed of when I selected the race, but based on how terrible I felt for most of the build up, I am proud that I pulled off a 2:49:08, my second fastest marathon. I sure hope I have more in me as far as marathon PRs go, but regardless I sure enjoy the training process and the races! I set two Missouri single age state records, in the half marathon at Rock the Parkway and the 12K at the Big 12 12K. Neither are great times, but they are currently the best a 37-year-old female in Missouri has managed. I bombed nearly every run in the months leading up to those races, so even though I don't think I ran good times, I do think I ran really well compared to how I was performing in training. I persisted. In February, March, and April I had an illness and a slump (which was extra hard since I was coming off of several break-through performances in fall 2017), but I raced beyond what my training said I should have in everything I raced for the first 6 months of the year. I was injured in September, but I did everything I could to strengthen my weaknesses and to return to training. I learned. I learned how much consistent mileage helps my race times. I learned to be more cautious about running when sick, and about running and racing on potential injuries. I re-learned just how much I love the sport and how empty I feel without it. I learned that my running friends mean the world to me. I re-prioritized. My biggest goal is to run for the rest of my life. This is more important than any PR. That doesn't mean my Big Goal (2:45:00 marathon) has changed, just that it's decidedly second on the list, at best. I was more thankful. I still have a ways to go in this arena, but I did better. I've always been pretty bad about wanting more and more, in running and in other aspects of my life. Looking back, I haven't appreciated many milestones and PRs because I was already onto my next goal. The first time I broke 3:00 in the marathon, I left the finish chute ecstatic but also thinking, "I can run faster." I distinctly remember waiting for my flight at the Phoenix airport following my break-through 2:49 marathon emailing my coach saying I wanted to train for a 2:45, instead of relishing in the post-race high. I wasn't nearly as happy about my 2:47 at CIM as I should have been, because it wasn't "enough" compared to a very specific cut-off time. I regret that I didn't savor those moments, but this year I found more joy in my performance at Grandma's Marathon than in any of those marathons, even though it wasn't a PR. I really let myself ride a high after my PR at the Plaza 10K. I do want more, but if I never get more I will still find great joy in the process. I am more thankful than ever now. I helped others. Whenever someone tells me that I helped them, I am reminded why I was given my passion for running. I typically don't realize I'm doing it, but whether it's by answering running questions, giving training advice, encouraging others, inviting someone to join our group runs, listening to my friends when we run together, helping my local running club, or making individualized training schedules for friends free of charge, I have opportunities to give back often. That has to be why God made me a runner. I know I'll remember all of the people that running has brought into my life more than I'll remember any PR; however... Bring on 2019 training blocks and goal races! I have a long way to go to get back to my best fitness, but I'm ready to try!
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    Congrats on starting your training, and for doing your first race of the year!
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    You could probably sub almond butter for tahini!
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    I think you're on the right track with strength trumping speed for the marathon. Doing very little speed work but a lot of tempo workouts and fast finish long runs has gotten me marathon PRs (actually 10K and half PRs too). I am also a big fan of GAP and it typically seems accurate to me - although my hill repeats are nowhere near as fast as yours!
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    Isn't it amazing how fast fitness declines?? I ran a ton over the holidays (trying to come back from an 8 week injury lay-off) but my eating was terrible, plus the injury lay-off was not good for my waistline...oy.
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    It’s a challenge. I prefer to run outside, but luckily have the treadmill in the basement when necessary!
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    Seven miles is seven miles - got 'er done!
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    That's what I'm hoping. Get so used to running fast on tired legs + added strength. This cycle will either go to one of the extremes, really well or really poorly.
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    They're pretty addicting. I have no idea if they actually do anything but they feel good, which is all that matters right?
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    That ice would have put GA in a state of emergency for 2 days. Kudos for not bailing and getting in the mileage.
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    Yay - so happy you are training for a race again! Glad you had options to get in the run. I certainly don't envy the icy conditions you Northerners have to contend with this time of year. Yikes!
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    At least you got the 7 miles! I'm excited to meet you in NJ! Happy training
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    Rolling with the punches.
