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    June 2020 in review! Total running mileage for the month: 241.5 June 1-7: 47 - this was my first real week of running back! June 8-14: 55.4 June 15-21: 60.1 June 22-28: 60 June 29-July 4: TBD, probably around 60 again Rebecca & Jack gapping the group on a beautiful farm road morning (Missy also gapped us, then stopped to take photos!) Total bike mileage for the month: 95.8 - just posting this because it's quite clear I dropped biking real quick once I started running, plus I had some issues from my bike seat after a huge Memorial Day riding weekend and am not sure I could ever go back to riding 300+ mpw now. #thingsnoonetellsyouaboutbiking Starting on June 23 I was able to start bike commuting to some of our group runs, which was a great way to keep using my bike some and to add onto runs without adding any impact. See, I biked some! This was after the June 30 fartlek workout Post-15 miler Post mini-workout on June 25 Workouts: June 23: 5 miles moderate at 7:09 average (1 warm up, 2 cool down) with my friend Christian who had this workout. It seemed like a very non-intimidating way to do something that wasn't very easy running, and my hip felt great so it was a success! I miss the GAP feature on the free Strava, because we ran a rolling route (259 ft gain) and I thought my effort was more even than my pace showed (range of 7:02-7:19). June 25: 6 x 1:00 pick ups to tempo effort (5:58-6:32) at the beginning of miles 2-6 of an 8 mile run. Like June 23, this also Christian's workout and it seemed like another great "intro workout" for me. It's pretty easy to run only easy runs when everyone else is running easy, but it's harder than I realized when others are doing workouts at the group run! June 30: 4 x 2', 1', 30" fartlek at tempo effort (6:02-6:43 on a rolling route) with equal recoveries and 2ish warm up, 1.5ish cool down. I am loving these effort-based workouts - thanks, Christian's coach! Related note: I plan to start back with my awesome coach in August so she can save me from myself. I'm not really training for anything so I've just been doing what sounds fun, which will equate to me doing too much if I don't go back to being coached (I think it makes me a great training buddy though, I say yes to about everything!). I did strides, hill strides, or unstructured pick-ups 1-2 times a week every week, because I do plan to race again some day. Doubles: June 30 - I said I was going to wait until July to do any doubles, but I don't think one day made a difference! Strength Training: 2:00, 1:42, 2:00, 2:43 Yoga: 0:40, 1:20, 1:00, 1:00 (2-4 x 0:20 practices each week) Global Running Day! I felt so old when these two mentioned they graduated high school in 2014, haha! Long Runs: June 6: 12.2 miles (8:31)! I have never been so proud of a slower-than-usual-easy-pace 12 miles (this was my sixth real run back). It was 73 degrees, with a dew point of 72, which is pretty much death, so the friends I ran with (Christian and Claudio) didn't mind taking it slow - I could not have run this far very fast, although I do think I could have done better without the dew point of death. I was planning to go for 10 but Christian was running 12 and I felt good so I went with it. June 13: 13.1 miles (8:26). A good-sized group run, with Abby, Claudio, and Sean. June 20: 15.1 miles (8:15). This was another nice group run with Paul, Sean, Claudio, Daniel, Christian, and Rebecca. Coming back from time off is the only time I can drop around 10 second/week from my zone 1 pace while also adding 1-2 miles/week! June 27: 14 miles (8:15). Yet another nice group run with Christian, Abby, Claudio, Sean, Rachel, Sierra, and Amy. It was an unintentional progression (8:40ish down to 7:20ish), but we ran an almost mile out-and-back section that we usually avoid due to the long hills on (there are currently 2 porta-potties on it due to construction and several group members needed them along the way), and those miles were a bit slower. I also did medium long runs on Wednesdays starting the second week of the month with 10.2, 11, and 12.2. Post 13.1 Running Highlights: Clearly, returning to "real" running was the huge highlight of this month! During the final week of May I did five run/walks and one straight run, and the first week of June I switched to all running. Words cannot express how good it felt! I thought I loved biking until I started running again and felt a hundred times better. My endurance came back quickly (perhaps the biking wasn't