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So, this COVID19 thing has really gotten out of hand. I'm a simple man, so the subtleties that make this particular new strain of virus such a panic-inducing event. As usual, the extremes of both sides make it hard for someone like me to figure out what to do and what to say to everyone. Fortunately, I don't talk to that many people, so I view myself as relatively safe.

Except for my mouth that's a little sore from having the implant attached yesterday morning, I'm in pretty fair shape. I also wash my hands.

I'm hoping that since my own targeted race is in the middle of May, things will have blown over and I won't have to change my plans. I feel pretty awful for everyone who's having their plans - training, trips, competitions, celebrations, in many cases the dreams of months, years or even lifetimes - trashed in one fell swoop by the "over abundance of caution." And let's not forget the people who would be at risk if the world decided that the measures we're taking were a joke. My 87 year old dad, my 80 year old mother-in-law come to mind quickly. Mrs. Dave, who will be on the front lines every day caring for the infected as well as the regular load of patients she has at the hospital. She doesn't get the luxury (and make no mistake, it's a luxury) of working virtually like I have starting Monday (not to mention that most of my building is empty today).

It doesn't seem like this thing is on a par with ebola or the bubonic plague as far as its mortality rate, but it's able to spread very quickly and make a ton of people sick. Suppose the next one is a real killer. Wouldn't it be nice if we learned some things about isolating contagion and protecting ourselves by trying what we can to halt this one? We might learn some other things as well that could make our lives better, healthier and more productive. Who knows?


Taking advantage of this early spring, I've been hitting the bricks pretty hard, at full training mileage and incorporating both my speed work sessions every week now. And starting to see some progress already. With some good weather in the mountains of western Maine in May, this could be my best spring marathon yet. Of course, that's still nine weeks away, so I'll knock on wood.

Saturday's long run was 14 miles. Just a touch too cold for comfort, but still a shorts and LS shirt day. The wind was chilly and at one point I thought about calling Mrs. Dave for my gloves and headband, but I decided to suck it up and eventually the route took me out of the worst of it and I finished OK.

Tempos and intervals are what really tell me how things are going, training wise. The first two weeks of tempo runs went OK, at about 8:12 pace for 5 and 6 miles. Last week's 5 were under 8:00 and more consistent than the previous two. This week it was warmer. 62o. I remember last year having serious acclimating issues in the spring, so this first run in the 60s was a question mark. 8:02, 8:02, 8:01, 8:07, 8:17, 7:58. Blaming the wind for #5.

On Tuesday I happened on the girls' distance group, doing some sprint work. I stopped to say hi to the coach. One of them asked if I was going to run with them. I'd have thought about it if they weren't doing 200s. Sammy doesn't like 200s. So I ran 7 by myself.

4 x miles on Wednesday with 600m recovery. It was cold again, with a chilly wind, so I was in tights. Tights normally slow me down a little. I figured to be happy with anything under 7:45, since my tempo run was at 8:00. Most important of course is to be able to finish the last one without dying. 7:21, 7:22, 7:30, 7:31. I'm going to call those all even, with a slight elevation factor on the second pair. Also, kudos to the guy at the gas station where I had to stop half way. There was a sign on the door that said the facilities were out of order, but he told me it was OK. And it was EXCEPT that he was almost out of TP. And I needed almost all of it to clean up. Whew.

Yesterday was an extra rest day with the surgery. 8 today and 10 tomorrow.


Following the worldwide cancellations of everything. I mentioned in one comment that we should think virtually, so the training everyone's been putting in might not go to waste. I wasn't planning on a Snowbuster this year because last year had such low participation, but Treegirl wondered if this would be a good thing. I think I agree and am willing to organize a virtual race festival if there's enough interest. I'm shooting for a half marathon on the 28th myself, but am willing to do the math if folks want to run more or less than that. Sort of late to call it a Snowbuster, so maybe a Virus-buster?


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I was thinking along the same lines, except I would run a 5k, and not a half. My 2020 goal to run a race every month has been shut down unless I somehow make myself run a 5k for time in March. This would help motivate me. I'm in. 

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Well-stated:  "Wouldn't it be nice if we learned some things about isolating contagion and protecting ourselves by trying what we can to halt this one? We might learn some other things as well that could make our lives better, healthier and more productive."

Can I bike in the virtual race?  😢

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Since I've slowed down so much, racing doesn't have the appeal it once did.  But under the circumstances, I could probably go for a Virusbuster.

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