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Does anyone post stuff here? Let's get this started.


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I like it.  I also like cycling.  Not sure I like one better than the other, they are very different efforts to me.  I still don't have this running thing down yet, only been running lightly for a few years.  I have heart rate issues.  I'm 53 so a heart rate in a hard effort of 200 is no longer an option.  On the bike 175 - 180 is my max, and once I go over 180, that's going to be for less than a minute.  The great thing about the bike is you can ease off and get the heart rate back where it belongs.

With running it's more about hydration and trying to run slower for me.  I'm already running at about a 9:30 pace and I'm usually trying to run by heart rate more than speed.  That's really hard for me because most of my efforts on the bike are either leisurely rides with my wife, or really hard solo efforts.  When running I have to concentrate on running slow, and I know I'm already running pretty slow.

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