totally worthless), and I have no idea if/when my speed will come back but I don't care that much at this point! I'm thankful for what I have instead of wanting more. I had to hold myself back to not run more mileage, but I stuck with 6 runs a week this month - one day off each week and no doubles. I ordered an Ellipigo! I've wanted one for years but I think I always felt that buying one was admitting I'd be cross-training (which normally means I am not running). It is ironic that I bought this now and not 5 months ago, but I am going to try a little lower mileage supplemented with the Elliptigo training and see what happens. Now is a great time to experiment in training, and staying healthy is very important to me. My Elliptigo is scheduled to ship on July 13. My resting heart rate was running around 50 when I started back to running after 15 weeks off, but by the end of June it was down to 33-34, which I thought was crazy! I've seen it hit 28-30 when I'm at top fitness, but I have never seen it change so quickly (I've only had a Garmin that monitors it since early 2019 though). I also learned that it is much easier to get your HR high when you are out of shape! My first week back I couldn't keep my HR in my easy range no matter how slow I ran, and I still have long way to go but it's getting better every week. We are better at running than at centering for photos Strava sent me some goodies! This buff from the Run Farther & Faster podcast is great for keeping sweat out of my eyes on the spin bike (can also be used as a COVID mask!) Albani told me that "llamas are trending" My sedentary cross-stitching hobby lives on! With cat & cousin Albani's summer job at the farmer's market Yet they wouldn't do yoga with me Life Highlights: We did a lot of gardening this month... I learned that I highly dislike gardening when I'm in "single parent mode", and told Jon that if he was gone much longer the garden was going to die. Fortunately it all lived, and I got really good at mowing our yard! Jon was traveling for work from May 8 through June 19, and I developed a huge admiration for single parents. We did this once before and I remember feeling the same way then! Albani is now old enough to stay at home by herself while I run (she is also sleeping), but last time she was (I think) 8, so I only ran loops around my neighborhood in case she woke up while I was out. One week back then I ran over 60 miles, including a 20 mile long run, on that 0.8 loop! I have been cutting my own hair and Albani's hair during COVID-19, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep doing it! We also did highlights this month. We celebrated Father's Day with take-out ribs and working in the garden. Jon and Albani are selling produce (mostly blackberries) at a local farmer's market 3 days a week; I help on Saturdays (after my long run, of course). We had visitors for the last week of the month, my brother-in-law and his two children who are a little older than Albani. Albani is dying for a phone like them, but we aren't letting her get one until she starts driving. She often tells me that all of her friends have phones (which I believe, based on what I saw at middle school orientation), and I always respond, "Good, you can borrow one of theirs if you need to make a call." Summer evenings I'd missed this church sign! Orange Leaf Friday Albani got an Andy's gift card along with her Timothy award for Awana Big beets Father's Day She likes to do this and ask us if we'd buy her I found this gem when looking for old pics of my dad & I for Father's Day - a little road race in 1987 Books: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig Running with Sherman by Christopher McDougall Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes The Dance by Richard Paul Evans The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead An Unwanted Guest by Sherri Lapena I am about 30% through I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb (it's 1444 pages) My reading suffered this month, because every weekday was non-stop from when I woke up between 4:30-5:00 a.m. and went to bed between 9:00-9:30 p.m. (i.e., I only read to fall asleep in bed and on weekends). I read ebooks during easy rides on my spin bike, and I only did one of those this month (vs. about 5 times a week when I wasn't running)! Theme for the month: Endorphins. I have never been so thrilled with 6 mile slow runs as I was on June 1 and 2, or for really any running I did this month! Does time off reset your endorphin levels?
