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So, my Garmin averages my weight each month and showed a loss of .6 in November and .2 in December. Not much but at least I didn't gain (which usually happens this time of year). I have the kids birthdays, two best friend's birthdays, and the obvious holidays from October 20th thru the year's end plus four long weekend trips to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas for a total of 14 days of travel. When my husband was alive I never had trouble with my weight. I had so much more time for myself though. 


I started at 205 lbs last year and set a goal of getting under 150 by 2018 and finding my goal weight by spring break of 2018 (one year mark of this diet). I missed my first goal by 3.9 lbs but it's still all good. 51.1 lbs in a year is still a LOT healthier and happier with myself. I'm not sure exactly what my goal weight should be but I'm just aiming for a healthy BMI and then once I reach that I'm hoping I find my happy weight. 125 is the top weight for my height. I might still be able to reach that by spring break. Here's to never giving up!

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