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Or as they call them in Bermuda, "Shorts"



Hey gang!

I say yes quite a bit when I should probably say no to commitments. Buuuut, when the opportunity came up to pace Zooma Bermuda, I said yes. Zooma is an all-women's race series and they hired OnPace out of the Green Bay area to pace their races. I paced Zooma Great Lakes in Wisconsin in 2018 and 2019 with them and can't say enough wonderful things about them. They're also helping me with some more adventures later this year.

I flew in Saturday afternoon and left early Monday morning. I could talk about flights, how uncomfortable I was at LGA, and all that, but that's not what you came for!

Zooma had a 3 medal challenge for their races. If you ran both the Lighthouse Run and the Half Marathon or 10k, you got a 3rd medal: 


So, naturally, I ran both races. It was windy and rainy on Saturday, but my only thought was, "Hey, it's warmer than the midwest right now!" The original course was 2 miles, but it was shortened to 1.5 due to road work. It ended on the beach and we got medals and all-you-can-handle rum drinks from Goslings.


The entire race I was beaming. Everything was so beautiful. I loved being by the ocean. 

The next day, I paced the 3:30 Half Group. My strategy was a 45 second walk, followed by a 30 second run. I misheard that we were supposed to go by our watches and not the mile markers, so I ended up at 3:31:29, which is disappointing, but the mile markers were really off at some points and non existent at others. If I were to do it again, I'd switch to a 45 second run and 30 second walk. Also might've been faster if I hadn't taken pictures, but when in Bermuda...


There were chickens EVERYWHERE! I really wanted to see one cross the road...86695541_10101749380499565_7984636424248885248_n.jpg.d80461b786cec8bcd3a0ac39381ae3a6.jpg

Temperatures were in the low-mid 60s. Perfect running weather.


These ladies were my roommates! Thank goodness I could split a room with them because holy cow things are expensive in Bermuda. Like, think of how much something *should* cost, and then add $7-9 to it.


The OnPace Pace Team! They're great folks. If you're at a race they're at, run with them because they will keep you inspired and entertained. We have a Sweeper pacer to help the last finisher, and 4-5 other pacers went out at the end so there was a giant pacer posse to run her in! Super awesome!

I was not in Bermuda very long, but long enough to go to the beach and take a picture of the Bermuda triangle: 


(Side note: I was worried about getting the triangle through TSA, but they did. not. care. at. all! I even made sure we had a 2nd triangle for our band in case this one got confiscated)

It was nice to get away, even for a little bit. Yesterday, the meteorologists were like, "LOCK YOUR DOORS! 6-10 INCHES OF SNOW!" and this morning they're like. "JK! LOL, it shifted. No snow."

I mentioned other running adventures above. In 2020, I'm signed up to pace for OnPace in Vermont and Alaska, and pacing for the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics in Oregon and Washington.  I'll also be pacing our local marathon's half as the first run/walk 3:00 half marathon for the event. I'm pumped. 

I'm running my first marathon in 3 years exactly 2 months from now at the Illinois Marathon. This weekend is my first 16 miler and I need to wrap my brain around it. But, if I have good runs at 18 and 20, I'll have the confidence for the marathon. In between now and then I'm signed up for the Milwaukee Marathon half. My name is in the lottery for NYC and I am hoping for the best. 

Stay warm and stay safe out there!

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So none of those chickens crossed the road? Not even one?

Beautiful place for a race, and great to see you here again, FR.

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For a second, I thought there was a triangle on the beach waiting for you and appreciated Bermuda's sense of humor. 

Should have known LOL.

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