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    Sort of a magic trick, I guess. Last blog post was April 28, reporting on Dave's Double Dog Dare Distance Covid-19.3 Challenge. That was a tough couple of races. Hamstring in the early miles of the 10K, then a wall smack late in the pikermi the next day. I took three days off, then figured to run another month of good miles before doing a triple for the May Covid-19 races. On Wednesday, I ran tried to run an easy 4 miles up to the Home Depot. It was a pretty crappy run, despite the near perfect weather. Normally on the back half of the HD route I run 30-60 seconds faster than the first part. That day it was barely even and I felt AWFUL. So, I supposed the weekend took more out of me than I thought. This made no sense to me, because through April I'd kept up pretty close to my original marathon training plan, thinking at the time that my late May race might still happen. But, fine, I'll take another couple of days and then do some easy runs. Saturday, I got a mile out at 10:30 pace and walked home. Rested Sunday, then went for a couple on Monday. Better, finishing over 2 miles at 9-ish, but this was not what I was used to, even on a bad day. More rest? I ran another few days, a couple of miles each at the same pace. And felt no better. Took a week and a half off. For the May Covid-19 races, I did a 5K and felt pretty accomplished to finish under 30 (28:47). This included a MONSTER kick at 8:50 pace. Of course you're thinking the same thing I'd been thinking for most of this time. Did I have Covid-19? Mrs. Dave had tested positive for C-19 antibodies, so she had had it at one point (her only symptom was loss of taste and smell). Obviously, she had brought some of the little menaces home from the hospital at least once since the whole mess started back in March. Surely I'd been exposed. But testing was still on a "need to know" basis, and my symptoms were pretty mild compared to many. Mild headache all day, every single day, and I rarely have headaches. A little tightness in the chest. I wouldn't say I had breathing difficulty, but my short little runs would have me sucking wind more than normal, despite the slow pace. And there was this lethargy, a deadness in my legs (only) when I tried to run. No fever. I FaceTimed with my doc after those first two weeks, asking if I should get tested. He said it was up to me, but he didn't think so. I had something, but it probably wasn't C-19. I'd be fine in a couple of weeks. So, I stayed home even more than the Governor (and my new girlfriend), Big Gretch, advised. And waited for the 2-3 weeks that this thing (if that's what it was) was supposed to need to take its course when I'd be as good as new, well-rested and ready to start putting in some miles again. Except 2-3 weeks stretched into 4, then 5. They finally extended testing to anyone who wanted, and I went last Sunday. Just in case, I isolated from the girls until the results came in, which they did last night. Negative. Did I have it early and now it's no longer active? Possible, but why then am I still having these symptoms? My last run was on the 30th. A slow, difficult 2 miles. Still the headache. Still the tightness in my chest. Planning to go for serology this afternoon to see if I have developed antibodies. Between that and my upcoming doc visit, I'm 2 weeks out from knowing anything more. EDIT - Visit to urgent care yesterday for serology. So that's in process. But, as I was reviewing my symptoms (granted, I was playing it up a little bit to make sure they approved my request for serology), the "tightness in my chest" phrase was a trigger. The NP immediately ordered a chest x-ray while she asked me a bunch more questions that pointed to heart trouble. The heart attack line didn't go anywhere, but the x-ray showed the real problem (still to be confirmed by a radiologist) - pneumonia. Well, well, well. Light at the end of the tunnel now, anyway. In the past I've always kept writing even when I wasn't running, but this time I haven't felt like it much. Fixed the kitchen and dining room chairs. Most of them had legs or spindles that had loosened or broken over time. I have done some good puzzles in the last few weeks. I like a challenge, so I do 2000 piece ones. That's about as large as my dining room table has space for and takes 40+ hours of work to complete. Lately, that's only about a week's worth, since I'm not running or going anywhere. Good hobby for the Time of Covid.
