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March and beyond



To say this March has been a time of change is the biggest understatement ever, but we continue to run on, and for me that is a tremendous blessing in these uncertain times.

Running this March has been fairly productive for me with 154.3 miles.

With the Bayshore half marathon cancelled, I have cut back on speed work, focusing more on endurance and running by feel without looking at my watch for splits.

Weekly mileage: 141.5 miles

Monday: 45F and Cloudy, 30 min Aerobic followed by 30 min of a lower intensity tempo run, and a 1mi cool down; 8mi, mile paces/ave HR; 10:02/116, 9:55/114, 9:25/117, 8:32/129, 8:38/130, 8:38/131, 8:52/130, 9:39/120.

Tuesday: 45F and Cloudy again; 30 min Aerobic followed by 30 min of Pickups/MSD, and a 1mi cool down.  7.2mi.

Wednesday: 48F and Cloudy, this unusual for Michigan for the weather to be virtually the same for 3 days in a row.   60 min easy run; 6.66 miles, 9:05 min/mi, 125 avg HR.

Thursday: 59F and Sunny, WOW this really brought everyone out, running, walking, and biking.  I had to dodge people multiple times.  Saw running buddies from my running group and waved to each other.  60 min easy run; 6.6 miles, 9:08 min/mi, 126 avg HR.

Friday: 32.5 min of my standard strength training routine.

Saturday:  10:30am, 48F and Cloudy. 13.1 mile easy run, 1:58:20, 9:02 min/mi, 131 avg HR.  mile paces/ave HR; 9:13/122, 9:13/126, 9:12/127, 9:02/131, 9:02/128, 9:02/129, 8:50/133, 9:03/134, 8:59/132, 9:09/134, 8:57/133, 8:52/136, 8:54/137, 8:35/138.  My goal for this run was to run what felt to be a comfortable pace for the whole run without checking my watch.  I succeeded mostly, but the I really felt tired the last 3 miles or so, but I felt my pacing was pretty good and consistent.  It is amazing how unexpected random things happen during runs, like as I was running past a wall perpendicular to the sidewalk and a women talking on her phone with her dog popped out of nowhere with the dog momentarily jumping on me as I ran past, startled me but was over in seconds without any injury.  Felt good to get in a good long run.

So I will continue my pikermi training, albeit less intense.  Thankful for running, and warmer weather.

Personal note; We have been limiting going out, including grocery shopping since metro Detroit seems to be a hot spot for COVID-19, so I thought I try online shopping to get some needed groceries from the local Meijer store.  So Wednesday night I created an order of 20 something  items and try to schedule delivery but it showed all the pickup time slots filled for Thursday, with no other days after that.  So I thought maybe it will show times for Friday after midnight Wednesday, I went to bed with my laptop in our bedroom and when I woke up for my bathroom brake at 12:30am I checked if there were and time slots for Friday, and sure enough there were times for Friday pickup times, but alas these to were all unavailable too.   So when I woke up for work and checked at 5:30am again it by my amazement showed 1 pickup time for 8-9pm Friday available which I grabbed immediately.   Then Friday 8pm comes around and I get a text on my phone that the earliest that Shipt will be available to deliver the order is 9-10pm, then again a text not until 8-9am Saturday.  Well this continues all day Saturday.  I call Shipt and Meijer customer service and they just say the Shipt shoppers are extremely busy and will get to my order when they can, and they have noway to tell when that will be.  So we wait and hope, watching my phone for any texts, hoping that one will be from an actual Shipt shopper.  Then surprise, Sunday at 1:30pm ,I get a text from my Shipt shopper that she has started shopping for my order (Hurray !), and after exhanging multiple texts over the next half hour about substitutions I drive to Meijer and pickup my order.   I get home and my wife has our dinning room table stripped to the wood top and I place the plastic bags on one side of the table and we try to take the items out of the bags and put them on the other side of the table.  I throw out the plastic bags with me washing my hands before and after handling everything and my wife wipes everything with sterilizing wipes, including the table top, and we put everything safely away.  Like I said at the beginning of this note to say this has been a month of change is the biggest understatement ever, at least in my lifetime of 62 years.

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I'd be glad that March is over if it wasn't April, which looks to be twice as long.

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