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My daughter has given up on spring outdoor track. lol. She's looked up the times and come to the conclusion that she just hasn't improved enough to make it to state. She'll probably get a free trip there as an alternate on our 4x400 relay but she's not real confident about the mile or 2 mile. She spent her Friday off from school reviewing her videos and timing her laps. She asked me what she can do to get faster and I have no idea! In the mile (which is her preferred race) she's already faster than I think she should theoretically be. The coach runs them 90 second laps every practice, so she never really practices running any faster than that and she has PR'd at 5:44.2 this year. 

I'm not sure what her laps were on every race but the last race went... 84, 86, 88, 86. I guess she could try to keep them all at 85 but to get past regionals it looks like she'd need a sub 5:30 and that's saying that none of the other fast girls improve either! She'd have to be able to take almost 4 seconds off each lap! 

Her last 3200m went like this 12:33.5









I actually think she's in 3rd in the region with that time and she stated she could speed up laps 6, and 7 if she had the opportunity to race someone who pushed her to it but she's gotten first in every race this season by at least 30 seconds so it's hard to really know, kwim?

The problem for her is she's very slow to improve and doesn't have that thing that some other runners have where they can pull out faster times by being pushed. Generally, she just slowly slowly improves at every race. We have district next week, area the week after, and regionals the week after that. 


SO, TO THE POINT! She asked if she should push herself and run faster quarters in practice or if she should keep just doing the 90s the coach tells them to do. I told her I didn't know but I'd ask y'all!!! Any opinions?

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