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I meant to write my goals down somewhere just for accountability and RoyalDryness gave me the bright idea of just putting them here. Surely, I can't lose them this way. Not necessarily in any particular order.

1. Beat that other mom in the local races that whoops my ass every time. It's going to mean getting down under 8 mins per mile for at least 2 miles. (PR in 2 mile so far is 18:15)

2. Set PR's in every distance. (this should be fairly easy as I've only been running 9 months-ish and I'm not very fast at all)

    Current PR's... 1 mile  8:37                    Unlikely but wishful thinking PR's              1 mile 6:30

                          2 mile 18:25                                                                               2 mile 16:00

                          5k       29:03                                                                               5k      25:00

                          10k     58:36                                                                               10k     52:36

3. Run the first ever marathon in Lubbock in April. (I think I can, I think I can) This will require me making it past a 10k in a single jog.

4. Run and/or volunteer at every single race in our local running club this year.

5. R.E.D. in January

6. Lose 31.8 more lbs. (This is completely doable if I can just stay the course.)

7. Run the Bolder Boulder and beat 1 hour. (I'm really not sure how the elevation will affect me so I'm giving myself a fairly easy goal here)

Totally not running related but I'd sure love to finish this remodel soon. The builder wanted me to make my final decisions on about 23 things by tomorrow and in the last 12 hours I have made exactly ZERO decisions. I'm a thinker. Making split-second decisions is not my forte. I think I'm here making this list in part just to avoid pressuring myself to make decisions.... I feel like I'm just going to make the wrong decision and hate it. Ugh



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We're 6 days into the month and so far I haven't missed a day. I'm actually really surprised because January is always the month I set goals I never meet. (I'm not even certain that I expect to meet them)

So far: 

1st- 2 miles

2nd- 3.5 miles

3rd-2.5 miles

4th-1 mile

5th-1 mile

6th- 4.5 miles

Thursday and Friday were supposed to be my off days so I just did a 1 mile run to make sure I ran something. 

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On 1/6/2018 at 10:50 PM, Riggers said:

We're 6 days into the month and so far I haven't missed a day. I'm actually really surprised because January is always the month I set goals I never meet. (I'm not even certain that I expect to meet them)

So far: 

1st- 2 miles  (9:50 pace--hard!)

2nd- 3.5 miles   (10:47 pace---really hard!)

3rd-2.5 miles   (10:09 pace)

4th-1 mile   (9:25 pace and wanted to quit immediately)

5th-1 mile   (9:34 and again quit at 1 mile)

6th- 4.5 miles   (10:32 and felt okay after the first 2 miles but it was still slow)

Thursday and Friday were supposed to be my off days so I just did a 1 mile run to make sure I ran something. 

I finally am getting able to hold my pace again! I was starting to think I lost all my work by taking those weeks of being lazy and eating through the holidays. I ran... but not very much and not very often.

7th- 1 mile (9:16 pace... again hated it)

8th- 2 miles (9:39 pace. Felt a tiny bit easier)

9th-3.59 miles (also walked/jogged 2.2 with my friend this morning... did that make the difference?) (9:37 pace but felt great except for the hip)

Just 21 more days to make my RED January goal. 

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Week in recap: 

So far so good as far as RED January goes! I've got my longest streak (13 days) of my life. LOL

10th-  2.57 miles               24:54                     9:41 pace

11th-  2.56 miles               25:14                     9:51 pace  (wind gusts up to 25 mph during my run)

12th-  2.06 miles               19:35                     9:29 pace  (still windy but not as much)

13th-  2 miles                   19:07                     9:34 pace

Tuesday was my friend's bday and I went out to eat with her and didn't cheat! Woot. 

We ran Loop the Lake Saturday. (the 2 miles above) Definitely not a PR. Race chip time shows 19:15 (exactly 1 minute slower than my PR). 

Honey ran the 5 mile course and GOT LOST! She thinks she ran about 200m in the wrong direction before realizing her mistake and running back. STILL got first female overall and set a PR in the 5 mile of 36:52 (previous time 39:58) She was REALLY upset because she had set a goal of setting the course record (previous female record 34:56). I think she might have actually done it if she hadn't gotten lost. I keep telling her there's always next year but she wasn't having it! lol I think I may go out the weekend before our next race and walk/jog the course with her so this doesn't happen for a third time. 

Gabby and Grace didn't get to run because they had area robotics competition! Grace's team (12 year olds) got 1st and Gabby's team (14 year olds) got second! Now BOTH of them are headed to state on April 7th!

Sofia set a new PR in the 2 mile of 16:06. I'm surprised, I really didn't think she'd PR since she has just been slowly jogging 1 to 2 miles a day for 2 weeks but I guess it worked for her! 1:07 faster than her previous time. The kid is almost 9 but still barely 48 inches tall and 48 lbs. I'm always surprised by what her short little legs can do! Average female 9 year olds are 62 lbs and 52.5 inches. (The tallest female in my deceased husband's family was 4' 11" and I'm the tallest in my family at 5' 4" so my kids don't have much chance in the height department) 

Becca is 17 and 5' tall

Honey is 16 and 5' 1/2" tall

Gabby is 14 and 5' 1/2" tall

Grace is 12 and 5' 2.5" tall 

Loaf (Sofia) is 8 (will turn 9 in 4 weeks) and 4' tall

As far as the remodel goes. The tape and texture are done. I think it'll be about 6 more weeks to completion. 

Back to running related dilemmas.... 16 year old is determined to run in local Mayor's Marathon on April 22. Found out you have to be 18... now is determined to run HM because age limit is 16. Date of race is April 22 the Sunday before regional track. She has a GOOD shot at state in track in at least one event. I told her to ask her coach what he thought about signing up for this race and she says she doesn't need his permission (sighing at 16 year old attitutdes lol). What do you think a coach's opinion might be on this race? She's never done more than 9 miles in one jog but she is already plotting out her new practice schedule to get up to the HM length. I feel like practicing 13.1 miles and RACING 13.1 miles is way different on the body. Especially at her pace. 

She will be doing probably 3-5 miles a day at school from February on PLUS:

April 13- District Track Meet

April 20- Area Track Meet

April 21- Run for the Arts Race (2 mile) but they offer a longer length which she wants to run (thoughts on both of these?) She could get her volunteer hours in here instead if I can talk her into it. 

April 22**** is where she wants to add the HM (so 3 days in a row of racing???) 

April 27/28- Regional Track Meet

and IF she advances 

May 11/12- State Track Meet


Otherwise our next race is Feb 10th. Loaf's bday! It's called the Prairie Dog Run and has a 2m and 8m option. Honey wants to run the 8m (of course). First school track meet isn't until February 23rd so I think we're safe here.  I'm debating on running the 8m because I've never run that far before... the other 3 are limited by age to the 2m race. Here's to happy training for the next 27 days!  

Also up for consideration are the Cowtown races in Dallas the weekend of February 24th. I think this one may be out of the running for monetary considerations though. Total entry fees would exceed $500 and I'd have to convince one of my sisters to come and wait at the finish line for my youngest 3. I think I need to invest in an RV so I don't have to keep renting hotels! Actually... I might could stay at my sister's house. I think it'd be right about an hours drive from the races. Maybe next year?!


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I was checking the course records for each age group and my little one was 5 seconds away from setting the course record last Saturday. So close! 

I also signed us uo for Warrior Dash over spring break!

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