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    I could also title this "I seem so slow." Coming back from a layoff is painfully slow. On the plus side, this is not an injury layoff, so there are no phantom pains and the ever present fear of re-injury that comes with those. My hip - was that a twinge in my hip? Did my hamstring just pull again? I could keep this list going for a while. Happily, nope. None of that. Just slow, plodding, one foot in front of the other re-building the old leg and heart and lung muscles so I can call myself a runner again. So I can leave the thoughts of how to turn in my IRUN26.2 vanity license plate since I can't run marathons anymore. Double digits seem like a long ways out from where I sit today. And where do I sit today? At the dining room table, which is my office since the middle of March. My latest puzzle, a 2,000 piece of Van Gogh's Starry Night lays on the other side of my TV screen/computer monitor. I'll leave it there for a couple of days as a tribute to the 49 hours I spent putting it together over the last two weeks. Officially started running again two weeks ago, on the 12th of June. That was a 2-1/4 mile, 9 and a half minute pace struggle. But better than the run before that, when I was still a walking covid-19 case. (2 miles at 10 and a half). Nice to breathe normally for the first time in a couple of months. Since then, I've kept it to 2 miles except for last Saturday and Monday, when I did 3. Have to remember how long it takes to get back everything I've lost. I'm encouraged by how the paces are improving, getting back into the neighborhood where 9 minutes is an easy run. Monday's 3 featured two good splits - 8:40 and 8:30. I've done a few morning runs, thanks to the short mileage and my old man's inability to sleep much past 5:00 am, in addition to my daily work commute being the 12 feet from the kitchen to the dining room. More than enough time to do a couple of miles, cool off and shower before heading to the office. The advice to new runners is always to expect 6-8 weeks before you feel the benefits of running and things start to feel good. Same with runners who are just out of shape. I've done this many, many times and will likely do so again. I'm also fortunate that I hadn't signed up or even planned on any races this year, except the one marathon in May. The way things look around the country, fall will probably be a zero in the race calendar and next spring isn't a sure bet, either. I expect that virtual racing will be the norm for some time to come. What will that do for my 50-state quest? If all races become virtual, do I register for one in each of my states and run from home? I think I need to actually run IN the state for it to count. So then do I register, travel to anywhere in that state and count it? For example, would I sign up for Chicago and run a virtual marathon in Joliet? I imagine someone (several someone's) will find a way to survive and thrive in the marathon making business even with the realities of the post-covid world. Stay healthy, my friends.
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    Slowly adding miles in. 5 yesterday that went pretty well. Switched to morning runs because it's been in the 90s. The catch with morning runs for me is the bowel processes that never seem to decide what they're going to do until half way through my runs. Code Abby! But, I'm running and except for the first mile that seems to take more of to get into the flow than it does in the afternoon, my normal paces have returned. Was even flirting with sub-8 yesterday before I had to stop abruptly to make sure there wasn't a mess to leave on the sidewalk. Ew. For the present, I'm content with just building up until I can do some double digits again. After that, we'll see what the landscape looks like for the new racing normal. I got an email for an Independence Day 5K that had a wide start window for everyone to distance. It was only $20, too. But it was also over an hour's drive and I'm not feeling up to racing yet anyway. I didn't feel the need for the admittedly minimal expense or the 2-plus hours in a car on Saturday morning. Instead, I decided (after my 5) to touch up the fence. There are a few pickets that could be replaced and maybe some fresh paint. Sadly, Home Depot had different sized pickets than they did when I built the fence. Hoping they were just out of them. So, I've been meaning to put something permanent around the peonies on the north side of the house. Peonies seem to have bloom too heavy for their stalks, so once they get near the flower stage, they fall over and look sickly. Every year I've just wrapped some twine around them and anchored it to the fence and that holds them up reasonably well. I had several pieces of the old pickets in the garage left over from original fence building (10 years ago). I cut a bunch of them down to 12 inches and made a matching mini fence for the flowers. This will both square off the area and support the plants. Since I used the same material as the main fence, from the street it will look like the flowers are sort of popping up from the middle of the fence. And when there flowers are gone, it will look like part of the fence. Cut the rest of the dead branches from the cherry tree in the back. I do this all by hand with a bow saw. It's basically the only cross training I ever do. Works up quite a sweat and my arms get really tired. I cut the larger pieces into firewood for an emergency. Normally, we never use our fireplace because I hate cleaning up after. But you never know when the power might go out some cold winter. Anyway, I was down to the last few pieces - the largest - when my neighbor asked if I wanted to borrow his sawzall. At first I begged off because of my cross training regimen, then accepted and turned what was going to be another hour of sweat into 5 minutes of noise. Headed to Denver this coming weekend for a mini vaca. T-Rex wants to see her BF and we just want to get away. The kids haven't seen each other in person since Christmas because school's been closed. I'll try to get a couple of runs in.
