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not running much..

doug in co


Thought I'd be able to get a bit of running in the time of virus, didn’t expect working out to be such a challenge. The pools are closed and I miss swimming badly – at my age a workout that escapes gravity is a great help. The trails are insanely busy and it’s not possible to keep physical distancing on bike rides, I’m not willing to ride on the roads due to injury risks at a time when going to the hospital is so fraught. It’s a beautiful spring day and I’m sitting on a bike trainer in the back yard..

Running is sort of possible but have to run way off trail to keep distance. Every mile gets an added quarter mile or so of running off and back again. Tried the roads but everyone's sitting in their driveway with kids running around, or out walking, so it's still a zigzag.. CO state governor suggested that maybe we could all run just twice a week instead of three or four times, to help with social distancing. This may be the most CO thing ever. So I'm running once or twice a week at best, very very slowly.. all my routes have changed, at each fork in the road I take the one less traveled by, and hope it makes a difference.

Bodyweight exercises replace the gym. Again I hadn’t realized how much easier it was to go lift weights around other people, as compared to going down into the cold basement and jumping around alone. Luckily I have coach Artie supervising from the couch, that is when he's not licking my ear as I try to do a pushup..


We’re under stay-at-home order but it’s not being enforced by cops, as it seems to be in South Africa, India, etc.
Outdoor activity gets an exemption since it’s CO. I’ve been sneaking out to go fishing in the ponds close to home.
The pond was stocked with thousands of trout. The local raptors are no fools, and they show up too. On Sat morning early there were two ospreys, two juvenile and one adult bald eagle on the pond. The ospreys did well though the eagles weren’t great fishermen, came up empty most of the time. One of the juveniles dropped his fish as he flew over me, circled for a bit in frustration. The fish either sank or swam away. The sound of a big raptor hitting the water is surprisingly loud, WHAP!!! made my head turn every time.

It was Orthodox Easter this last weekend. Usually we have a lamb on the spit and a hundred people over to help eat it. This year it was a sad little leg of lamb and the three of us, bit lonely.


Friends from church drove by and dropped off the flowers and wine, so our church family is still looking after us 😉

Church now looks like this, livestream from two priests, a deacon and a chanter, all keeping their social distance..


At work as usual, hunkered down behind a wall of computer monitors, two work and one home. As an IT support monkey nearly everything I do is online anyway, a headset and VPN to talk to customers and get their error logs etc and we’re good. No slowdown in this job. My wife works on the mainframes, most of the US states (and banks) run mainframes with either Cobol or our software, so that’s been busier than usual.

I keep wanting to go do some volunteer thing to help, then remember I'm 60 and have severe asthma and a history of lung problems.. donating blood is about as much as I've managed to do.

Son #2 was on a gap year, hasn’t been able to do any of the volunteer or training he’d planned. At least he’s getting a good rest.
Son #1 is final year of chemistry/biochem and not finding any jobs.. had an interview at Mayo Clinic which got cancelled, spent a couple months working up for the MCAT (med school entrance exam) and that got cancelled. He’s a bit adrift, won’t get a formal graduation ceremony either. His best friend made NCAA swim championships in his senior year, and those didn't happen either. At some point in May or June we’ll have to drive out to MN to fetch him home.

But so far all still healthy and that’s a blessing, still getting our paychecks ditto.


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My basement is about as appealing as yours - and I'm zigzagging all over the place on my runs too. But like you, we're trying to avoid complaining. This is an inconvenience for us - not a health crisis or an economic disaster. So much to be grateful for. 

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Your home and work life in CO pretty much mirrors mine here in MI.  But at least our Governor has not recommend limiting running days.  I am still able to get out most days an run without any problems, especially when the weather is in the 30s and 40s, windy and cold.  Also, for me the one helpful thing I was able to do was to make and appointment to give blood, with the first one near me not being available until May 1st.   Anyways stay healthy.

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I see more people out on my runs than usual, but I don't have to do much swerving. Michiganders aren't nearly as physically active as Coloradans. And, like Run2BFit, the cool spring has helped keep the riff-raff off the streets. WFH has been smooth for me as well, so we're pretty blessed. I hate big groups anyway, although I am missing baseball.

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