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Attempting A Return...





I will keep it short since my previous attempted returns have fizzled out.

In the Fall of 2018 I developed meningitis which somehow developed into encephalitis.  From what I understand that is a swelling at the brain stem and limits brain function.  I had a 9% chance to live and was in quarantine (before it became cool) for a few weeks.  I recovered enough to become cognizant in about five months.  It took over a year to feel "normal" again.

My job was supervision of 30-40 employees and my employer got nervous that they could become liable if I made incorrect decisions.  So they limited my duties and cut my pay hoping I would go away.  They were successful because another company took me for an increased salary. 

But with the difficulties of recovery and employment change, running motivation was non existent.    The neurologists put it in terms I could understand: My self-motivator was broken.

I'm feeling good now, and with spring approaching and work being limited, and options to go or do anything also limited, running has come back to the forefront. My local favorite races have all postponed to later in the year which increases interest now having plenty of time to get in un-embarrassing race condition.

Apologies if this falls apart again.  Really going to try.



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Wow. I'm sorry you had such a debilitating illness. But you recovered! Sounds like a bit of a miracle. Best of luck as you get back to running. 

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Wow, you are a fighter!  Whatever happens with running, you are already amazing, but I hope you can find joy in the run too.

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Holy mackeral you've been dealing with a lot.  I'm glad you're here and we'll support you no matter how smoothly it goes as you run more and fix your motivator.  😁

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9%? Talk about beating the odds. Welcome back, my friend, at any speed and distance you care to try.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

 I'm no hero or martyr, it was simply luck (be it good and/or bad). I don't even remember anything that happened. It is truly a "shit happens" event that I'd try to forget if that was even necessary. Anyway, thank you.

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