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    I'm not convinced that XTing helps much, so I don't think you're missing much! Mainly it just keeps me from going insane. 😉 We will see what the elliptigo does. I live in a rural area that is fantastic for cycling so am hopeful that it will fit right in, although I've also seen someone riding one in town! Beets are super good for runners, but I can understand not trying them after that. The pickled and canned ones are disgusting, but my child even loves the fresh ones. Take the difference between a grocery store tomato and a home grown tomato, or fresh asparagus and canned asparagus, and multiply it by 100.
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    Coming back from a layoff IS painfully slow. But each week definitely gets better! Hang in there, Dave. I know you already have Missouri checked off your list, but I could direct you to remote but safe roads to run in Kansas for a virtual one.
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    May 2020 in review Total running mileage for the month: 47.5 April 27-May 3: 0.75 May 4-10: 3.2 May 11-17: 0.75 May 18-24: 17.7 May 25-31: 25.3 I have been updating this post on progress/lack of progress with my hip. Total biking mileage for the month: 1068.6 - monthly bike mileage PR, despite a low final week April 27-May 3: 258 May 4-10: 320.4 May 11-17: 286.6 May 18-24: 250.5 May 25-31: 90.1 - I learned the meaning of the phrase "saddle sore" this week Homeschool life Workouts: Biking: Lots of Peloton classes on the spin bike! Strength Training/PT Exercises: 1:27, 1:42, 1:51, 1:27, 1:18 Yoga: 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:40 - in general 3 x 20 minute classes is my happy place here! Long Runs: My long run is currently 5 miles... Am I doing this bike by something photo thing right? Long Rides: May 2 - 52.1 miles, which I tried to follow up with 40 miles on May 3, but due to a major thunderstorm settled for 37. May 10 - 50.2 miles May 16 - 60.2 miles, including riding through a lot of standing and slightly moving water on the roads! It rained all week, including storms right before and after this ride, and everything was flooded. I only got sprinkled on for a few minutes during the ride, yet finished soaked due to riding through so much water. Also a good way to smell terrible! This was the longest I'd biked in a long time, and the farthest I've ever gone solo at that point - I did the Gorilla Metric Century (100K/62.2 miles) in 2007 and the MS 150 (100 miles Saturday + 50 miles Sunday) in 2002. Those were both group rides and I didn't really train for them, so I think the only way I made that 100 miles was because we stopped every 10 miles at a rest stop and it took FOREVER, and I'm very stubborn about stuff like that. I definitely remember wanting to get in the SAG vehicle very, very badly though! May 17 - 50.3 miles, for a double long ride weekend. I felt really strong on the bike this weekend and had no limits on my time because I was home alone! May 23 - 73.2 miles for the second farthest I've ever biked (the farthest solo). I did 41 miles on my road bike, but my handlebars that had been needing tightening came completely loose around 36 (I didn't have the correct size hex wrench to tighten them). I made it back home being very careful, then hopped on the spin bike planning at least 29 more. I ended up doing 32 more! Conveniently enough, my parents were en route to visit and the previous day I'd asked my dad to bring his hex wrench set, so my bike was back in commission that afternoon. May 24 I ran/walked 4 then rode 40, and I was feeling the 73! See how I made the 1st day of 6th grade sign into the last day of 6th grade? Hah! Also note mowing clothes, unbrushed hair, etc. The pajamas on the couch shot was her idea Running/Fitness Highlights: You can read the recent hip issue updates here. I am back to running a little bit! I tried to do a long ride on Saturday, May 9 but my gear shifters went out and I headed home on what was effectively a single speed bike at that point. The same thing had happened about a month before, and the bike shop told me that next time it happened I'd need new gear shifters, which run about $350 for my road bike. Since I'm *hoping* to return to real running soon, I was also hoping the shifters would make it until then, because if past behavior is any predictor, I won't touch my road bike once I'm full-fledged running training. I took my bike into the shop that day, but they couldn't fix it for a week and a half, and I really didn't want to leave it there and give up riding outside for that long. The guy at the shop told me