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So, I sure hope we get some more people in these forums! I've been running/dieting since approximately mid-March of this year and today marks 50 lbs lost! I was 205 and I'm now 155. I ran my first 2 mile race on March 13 and I've been trying to stay consistently running since then. As far as diet goes I eat almost the exact same thing every day. Bacon or sausage and 3 eggs. Ketolent meal replacement shake for lunch. And one of either low-carb tortilla with taco meat, cheese, and guacamole, chicken, pork chops, roast, deconstructed burgers, sandwiches, and lots of green veggies (ie broccoli, lettuce, kale, spinach, green beans) for dinner. Also lots of pickles and cheese for snacks if I just really need something. I take sodium and magnesium supplements as well.

First race- 2 mile 28:52


1 mile- 8:47

2 mile- 20:52

5k - 30:57

Wouldn't call myself fast by any means but I'm always a work in progress.

Goals -

30 more lbs to lose and I'm hoping to reach it by Jan 1st.

a 6 minute mile at least once in my life!

To run the Bolder Boulder in May and be sub 1 hr.

I realize these are all sort of lofty goals; however.. what's the point of dreaming if I'm not going to dream big? lol

In January once I've gotten closer (or reached) my goal weight I'm going to rejoin a crossfit class I really enjoyed.

Unrelated-- I am hoping to finish paying off my Jeep by March of next year.


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