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Covid Virus Run



Its not going to surprise any of you, that the most important part of any race is getting in your training.  (putting hay in the barn, etc.)

In preparation for this race, I was doing interval training on Tues and Thurs with my 2 grandsons Benjamin (7 y.o.) and Oliver (5 y.o.)

Our daughter's (and grandson's) house is about 150 yards away, and the school we went to is another 150 yards.  The 3 of us ran to the school,

took a short breather, and did our first lap of the track (it used to be the teachers parking lot) which is about 100 yards.  At the end of the lap,

the both said they needed a little rest, but after about 20 seconds Oliver started walking back towards the track, and then he was running.

So Benjamin and I had to start running again.  The 2 of them were laughing and loving it, and at the end of that lap, they needed another

rest, but again after about 20 seconds, Oliver started walking back towards the track, and then running, so again Benjamin and I started running.

We did 5 laps like that, and then started running back towards their home.  Benjamin said next week we have to do more laps, and Oliver said

we should be doing at least 10, so I have that to look forward to.  After stopping at their house, I continued on my little 3 mile circuit down by 

the river.

On race day (Sat) I got out at 8:00 because it was only raining a little then.  (the weather man said heavier rain) was coming.  Anyways it was a

great run, on very quiet and deserted streets.  Thank you Dave, this was a great idea.

Benjamin and Oliver.jpg

5 Mile Virtual Race.JPG

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I should have added that my race was a 5k, and my time was 27:20.

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Outstanding work and a solid race effort (for an old guy). Why don't you have any grey hair?

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Even in the picture you can see grey in my beard, and I'm afraid to say that in proper lighting, there's definitely grey hair on top of my head too.  (where there is hair)

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I love the part of doing interval training with your grandsons.   It helps remind me that running should be fun and joyful.

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