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Running in the cold


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I have plenty of clothes to keep me warm.  I won't run if the ground is slippery.

I've run when it's in the low 30s, maybe the upper 20s, but it makes my lungs ache.  I am a mouth breather, can hardly breath through my nose.

Do you wear anything over your face to help warm the air?

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It doesn't get that cold here often and I like to be warm so I'd be in my warmest gear, beanie and I'd probably have my buff covering my mouth/nose/ears as they feel it the most. Yeah I'm also mostly a mouth breather (despite nasal surgery a few years back) so covering the mouth doesn't make it easy but comfort over pace?

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According to the above references it would appear that it's not so much the cold but the lack of humidity that causes the problem. And your baseline fitness can play a role... the harder and faster you breath the more likely it is to occur. So maybe on those really cold days you slow down a bit and don't breath so hard. Save the strenuous workouts for the warmer days.

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