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    Good morning! It’s Wednesday, but it’s Monday. I’m still trying to figure out where I am and what I’m doing. Jet lag is REAL. Spent New Year’s Eve on a redeye flight from LA to DC. Most runners are somewhat goal oriented people, I think. With the new year here, lots of people are reflecting on their 2018 and thinking about what they want to do with their 2019. I figured I’d join in on the fun. 2018 Zero miles through April. I was still quite busy rehabbing my surgically repaired achilles. A lot of work went into coming back., and not just my own. I really have so many people to thank for help and encouragement. My first “run” came on April 6th on the Alter G treadmill. That was quite an experience and you can read about it here if you have lots of time to kill. My first REAL run happened on May 1st. Talk about a runner’s high… I think I was excited. First race back was a 5k in May. I was a little bit nervous and maybe even a little bit fearful. The race day butterflies were more like race day bats(?). I didn’t get TOO crazy, but it was my first time stepping on the gas pedal. Go Navy! Right around this point I was officially cleared! I quickly did what any goal-oriented runner would do upon being cleared and I started looking at marathons! On August 6th, I started training for round 2 of Rehoboth Beach. I had a first marathon nervousness going, but with that came first marathon excitement. There were plenty of ups and downs in the training process. For the first month or so, I was killing it, then 40 happened. The day after my birthday, my quad and hip started to hurt and they never stopped hurting. The right side hurt, then the left side hurt. I felt like I was running “through” something for most of my runs. I started to hurt even when I wasn’t running and to me that’s a real problem. I lost hope at times and there were thoughts of shutting it down and not running Rehoboth, but then THIS happened. Speed happened. Confidence happened. A fast 5k is exactly what I needed to get mentally ready for Rehoboth. I rested almost the whole week afterward, but that didn’t matter. I felt like I could finish no matter what and nothing was going to stop me from that. So I did… Rehoboth was full of ups and downs, but also the best post-race party there is. I ran without anxiety, maybe for the first time ever in a marathon. I was happy right from the start that I was back on that starting line. I didn’t care about awards, or BQs, or anything else (although my 3:33 time wasn’t too shabby hehe). It’s a great feeling! That leads me to 2019… 2019 I really liked the feeling of running Rehoboth and truly enjoying it. I’m not ready to give that up quite yet. I ran one little mile yesterday to start out the year. That’s all I felt like doing. As I said on Strava…No Challenges. No Streaks. No Goals. I’ll be running races for sure. There’s a happy medium where you can run fast and love it. I need to find that place and stay there for a while. Find your happy place. Eventually, my competitive nature will win out and I’ll need something more or something bigger. That’s ok. I’ll just enjoy that break while I can.
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    In many ways I'd like to just forget all about 2018 altogether, move on to 2019 and see what's next, hoping for less drama and less trauma. On the other hand, maybe taking a quick review will help me close the door. Feel free to skim around and look for the high points. No need for anyone else to get all bummed out, too. First, running. I finished the year with 550 miles, according to my spreadsheet. I don't trust either Strava (574) or GarminConnect (533) for my official mileage total. Maybe I'll look into the discrepancy sometime. In February I was in the second month of a very slow buildup after taking December off with a hamstring strain, when my left knee started acting up. A week off didn't help. Neither did a few more weeks. When I went in to the knee doc, my insurance wouldn't approve his recommended MRI until I'd gone through six weeks(!!!) of PT. That helped exactly zero. The MRI, when I finally had it at the end of May (three months after the first problem), showed some minor damage and the doc recommended letting him go in and scrape it out. What he found once he was on the inside was a small tear of the meniscus. That fixed, it took a lot longer than I expected to recover. Plenty of rest, lots of limping around the office, a few little test "runs" in July, more PT. It was a long summer. Once I discovered that running didn't make the pain any worse, I started a slow build up at the beginning of September. It sucked worse than any getting in shape period I've ever had. Every single run was a struggle, and I don't mean my knee hurt. That's the only thing that didn't. The rest of me was a mess. But I was undeterred. By the end of October I had my long run up to 9 miles and thought I'd give the half at Rehoboth a shot, if the other dominoes fell into place. They did. Tried a 5k in November that went better than expected. Not blazing and I didn't