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Time to pull the plug?

Should we keep the site open?  

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  1. 1. Should we keep the site open?

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There has not been any activity in weeks.

I'm happy to keep the site running; however, if there is no activity at all, there doesn't seem to be much point.

Is this a seasonal thing, people don't run or post as much in the winter?

Is it Covid related and people are just too bummed out to post?

Happy to keep the site here longer if you plan to come back, just let me know.


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I've been having the same thoughts, Cliff. I'd keep checking in to see if anyone had posted, but haven't been able to push myself to write anything myself.

I'm no prophet, but this really does seem like the end. This is much more than a seasonal dip. Covid? No races, no group runs. No doubt the pandemic isn't helping. Looks like the days of our community blogging site are over. It was inevitable, really, without someone (myself included) to generate interesting content and - even more important - find a regular infusion of new blood. There's nothing like new runners to keep things going.

I could drop in on Loopville and take a poll there. But even that FB group hasn't had much going on lately.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you.

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Sorry to hear that things have not been going as intended here, but it has not been a very positive and uplifting year for many of us and I believe most members don’t want to post negative happenings. So with that being said, l have positive plans for the new year that include health improvement, travel, community involvement and snuggles with grandchildren. If we can’t share running tails, at least share our expectations for a better us and new year.

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It has been dying for years although there are certainly more readers than writers. Covid definitely hurt because races are the reason for a great many posts. Without races, I find little to write about. Once races return though, I fear we will still only have a handful of people posting. Many writers post elsewhere and the rest of us can certainly set up another location to write on and share that on Loopville for the interested readers. So I vote to kill it. It is depressing to check it (and I still check it almost daily) and find nothing new.

Merry Christmas!


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I pop in very occasionally...but I'm not really able to run much anymore so I don't feel as if I have anything interesting to say.  Must admit, I thought I posted a Christmas bloop a week or so ago, but it's nowhere to be seen so maybe I hallucinated it.  It does feel pretty sad to pop in and see no new bloops.  Sad to read that even the fb group is quiet too.  

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I mostly stopped writing a couple years ago when I started my master's degree. I meant to pick it back up after, (I finished in August) but by then already very few people were posting. I may be a little burnt out on writing. I was reading hundreds of pages for classes and writing a ton (probably dozens of researched pages every week) for classes. Now that I'm not I still haven't felt much like writing. I'm still working in my old job (partly from home, partly in office) The job search has not gone anywhere yet (not the best time for a job search, and it turns out a master's in nutrition isn't broadly useful when I can't do an internship for becoming a Registered Dietician (for multiple reasons). While I did get to run one small, socially distanced race and it was worth writing about I'm just feeling down lately and there is no one here to read it. When I have posted in the last 6-12 months I did also mention that I had in Loopville on facebook, but it didn't seem like that helped any. I've missed my loop friends, but I can't make anybody come back and I never was one of the ones who wrote can't miss bloops.  

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