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I signed up for RED January and so far so good; however, I'm not sure if it's for me. I feel like I need recovery days even though I'm not running very much each day :(  Is it the cold or the or have I lost all motivation? Or is it that I'm just not made for running every day. I think I want to go back to interval running or something. Maybe I lost endurance but I can't possibly do a full 10k right now and 2 months ago I could. Also, I've had lots of nasal congestion the last month and it's making it hard to breath. I'm constantly having to cough out phlegm and clear my throat whilst I run. Today I made 3.5 miles without stopping but I can't even hold a pace there. It's all over the place. My feet, legs, ankles, knees and hips all hurt. I am definitely going to finish out January because I made this commitment. I read the other day about someone who passed away that had a 37 year running streak of running every day. That's not typical though, right? Don't must runners have rest days? Especially when I'm trying to push myself pace wise?

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