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No More Group Runs............



No more group runs....for now.  I miss meeting up with my fellow running buddies on Saturday mornings and going for coffee afterwards, but it is the best for the public health, we will get through this.
Anyways, Week 11 of  training for Bayshore Half Marathon:
Total Miles: 40.8
Monday: 36F and sunny: 30min Aerobic run, 30min Lactate Threshold run, 1mi cool down; 8 miles in 1:11; Pace/Heart Rate per mile; 9:14/119, 9:20/115, 9:20/119, 8:44/128, 8:14/135, 8:15/135, 8:10/136, 9:21/127.   For the Aerobic portion of the run I try to keep my heart rate at 118 +/- 5bpm, and for the lactate threshold part 118 +10/+115bpm.
Tuesday: 46F cloudy and windy: 60min Aerobic run: 6.7mi in 1:00, 8:59/120bpm average.
Wednesday: 45F and sunny: 45min Motor Skill Development run (pickups to max speed with walking recovery to 110bpm) with 1mi warm up and cool down.  6.26mi in 1:05, Max HR 140bpm.
Thursday: 43F and cloudy: 30min Aerobic, 30min Motor Skill Development run, 1mi cool down; 7mi in 1:09
Friday: Rest - yeah, I after those 4 days I felt I really needed to rest my legs.
Saturday: 27F (burr), cloudy and windy: 60min Aerobic run, 45min Lactate Threshold run, 1mi cool down; 12.87 miles in 1:55: Pace/Heart Rate per mile:  9:00/124, 9:01/121, 9:10/121, 9:14/121, 9:23/120, 9:29/121, 8:58/126, 8:24/131, 8:22/133, 8:26/134, 8:29/136, 8:35/136, 9:44/124.
The Lactate threshold portion of this run for 45 minutes was really taxing as my time/per mile was 15-25s less than earlier in the week.  I also felt tired with sore legs for the rest of the day.  Sunday morning after a good nights sleep I felt much better.
Keep moving.
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Yep - the whole world's gone crazy. Wish we had a little less rugged individualism right now and a little more community spirit - just for a couple of months.

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