I might try using Tri-Flow on it, so after a trip to Ace Hardware and 15 minutes spent watching YouTube videos, I temporarily fixed my own gear shifters! I'm not mechanical at all, so I was really proud of myself - even more than when I put my bike's chain back on myself during a ride last month (this reoccured on May 17). Then I got to ride long on Sunday, May 10! And, yes, I do know that if I'd have bought the new gear shifters I'd have immediately been able to run full time that same day, hah. Life Highlights: The world, including my job, began re-opening. In May I worked partially on-site and partially from home. On Mother's Day I drove Albani to my in-laws' to spend 2 weeks at Camp Grandparent before her YMCA summer camp began on May 26. Albani finished 6th grade remotely on May 22. We had an awesome broccoli and cauliflower crop. Our spinach didn't do so well this year. My parents came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. We mainly stayed at home, but we did a drive-through animal safari that ended up being really fun. Luckily Albani left with all of her fingers intact! Many, many hours of stitching went into this! Many, many hours were spent with these two My mom sent me awesome fruit for Mother's Day When a cat actually uses something that was purchased for them We harvested this much broccoli every 2-3 days for a few weeks! Bandit chilling by some berry blooms Bandit helping with smashing the garden One cauliflower harvest, with roller for size perspective! When a cat actually uses something that was purchased for them, part 2 (or, Deep Thoughts with Nugget) Cauliflower harvest! Monopoly with Grandma The walk through part of the animal safari They aren't kidding when they say the animals stick their heads in your car windows! Nugget loves his grandparents Books this month: Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris 84K by Claire North After Us by Amber Hart Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen Dark Places by Gillian Flynn The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand Hatchet by Gary Paulsen The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer The Cactus by Sarah Haywood Note: It turns out that beating my 100 books for the year goal is not going to be very challenging! Theme for the month: Umm.........
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    It seems they like to make movies and shows out of Gillian Flynn books but I've never watched any of them. I'm guessing the book was better?
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    It's June 1st. Time to check in and let any curious folk know what I'm up to. With no races in the foreseeable future, running is different. I'm used to racing about every month or so and it has now been 3 months since the last one. But I keep training as if there will be a marathon in the Fall. Without the small races I don't have cutback weeks or rest weeks so the training has been consistent and the miles are piling up. My totals for April and May were not HUGE (146 and 173), but were enough to be the highest in 40 years for those particular months. Because I've never done marathon training in April or May. Earlier I wrote about my plan to run four days a week every week for the whole year. Illness killed that in March as one week I ran once, and the next week I ran three. But otherwise I am staying on schedule! In fact, I was feeling good enough to change the goal to running five days a week. In the past I've never done more than three consecutive weeks of 5 runs (since college), but I just finished my EIGHTH consecutive week doing 5 runs! It has become my new habit. I'm tired a lot, but the body is adapting and I'm starting to see some improvement - although not a whole lot. I'm still disappointed in slower times, but I'm trying to accept whatever I can do, and hope that this big base will pay off in the Fall. Maybe I will even do 6 runs some weeks. I have not done that once since college. But maybe rest is over-rated. Is a 5 mile easy run better than a rest day? Does the accumulated mileage really matter? I believe the answer is yes, so stay tuned. So far the body is holding up. No injuries. Just the usual soreness. Worst is the bottoms of my feet which don't seem to have the padding that they used to. Even with new shoes. That's all I've got.
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    I am insanely impressed you have 40 years of mileage data! IMO and in my experience (IME?), more days a week of running is better as long as you stay healthy doing it...everyone has to find their own balance there.
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