feel great, but it was in the lower 20's and I didn't die. Rehoboth went sort of the same. Never felt the joy, but I didn't die and my time (1:50) was decent. So, I declared my knee 100% and it's been good since, both at work and running. I've been doing short stuff since the race. December weather has been amazing around here. Last week I switched my long run to Friday because 50 degrees and did 9. On Saturday it was 31 and expected to snow/rain. I beat the weather, but with 10 yards or so to the end of the run, that stupid hamstring tried to pop again. So I've limped into the new year for the second year in a row. Did an easy 4 on NYD and could feel it most of the way, although not badly. I'm babying it now with ice and IBU, so I hope if I'm careful and stay slow, it'll recover and get me to spring. But, hey, I'm running, which is 100% better than not running. Second, not running. I assume it was from not running at all in December (after Rehoboth) and really pigging out on holiday food, but my blood sugar numbers were mostly not good when I had my annual physical. Doc had me re-test in April, and although I'd gone out of my way to eat much, much better, I'd improved only the tiniest fraction of a point. Having another reason to run is OK, I suppose, but still. My PSA was also up from the year before (and the year before that), so he ordered an April retest of that, too. Just like the blood sugar, it jumped again. That resulted in a urology appointment and a biopsy, which was mostly positive, but not conclusive. It also resulted in an e coli infection that won me a 3 day stay in the hospital. Thank goodness for health insurance. The next weekend (the Sunday before Memorial Day), my mom died. It was an unexpected result from minor injuries she'd received when she and Dad were in a fender bender a few weeks earlier. She'd gone through rehab, had returned home just the day before, and woke up the next morning with breathing trouble. Pneumonia. She lasted about a week after going back into the hospital. She was 82. In July I saw a dermatologist about a couple of spots on my lower legs that came out of nowhere and weren't responding to anything we'd tried at home. He took them off and had them checked. Basal cell carcinoma. Not a big deal if they don't come back. Big concern of they do. I have to go in now a couple of times every year to make sure. My October PSA screen showed another increase. Next step was an MRI which looks mostly OK according to the report, but I'm waiting to hear from the urologist before I can declare this item closed, at least for now. On the plus side, Big Mac, my elder daughter who lives in Seattle fell head over heels for a tall sciency guy and they are planning an April wedding. T-Rex passed two of the four classes she took last semester (we dropped the other two early on). Still hoping for her to reach a more functional level of work/study. My granddaughters seem to get more adorable every day. 2019 I'm mostly comfortable now planning for a late spring marathon. I'd like to stay close to home and do Glass City with Mark and (maybe) Peg, or join the growing group of Loopsters in New Jersey, but those are both at the end of April, and that's a little tight for my slow training plan and the winter training uncertainty. Not to mention that they are two weeks after Mac's wedding and there is no running allowed that weekend - not good for late mary training. At this point I'm thinking more the end of May and Vermont City. I had penciled that in last year before the meniscus, so why not just do a reset? No plans at all for fall yet. I may skip fall and do Disney next January, depending on finances this year. Training will be less intense while my body figures out if it's really old already. I'll switch tempos to Tuesday and skip most of the intervals for the spring race. Didn't get into Hood-to-Coast again, but am still interested. Maybe I'll try to find another of those silly multi-day relays to do and see if it's as fun as I imagine. As for my non-running life, one more year closer to retirement. I'll keep watching the numbers and hope the economy doesn't crash too hard so I still have some savings as it approaches. Still a few years away unless someone gives me that winning lottery ticket.
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    I know exactly how you feel. I hope feeling normal comes soon.
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    Sucky sucks so bad. But, since it seems to universally drop in and out of life, I suppose it's meant to be. Hoping 2019 turns out better for you (and me).
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    Sorry about the sucky. Didn’t realize. Probably good to take a break. Hope the 10 miler felt good today.
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    I've never done a fixed time race, sounds like I might need to look into one. Hope your running gets un-sucky soon!
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    My running has been uneventful as well, but sometimes I think that is okay.
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