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Last couple of weeks so so.



The last couple of weeks of training have been so so with my Saturday long runs not going very well, even after cutting back on my running during the second week.   We'll see how the next week goes.  5 weeks to go to my target half marathon virtual./time trial.
Week of April 5
Total Miles: 41
Mon: 59F and sunny: 30 min Aerobic run, 30 min of Pickups, 1 mi cool down; 7.9 miles
Tue:  55F and cloudy: 60 min easy run; 6.6 miles, 9:16 min/mi, 123 avg HR.
Wed:  70F and cloudy: 30 min Aerobic, 30 min Pickups, 1 mi cool down; 7 mi 
Thu: 48F and sunny: 60 min easy run; 6.5 miles, 9:12 min/mi, 121 avg HR.
Fri: Rest 
Sat45F and sunny: 13.1 mi run; 2:02, 9:17 min/mi, 127 avg HR.  This was a struggle and I was tired for most of the day Saturday.
Week of April 12
Total Miles: 29.5
Mon: Rest, with 22 mph+ winds for most of the day decided to take an extra rest day.
Tue:  55F and cloudy: 60 min easy run; 6.5 miles, 9:23 min/mi, 121 avg HR.  I decided to make this week a cutback week as I was not feeling well after my 13.1 mile run the previous Saturday.  I decided to do more easy runs but to incorporated some hills in my runs this week.
Wed:  36F and cloudy/snow: 60 min easy run; 6.5 miles, 9:13 min/mi, 121 avg HR.   I added 5 pickups, with 3 of then on hills.  At times during this run I was running in a freaking snow storm and could barely see ahead of me.  Although it was not cold for the snow to stick to the roads, It felt kinda of surreal for the middle of April. 
Thu: 41F and cloudy: 60 min easy run; 6.5 miles, 9:24 min/mi, 119 avg HR.
Fri: 32.5 min of strength training
Sat41F and sunny: 10mi run; 1:31:40, 9:10 min/mi, 128 avg HR.  This run was a struggle, I thought I was running at a comfortable pace, but looking at the pace and my heart rate it was not an easy run.  I was somewhat overdressed as the temperature increased significantly during the run.  Next week, we'll see how it goes.
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I had a couple of tough weeks, too. Maybe it's just the seasonal change? I always have trouble when it starts to get above 50 consistently, until I acclimate. Why I don't take spring marathons seriously.

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