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February, a March Cruise, this last week, and a Race Cancellation



February Training:
Running: 158 mi, 22 runs (7 road, 15 treadmill), weeks of 10 (1 day), 32, 35, 37, and 44 miles.
Strength Training: 5 days, 32.5 min/day, 1:34:15 total time.
This is the most miles I have done for a month in a long time, as normally I run only 4 times a week and during marathon training 5 times a week.  Now I am running 5 times a week and one week in February I ran 6 times in a single week.   I am also doing a lot more tempo and interval runs (albeit extremely short intervals, with walking recoveries).  The training has been going fairly well with no major hot spots.   Recently I have noticed my legs feeling tired, so I took a day off and felt better afterwards.  I have started taking cool/cold showers after my treadmill runs in an attempt to help reduce inflammation in my legs.  I start with a mild water temperature and then gradually make the water colder so as not to shock my system too much.  Its taking a little time to getting use to, but I generally feel pretty good afterward,  but I don't look as much forward to my shower now.
Me and MDW went on a Caribbean Cruise March 1-8th before this week's escalation of precautions.  There were over 5000 on our cruise ship and fortunately no one on the ship came down with the virus while on the cruise.   We had good and relaxing time.  We were on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Sea ship and they seemed to be extra diligent in cleaning railings and other surfaces which people touch.   While on the cruise I ran 4 times; 3 treadmill runs; 4.4 miles (45 min motor skill development - MSD with 1mi wu and cd), 6.4 miles (60 min Aerobic - AB), 6.7 miles (45 min lactate threshold - LT with 1mi wu and 5min cd) and 1 around the deck 7.8 miles (30 min Aerobic followed by 30 min Lactate Threshold and a 1mi cd.), taking 3 days off trying not to be to obsessive about running while on vacation.  On this cruise the treadmill runs were a little more challenging as the treadmills were rocking slightly back and forth with the rolling of the ship causing me to periodically to have to slow down a little not to run into the front of the treadmill and to speed up a little to not fall off the back of the treadmill.  
This week, the Tuesday after I returned to work my company sent out an announcement that in addition to anyone who has traveled overseas now anyone who has returned from an ocean cruise also needs to work from home for 14 days before returning to work, so I had been working from home this past week.  I normally run at the fitness center at work in the mornings before work, but with this week working at home I was able do all my runs outside and around lunch time when it is much lighter and nicer out with temps in the upper 30s and lower 40s.  I ran 6.86 miles Monday; 30 min AB, 30 min MSD, 1 mile cd, Tuesday 7 miles; 45 min LT with 1mi cd/wu), Wednesday 6.8 miles; 45min LT with 1mi cd/wu, Thursday 8 miles; 30 min AB, 30 min LT, 1 mile cd (yeah in shorts!).  Me and my legs were feeling pretty worn out after Thursdays run so I took Friday off (my company also had everyone working from home Friday to test the load on the how well the company systems could handle with everyone working remotely).  Saturday with the temps in the low to mid 30s (good running weather)  I ran with my running group at 8 am, warning the 3 others about returning from a cruise, running 5mi; 3.5 AB, 1.5 LT, then with a larger group at 9 am also for 5 mi; 1.5 AB, 2.5 LT, 1 mi cd.  38 miles for the week.  Today, Sunday me and some other members of our running group were suppose to run the Blarney Stone Half Marathon in Potterville, but like all the other races this weekend it was cancelled.  I wasn't planning on racing it and 2 of the other members were hurt or recovering and wouldn't have been able run, so it is probably for the best anyways.   The good is said that the race director said he was looking at rescheduling it for some time in May, or we could switch to their other half in October.
This coming week another week working from home and running outside with temps reaching the 50s!  Run Happy!
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