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Half Marathon No 2 Cancelled

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I received an email last Saturday that the Bayshore races in Traverse City scheduled for Saturday May 23rd were cancelled.   I was a little surprised and disappointed with 2 months to go.  Now I hold out little hope that the Michigan Ragnar Trail Relay for June 27-28 that we signed up back in December won't be also cancelled.   The Bayshore race director has offered 3 options; 1) defer your registration until next year, 2) receive a refund of half your registration fee, and 3) donate your registration fee to the Traverse City Track Club that sponsors the races (with a guaranteed registration for next year if you sign up by Nov 27th, which normally the half sells out in the first hour).  I was going to defer until next year, but after thinking about it, I decided to donate my registration fee to the TCTC so I could do some good during these trying times with my donation.

Anyways, the Bayshore half was the race I have been targeting my training for and I have decided to continue my training targeting May 23rd and doing a my own half time trial on the 23rd., but I am going to dial back my intensity a little to keep up a good immunity level (see attach info graphic on immunity and exercise).  

Week 12 Half training:

Total Miles: 33.1
Monday: 41F and cloudy: 10K Aerobic Time Trial run, 6.2mi in 58:44, 9:28/119bpm average.  The goal is run this while keeping the hear rate at your aerobic heart rate.  I am beginning to think that I shouldn't and don't need to watch my heart beat that closely during my slow runs, that I have enough experience running to know that running at an easy conversational run pace that is equivalent to my Aerobic run pace, and that I should just run easy and enjoy these runs without checking my heart rate too often.
Tuesday: 43F and Cloudy; 45min Lactate Threshold run, 1mi warm up and cool down; 7.9 miles in 1:06, Pace/Heart Rate per mile:  9:38/116, 8:23/130, 7:57/135, 7:56/139, 8:08/138, 8:00/140, 8:09/140, 9:09/131.  I decided to push myself a little more in this run to see how I was doing, running at my perceived tempo pace and not paying that closely to my heart rate.  I was pleasantly pleased with the results.
Wednesday: This was suppose to be a rest day, but I decide to do 32.5 minutes of strength training.  It's been a while since I have done any strength training, but was pleased that I was able to complete it.   I find that with strength training there are parts I don't enjoy very much (detest may be too strong of a word); push-ups and planks in particular but after working out for 30+ minutes I am amazed at how good I feel for the rest of the day.
Thursday: 55F and cloudy: 45 min Motor Skill Development run, 1mi warm up and cool down; 6.6mi in 1:11.
Friday:  This was also suppose to be a rest day, but with the weather man predicting mostly rain for Saturday (and forgetting about the Saturday COVID19 virtual race) I decided to do my Saturday 120 min aerobic threshold run on Friday afternoon when it was suppose to be dry and near 50F.   
48F and partly sunny; 12.4 miles in 2:00, 9:39 min/mi, 123 average bpm.   I miscalculated what I need to wear going with a long sleeve shirt and shorts with a running hydration vest.  My pace ended up not being fast enough to keep me warm during the run and my body didn't feel good/warm even after a hot shower.  Not taking my rest day also probably contributed to this kind of feeling sickly afterwards.  I rested and took it easy Saturday and I am feeling much better now, but having my immune system weakened  is something I want to aviod with COVID19 going around.
Saturday:  Rest, thankfully.
Stay Strong.



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Good work on that run.  What would your ma say about dressing properly?

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Looks like the Covid series is going to have a May event as well, so we've got you covered.

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