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Racing in a Costume



This should have been the DDDDC, but not for me.

I asked my 2 grandsons if they wanted to run with me, and after quickly agreeing, the youngest one (Oliver) said we should be wearing costumes.  The rest of us quickly agreed, and my daughter agreed to take the picture.

Now if I'd known that Oliver was going to wear Spiderman, I'd have worn something else.  Embarrassing or what.

We headed to their school and ran intervals, and then ran back to their house to drop them off.  (Hopefully they had a showed)

Anyways, I continued on my 5 k, and finished in 28 minutes and a bit.  (I must be getting older, cause these runs are not nearly as easy as they used to be.

Near the end of my run, I saw a nasty sign on the fence at the city pool.  (below)

You think things are getting bad, then you discover theres no skydiving anymore.  Major Bummer



Benjamin, Oliver and Me.JPG


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